Hardwood V Softwood Furniture And Decking

There is still a lot of softwood firewood sold in the UK, most likely in nets sold in garage forecourts and whilst in recent years there has been a move towards hardwood, there may now be a move back to more softwood as prices for hardwood timber rise faster. At Wessex Restoration, we use both hardwoods and softwoods in our windows and doors, and we can even match existing timber designs This allows us to choose the timber most suited to the demands of your project and your property. Softwood fuel in wood stoves and open hearth fireplaces is known for burning hotter initially, easy to light, having more pitch or sap, more sparks and sound as it burns, but burns up more quickly. I would like to have a ton of hedge (osage orange) pellets and compare them to a ‘premium’ pellet either hard or softwood.

The definitions used by Logs2U to describe moisture content are in line with HETAS Biomass Assurance Scheme and therefore, all our kiln dried logs have an average moisture content of less than 20%. If a tree’s seeds have some sort of covering, like a nutty shell or fleshy fruit coat, it’s a hardwood. A large timber supplier recently had a picture of a softwood deck on their website – built by Top Deck Decking Ltd, and stolen from their website – claiming that it was hardwood! Hardwood finds its way into all manner of things – from tools, boats and buildings, through to furniture and musical instruments.

The nets and dumpy bag which are supplied with your logs do not have to be returned to us. We recommend that you find a recycling use for them. If aesthetics and low maintenance are your priority, a hardwood may be your best bet, although treatment isn’t as necessary, treating it from time to time will help to keep it in top condition. Standard Broxwood windows and doors are manufactured using Nordic Red Pine but Oak, Larch, and Mahogany can also be specified. Hardwood has a higher BTU content than softwood and is considered to be the best firewood for high, intense heat. On the other hand, some of the softwood pellet makers are equally choosey about the quality of the wood.

If your reason for specifying hardwood is because you live in a particularly wet climate such as the west coast of Scotland, we would instead recommend aluminium cladding. One of the most common hardwoods used for decking is an import from the Far East called Yellow Balau that comes in a variety of warm colours and is suitably hard-wearing for use as decking. Hardwoods are often considered to be a superior firewood because the wood is very dense. This is why hardwood is the preferred heating fuel source for home heating and stoves. The aroma from a cedar closet can often elicit symptoms in those with sensitivity to softwood.

The thing to remember here is, it’s not the height of the tree so much that counts but the width of the tree; hence Hardwoods are usually more expensive, say than the Softwood Scandinavian Redwood (which can be felled after 25 or so years). Good choices include mahogany and teak for furniture and ipe hardwood for decks. The seed of a softwood on the other hand falls straight to the ground, either out of a cone or is dispersed through the air and carried by the wind. The only other thing is don’t buy pellets in the winter, they cost to damn much buy when you can get ur favoriot brand for the best price.

Therefore, if the relative densities of hardwood and softwood pellets are comparable, they will experience equal burn time. Balsa trees produce a very soft wood but are classified as hardwood because they don’t have needles or cones and are not evergreen. There are always exceptions to the rules: balsa wood for instance is a hardwood than is softer than most softwoods, and Yew is a softwood that is particularly hard. Often a hardwood deck costs nearly double the price of an equivalent softwood deck. Durability is really important when it comes to choosing the right decking for your project.

Our team of experts are always on hand to provide helpful advice on how best to protect, restore and renovate new and old, softwood and hardwood garden decking and furniture. I use the terms soft wood and hard wood to reference density; in contrast to hardwood and softwood which refer to traditional taxonomy. Hardwood trees are slower growing than softwood trees, which is why hardwood lumber tends to cost more. Some differences do exist, but the principle and suitability for a decking area is broadly the same for both materials. Hardwood tends to require better woodworking skills and can be a bit more difficult to deal with.hardwood v softwood

If however, you’re looking for a long-term, investment decking solution, then there’s no doubt that investing in a better quality of wood will pay dividends. Both types of wood are suitable for decking, and a properly treated and maintained softwood deck can last up to 40 years. Treating the timber decking can alter the colour of either type of wood to match your requirements.

It will allow the wood to stay dry and largely explains why softwood windows have lasted 200 years. The sawdust is then compressed into pellets at a common density, about 40lbs per cubic foot. The bright flame and aromatic wood fire smell makes kiln dried logs much more aesthetically pleasing and create that real fire ambience. The technical name for softwood is conifer because many softwood trees bear cones. Properly constructed, hardwood or pressure treated softwood decks can provide an equivalent performance. I wouldn’t understate the benefits of softwood (or overstate the dis-benefits).

I think my stove puts out better heat when trimmed lean (burning 1 bag per day) on hardwood pellets. That’s not to say that all softwood pellets are great, nor are all hardwood pellets great. Alu-clad windows are made using treated timber with the addition of an aluminium shell on the exterior surface. All Broxwood windows are precisely engineered and so if twisting does occur this can lead to problems when operating the window or door. Green hardwood lumber purchased directly from a sawmill can seem reasonably priced, but by the time it’s been kiln dried and planed smooth, it can end up being quite expensive.

When we supply firewood and logs we try to think of our customer’s needs and requirements, so we aim to manufacture logs and firewood that will fit most open fires and appliances. Kiln Dried Logs help to prolong the life of your appliance – The higher temperatures burn off the water and the sap remaining in the wood, stopping it from building up on the inside of your appliance as tar, which over time, can foul and rust your appliance leading to a loss of efficiency. We carry La Crete Wood Pellets, Maine Woods Wood Pellets and Dry Creek Hardwood Pellets.

Harwood, softwood or recycled composite decking will prove a suitable option at times. Because decking and garden furniture sets are outdoors 24/7, you need a wood that’ll stand up to the outdoor conditions all year round, come rain or shine… or worse! Part of that has to do with the quality of the wood input, which has a lot more variables than whether it’s hardwood or softwood. However, solid hardwood joinery is expensive compared to softwood and most hardwood doors, for instance, now consist of a thin veneer bonded to MDF, a softwood product.

I use high quality timber to make bespoke wooden garage doors My customers are concerned about the environment and so am I, which is why I looked into eco-friendly, sustainable timber. A softwood pellet will produce 10-20% more BTU’s per pound than hardwood depending on the species and create a lighter ash. How do I choose between hardwood decking or softwood decking?” is a commonly asked question. Softwood has a lower BTU energy potential and poorer coaling qualities than hardwood. The lighter kiln dried logs mean you can put more in your log basket and make fewer journeys between your wood store and stove. Fires lit with hardwood will last substantially longer than those with softwood.

KJM’s most popular option, sapele is a very strong, stable and durable tropical hardwood that is very well suited to joinery manufacture. However, firewood is usually measured and sold by volume, such as cords, face cords, cubic feet or ricks. A hardwood with incredible durability and strength, oak is suited to the heaviest of uses and can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Because of the lower moisture content seasoned logs will burn hotter and more efficiently than unseasoned logs. Due to the higher density of hardwood, you may find yourself using twice the amount of softwood to achieve the same heat levels as hardwood. They also work great when mixed with hardwood to help freshen up a slow burning fire. A cord (volume) of dry hardwood vs. a cord (volume) of dry softwood weighs about 2-3 times as much.

And at the same time, there are some great softwood pellets out there and there are some lousy softwood pellets out there as well. Treated softwood will typically be light green/brown, and after just a few weeks exposure to light, will turn what is best described as ‘honey-brown’. The dealer said that hardwood pellets could cause things to break in the stove.

However, due to the nature of wood (unusual shapes and sizes), this is not always possible to achieve, so you may, on occasion, have to cut wood to meet the measurements of your particular stove or wood burning appliance. You do not want to burn softwood in a WOOD STOVE (as opposed to a pellet stove) if you can avoid it. This is because in a wood stove, hardwood will burn hotter and longer than softwood will and softwood will burn much dirtier. For the same reason Kiln Dried Logs at approximately 20% moisture, burn hotter and more efficiently still. This is because softwood is much more readily available, with 80 percent of all timber coming from this variety.

Lots of people say that you shouldn’t use softwood either because it burns too fast, produces too much resin in the chimney or smokes too much. That is, the best general purpose campfires have softwood kindling, hardwood logs, and are made entirely from dry, dead wood. This timber often comes from rainforest area and until recently the supply of hardwood led to environmental concerns.