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How to Make a Backyard Bocce Ball Lawn; How to Build a Bocci Ball Court; How Do Bocce Balls Get Made. Check out the glowing sets at for a great source and videos of the glowing Bocce sets. The heavier pieces congregate in the corners.” Luckily, the bocce boom has given birth to some alternatives, including oyster shell flour—fine, even-crushed shell that requires minimal maintenance. July 2009 Update: So the court is still standing…I haven’t added much to the court since my last update except for a couple of oyster shell bags and flour last spring (ya of 2008).

How to build a bocce court- This will be a must-do when we move back to Kentucky. Put in a backyard bocce ball court in a shady area and you’ve got some relaxing summertime fun in your own yard. With this many variables to consider, about the best we can say is that your new petanque court will probably cost somewhere between several hundred and several thousand dollars. George Washington is said to have installed one of the United States’s first bocce courts in the late 18th century at his home at Mount Vernon, just outside the District of Columbia.

It’s no fun to be hanging around a bocce court thinking about the maintenance that needs to be done,” says Lindquist. At this point it is starting to look like a court rather than just a muddy strip in the backyard. Suppliers of clay for tennis courts now cater to bocce players, but stone dust, available from building supply stores, has become a cheaper and more manageable option. You’re leaving a lot to chance if you hire a contractor who has no experience with bocce.

I’ve never played Bocce, but everyone I played with always made fun of Bocce players, so I just carry on the tradition in blind ignorance. Johnson specializes in a 10-foot-by-50-foot backyard court surrounded by a limestone walkway and topped by crushed oyster shells he gets shipped in by Boccemon, a bocce building supplies outfit in Bellingham, Washington.

He adds that one survey found that 800 folks from DC Bocce were using the county’s Mosaic Park each week—and that park didn’t even have a bocce court. Working from this string line, measure the width of the court and drive a third stake at 90 degrees to the first or second stake. My unrequited pining increased during a three-year stint in Northern California, where bocce (I’d heard) was widening its appeal beyond the classic demographic of geriatric Italians.

And after a full summer of Saturdays spent laboring out back, and what he calls a fabulous lucky break in a local country club’s selling him the surface of its clay tennis courts for $150, his backyard eventually did become the boccecentric hangout he’d dreamed. We decided to leave the fourth side off so that the gravel truck could continue to drive inside the court area to drop and spread additional loads since nobody wanted to use a wheelbarrow to move a hundred loads of gravel. According to the group, only about 50 percent of the coed league’s new members have ever played bocce before. Bocce can be played on a court or on any hard surface where the ball can easily roll.diy bocce court

The court is doing just fine – all I do is smooth it out with a rake and then ocassionally water it down & roll with my lawn roller. From all the sources I had read it was recommended that you could use decomposed granite for a second and finish layer for the court. With all the work that goes into it, the plants you choose to go around your court should be easy to maintain. Tom, please e-mail me more details of your court and I will post…I’m sure people would like to know.

At less than half the width of a tennis court, and a third the cost, bocce (or its French cousins, boules and petanque) also delivers a lot of European-style elegance for the buck. Spread decomposed granite over the surface and get a helper to help you shimmy the boards back and forth from one end of the court to the other to ensure that the granite is evenly distributed and level. I’m getting lots of calls for bocce,” says Johnson, a contractor from San Antonio who’s been honing his court construction skills on the job for the past four years. Ideally, a bocce court is a surfaced rectangle that is flat and level in all directions.

The bocce court itself is still Roman in its soul: a minor feat of aquatic engineering, a true surface, and a fun use, as a border around the edges, for old marble pilasters. Since finishing the great crusade, I’ve had several groups give the court a whirl. Court sizes vary and will depend largely on how much space you have to play, but they’re typically anywhere from seventy-six feet long by ten feet wide to ninety feet long by thirteen feet wide. Bocce courts are a wonderful addition to any backyard, park, community center or winery.

For the traditional look of these old world surfaces we offer our hybrid Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface System which incorporates a fibered synthetic medium,organic sub-angular cushioning sands, oyster flour and crushed oyster shells. This has led many to look for solutions to creating the ideal bocce court – and synthetic turf is a proven favorite. If a synthetic bocce ball court in Walnut Creek, Ca. is something that would interest you log onto or call (925)443-PUTT.diy bocce court

We have all the information you need to set up your own Bocce Ball Court from the Bocce Standards Association. Bocce ball is a social game best supplemented with inviting design features that embrace participants. With both of these surfaces you have low to NO MAINTENANCE except to keep your guests wine glasses filled and perfect the backspin on your bocce shot!