Mahogany Wooden Stompbox

Free PDF plans for how to make a wooden stomp box with piezo pickup and easy free woodworking projects. Once secure, screw the back of your box on, and you are more or less ready to go. (I put little rubber feet on mine just to lift it off the floor, otherwise you can hear every time someone moves around the stage, especially if its a temporary one.) CAUTION, the sound pressure levels coming out of your stomp box can be somewhat aggressive, especially using the speaker driver mic design.wooden stomp box

There seem to be about 101 ways to approach this using Piezo, mic’s (in box and out) and even seen some using humbucker arranged pickups. With the Stomp Box, it’s hard not to like Ellis’ refreshing take on FX pedal design. You can take the front cover off the speaker and replace it with a piece of wood to stomp on, which will save you some work, or you can disassemble it and use the back of the speaker as the stomp box. I for one would be willing to use an old EV TL style bass cab for a stomp box as an example. Hi Brent – i’m actually surfing to see different wiring diagrams for stomp boxes.wooden stomp box

Instructions: For best results, stomp or tap the plate with your heel, forefoot or fingers. Place the final 1/4-by-6 1/2-by-13-inch section of maple plywood on top of the box assembly. I’ve got this idea to make a stomp box which has snare and kick sounds which could be played with a pedal and only needs one foot. Used by drummers such as Juan van Emmerloot, Sammy Merendino, Jim Mola and Pete Lockett, the Ellis Stomp Box is both versatile and easy to use. Introduction The Puck’n Stompa Acoustic Stomp Box:A stomp box is a prcussion device that you basically stomp your foot on to make a percussion sound, usually a bass sound.

This success lead to Stomp Box number 3. This was going to be made to a high standard, out of better quality materials. If you so desire, your Stomp Box can be cut from redwood, cocobolo to one of several native woods from Oz : a nice customisable touch. It was really to large to make a guitar body from it without modification but seemed perfect for a Stomp Box build as is, depth wise. The covering of the interior of the box will protect the pickups from the electromagnetic interference and thus will decrease the unpleasant sound. I made sure that the depth of my box was slightly deeper then the depth of my driver.

You could even build an entirely new box out of nicer wood and smash the crap out of the old one so that you can easily access the speaker. Now the box was ready to be assembled, pictures show first dry assembly and then the lash up of clamps to clamp the box whilst gluing. To hear what this stomp box sounds like with a 10-inch speaker, a little 15 watt amp and just a white sock on, double click on the movie below. Variations in the sound can be achieved by stomping in different areas of the plate or wooden surface.