Log Splitter Plans, CAD Designs For Building

Post photos, respond to polls and access other special features All this and much more is available to you absolutely free when you register ; for an account, so join our community today today! Release the lever and a spring pulls the mechanism back quickly, ready for the next log. But we sell plenty of hydraulic equipment to people who design and build their own log-splitters and through doing this well, we have gained a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. We assembled the splitter in three hours using only a flat blade screwdriver, a crescent wrench, and a couple of socket wrenches. Electric splitters produce much less noise and you will be able to split wood quietly without waking everyone else. If you’re looking for a high-volume gas log splitter to then you be foolish not to seriously consider this exceptional log splitter.

Our Dosko wood chippers and Dosko stump grinders combined with our Swisher lawn mowers are sure to help you spruce up any yard, lot, or field in next to no time at all. The missus’ brother out law over in NZ has a homemade hydraulic splitter which is fantastically more complicated than yours. The idea was to be able to lock the winch to prevent the log from sliding back.build wood splitter

I went to a local rental supply store that rents out splitters and took measurements on theirs, I modified it a bit, I didn’t want to stoop over all day splitting wood, and I also built a removable table so that the split wood didn’t fall on my wifes feet…she was more likely to help that way. This afternoon I got the axle made and tires mounted, got the splitter rolling now and mounted the tank, engine and valve. Similarly the size of the wood you are splitting might affect your choice of vertical or horizontal.build wood splitter

I have made a (log)splitter wedge from 2′ plate (variety unknown) and have sawn the cutting edge into a long (2′) bevel. I’m new to this site, and any guidance to recent log/wood splitter projects or photos or website for supplies would be helpful and much appreciated. When I towed this splitter with my SPG, the foot of the original jack would occasionally hit the ground. If handled correctly, there should be no safety concerns when working with log splitters.

It’s covered by a 2 year residential warranty; if you are planning to use it in a commercial capacity, that warranty is reduced to just 90 days, so this clearly isn’t the best log splitter for heavy work, despite its name. Weight : Since the hydraulic cylinder and electric or gas power motor have some weight, make sure you check the total weight of the splitter to see if you alone are able to move it around or if you will always need help when doing your log work. There are horizontal units that work like a standard log splitter, but someone still has to lift logs onto the beam. The splitter uses a 6 1/2 by 8 in.steel I-beam, which you can purchase locally.

With only the smallest amount of effort, you can pick up and decimate a humongous piece of tree cut and split it apart in just a few brief minutes – see for yourself! The log cradle ensures that the logs are kept in the right position as they are driven towards the blade. The new splitter went together well again and ran perfectly without issue for four cord of some very large oak and maple. When buying an electric log splitter, you want to maximize on its maximum benefits.

There are some excellent sites out there showing some unique and innovative log splitter designs by some very creative inventors. That splitter is now in my brother’s barn and he use it to make splinters to start the fire with, wich his hydraulic firewood-machine can not do. Whether you use it for splitting your own firewood or have a commercial operation, Timberwolf splitters can yield enough split wood to burn past your wildest expectations. Worked fine but with less power and much slower than the one below especially since it could only split a log in half.

One of the easiest ways to build something like that is go look at a commercially built unit and get their best ideas then add your own touches to suit you. The WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter quickly turns that pile of wood into something useful-firewood for your fireplace! If i’m going to buy the splitter kit from NT&E, i will have to weld a plate to the tube so the wedge can slide.