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Please Note: This item can only be shipped ground to the 48 contiguous states. Most of the reviews (over 90%) are positive and that’s pretty much what prompted me to forego spending hundreds more on the Jet brand for roughly the same lathe. Marvin’s right, the cost of the lathe pales in comparison to what you’ll spend on lathe tools, chucks, mandrels, sanpaper, finishes and so on. The tool rest is usually removed during sanding, as it may be unsafe to have the operators hands between it and the spinning wood. It is a fairly simple lathe but for someone who can spend a little time on it it is a very cheap way into wood turning. The Laguna Revo 1836 looks like the old Delta 16-42 Steel Bed lathe with a different headstock.

In terms of using your metalworking lathe for wood, in addition to using plastic film or other protector as suggested in the posts above, you might be able to rig up a vacuum pointed at the site of the action to suck away some of the sawdust. I have just recently bought an MC 900 lathe from Timbecon the same as the one from Carbatec. If you guys have an idea that works and you’d like to share it, it sure would be a grand gesture, and would make wood turning much more pleasurable!!! The noise from the rock rattle and roll of any lathe with a old fashion metal cabinet will drive you crazy. A handheld tool called a graver is often used in preference to a slide-mounted tool.

The most common example would be a jam chuck used to hold a bowl to finish-turn the foot, so you can see it is an oft-used and helpful tool. Consider whether the headstock travels far enough to accommodate planned projects and whether the range of speeds is appropriate for the work planned. As an experienced DIYer but amateur woodturner I decided on this lathe after much deliberation. The spindle on the lathe is mounted in bearings in the headstock and is caused to rotate by the motor.

Serious Scrapers are produced from A2 tool steel, heat-treated to 1750 degrees F, delivering tools with a HRC of 61 to 62. One might argue that buying woodturning tools can also be expensive compared to buying HSS or cobalt metal lathe keys. The top edge should be nicely rounded and allow the tool handle to come down to about 45 degrees from the horizontal without fouling the clamping lever. You’ll need to come up with some sort of mandrel system as well as a collet chuck to hold them.

Head to eBay to search from a wide inventory of wood lathes; options range from vintage models to a full scale Powermatic with digital readout and integrated tool storage. Sometimes, the fit is so tight that you can damage the piece when removing it. If I’m thinking ahead, I will drill a hole through the jam chuck so that I can blow it off with air pressure from the compressor. Shariston dear, First: this idea was TESTED Second: before you apply the quantity of force so you would damage/ruin the bearings of the drill press, most likely the piece of wood would fly toward your face.

And with nowadays’ amazing advances in technology and machinery, the accessories are more proficient than ever. It started out find, but after about 5 minutes of spinning a piece of wood, the bold had vibrated loose from the wood. Just checked out the Hare & Forbes website – that lathe from what I can tell looks pretty much the same as the MC900. Though for CNC lathes there are much less differences between CNC metal and CNC wood lathes, machine rigidity requirements are probably the biggest difference there.

I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone with a cast iron lathe bed made the bed into the dust collector intake- the bottom was closed off with plywood, a dust port was added, and the dust got inhaled into the tool rest slot like a downdraft table. The toolrest saddle – sometimes also known as a ‘banjo’ because of the shape of this part on earlier lathes – is moved into position such that the tool can be rested on the toolrest and reach the workpiece with full support.wood lave

The comments on this instructible which I found while researching my own lathe project indicate that the chuck coming off is a common problem and could be dangerous. His ever-patient girlfriend Amy Hutton gets teased about his passion for the wood lathe, but she knows her boyfriend is making massive strides to help Northern Ireland become a better place. And without doubt, the different tools used for wood turning are the most part of the entire lathe machinery.

Different people will tell you different things, but for our purposes we’re going to stick with lathes that have less than 12″ of clearance over the bed, less than 18″ center to center and motors smaller than 1 HP. Anything bigger than that we’ll call a midi lathe instead. By giving it a quick turning to true the block, it will keep everything balanced on the lathe when we’re turning the project itself. That’s the same lathe I use Marvin and theKCtermite are correct with what they say. We will take several field trips” to examine 18th, 19th, and 20th century treadle lathe designs. I don’t have any other lathe to compare it but i can’t imagine it being much better especially for the money.