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This is a portable potting bench for those that have limited space for planting and other dirty garden chores. I saw this Hairy Potter garden bench on a home garden tour filled with fabulous garden junk and folk art. My client wanted a potting bench for her garden, for seed sowing, transplanting, and potting up cuttings. That’s called metalworking, and I doubt most people attempting to build this potting bench will venture into that. The stainless steel potting surface is easy to clean and the wood is coated with a teak-colored sealant for protection from the sun and rain. A full merchandise refund will be issued on any Wood Plans product returned within 30 days.

If you’re thinking about keeping your bench outdoors or in a greenhouse, you’ll want to use pressure-treated lumber. Use the larger pieces of wood to form a table frame and the smaller pieces to create the working surfaces, cutting them to size based on the design you desire. This bench is built against the fence and features an overhang to protect the potted plants from harsh potting table plans

The downside of this bench is the lack of storage space, although if you want a sink feature, it more than makes up for it. There’s plenty of room to work, but not a lot of storage for your tools. You can make hundreds of households items through recycling pallet just like couches chairs tables and many other household thing you can make it very easily we guide you here with new plans and ideas from this channel. The free plans to build a Napa Style Inspired European Garden Table are super-simple to construct.

The wooden slots on work surface are great for recycling excess potting soil and the hardware cloth back is a nice touch for hanging tools. Complete plans are available (4 pages of instructions), with an illustrated plan graphic that can be downloaded via pdf ( found here ). I used B-select redwood for the entire bench because it seemed to have the best combination of quality and affordability (materials in the mid-1990s cost about $160 on the West Coast).

So let’s assume you are a woodworker, and you already have a decent woodworking shop…and you think this kind of potting bench is worth the time you’ll put into it. You’ll probably most of the information you need to build this potting bench simply by looking at the consruction view pages. Sunset Work Center : A table project for the intermediate woodworker, this is another free set of plans made available by Sunset Magazine. Since we planned to paint our bench (and to minimize cost), we used Douglas fir framing lumber, but you could substitute redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated lumber.

I’m not doubting that the garden people from BHG suggested a sturdy top as number-one priority for this potting bench plan. The original design concept for this bench emerged during the give and take between carpenter and client. Asda provided complimentary garden products of my choice so I could take part in the #AsdaOutdoors campaign. Attach the brackets to the side legs of the potting bench, before installing the 1×4 shelves. This potting bench was design to create a comfortable and practical space to exaggerate plants outside.

It’s fairly obvious this potting bench plan was designed by a woodworker for a woodworker…even though the author of this article supposedly consulted some garden experts at Better Homes and Gardens® magazine for ideas. Another nice feature in some plan designs is a storage shelf mounted to the back of the bench. The hardware cloth provides a potting surface that allows excess soil to fall through to a bin on the shelf below.

Screw in the other front leg to the 1x piece so you have a configuration resembling a lowercase h. Repeat so you have two identical pieces that will serve as the framework for the left and right sides of your bench. These days we come right here with superb designs of Pallet Potting Bench Plans which are the best one. NOTE: Due to outdoor exposure, use only waterproof resorcinol or epoxy glue when assembling the Table.

The good news is that you can easily make the top from plywood instead, and still have a well-functioning bench. If my Lowe’s had straight 1x6s, the legs and bottom shelf would fit completely inside the table top! Seating: Our garden is fully paved and had no permanent seating so this was a priority. Once again, make sure the legs are at a 90 degree angle to the top of the bench in each direction. To stop the soil or potting materials in the tubs from turning into mud, save the plastic tops and snap them in place when you’re finished for the day.

A new line of potting benches at Chicweed, a garden accessories and design boutique in Solana Beach, California, is made from wooden pallets; only the screws are new. The materials and cutting lists are divided into bench and cabinet sections so you can build only one component if that’s all you need. It includes an exploded view of the potting bench, building tips and a materials list. With a little help from Asda Outdoors we’ve been able to give our garden a bit of a makeover! Attach the 2×4 slats to the frame of the potting bench, as described in the image.

Our round-eyed three tier potting bench features a telegraph engagement financial Garden greenhouse potting bench plans patronage that keeps your favorite hand tools right astatine your fingertips. Returns of Wood Plans manufacturer-shipped items beyond 30 days are subject to a 25% restocking fee. I put two screws down through the top of the bench into each leg, then from the side of the bench I put two more screws through the 2 by 4 frame into each leg. Potting Bench Tip: To ensure consistent shelf height, you can install temporary spacers (the longer pieces parallel to and touching the ground) and measure the distance between the tops of the spacers and the tops of the shelf-support pieces.

This may not be the fanciest potting bench plan around, but if all you’re looking for is a simple solution to keep your gardening work up off the floor, this plan meets the need. When I build mine (update: I finally made one!), I will pick a height comfortable for working standing up, and see if I can rig up some running water or rain barrel next to it. Adding garden supplies such as small tools, clay pots, and birdhouses, introduce the charm.

Another note about squaring things up. Rather than try to get every piece of this bench perfectly square before you start driving screws (like a lot of woodworking projects), this plan suggests simply checking the square as you go. That means having a carpenter’s square within easy reach, and then holding it snug against the corners as you drive the screws.

Free pdf download includes assembly instructions, construction diagrams, cutting schedule and materials list. Besides, looking at the front of the potting bench, the metal brackets are completely hidden from view. An inexpensive level will go a long way in making sure your bench stands up straight and doesn’t wobble. The addition of the wheels on the front and the handles on the back gives the advantage of rolling it around the garden as you work and keeps your tools and materials conveniently organized and handy. The first step of the woodworking project is to build the frames of the potting bench.

Plastic potting benches are cheaper and, for those who can afford it, there is teak Metal construction may be considered if corrosion can be controlled. Before building your potting bench, purchase the storage tubs or baskets you’ll be using for the cantilevered wings, and tweak the dimensions of the bench parts accordingly. Potting benches are not only practical, they can be very attractive and an extension of who you are. The plan starts you off with creating two frames…one frame that forms the bottom of the bench, and another frame that forms the upper support for the bench table.