Your Guide To Buying Parts To Fit A Bass Guitar

When selecting a wood to make a guitar out of, it’s important to know how it will affect the various characteristics of the guitar when finished. I’ve no doubt that Fender could build USA Telecasters for $400 if they really wanted to – but I guess the next question is whether or not that $400 guitar would REALLY be better made than the $300 from Indonesia. These dimensions are arguably the most important things that anyone should initially consider when designing a custom electric or bass guitar. I borrowed one from a friend and they work excellent, and make a perfect circle for a truly professional job.

So, my recommendation is to head over to Warmoth’s site, find a body you are in love with, pick a neck that compliments it, go buy all your hardware, and be up and running with your new guitar in a couple of weeks. While a small number of bass guitar models have a ‘neck through body’ design, incorporating these two elements into one item, the majority of electric bass guitars have removable necks. To make the cut-outs, I sawed down into the wood then used a chisel to notch them out.

So to make a long story short, I would never again use multiplex for a guitar, unless I would really need a heavy guitar with a fat, warm sound, and I would find a foolproof way to paint the damn stuff. The Seismic Audio SADIYG-18 Modern Bass Style Electric Guitar Kit is a sleek and ergonomic bass guitar to fit all styles of music. You should try to make the whole balanced”, i.e. the mass should be evenly distributed.

As an easy rule of thumb I would say…if your fingernail can make a clicking sound when picked across the scratch, it is too deep and should be touched up instead. Its light tan color along with minimal distinct grain lines make it a good wood for solid color finishes, as opposed to a clear finish. Now, we all know that FMIC (cited here only because we’re using Telecasters as our example guitar) is not a small builder, but hey, like my mother always says: put yourself in the shoes. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the only ultimate guitar material.

I have a CNC router, but this is by far the most complicated build adventure I have taken and it challenged my skills repeatedly. You can turn to your friends for their preference, or search for electric bass guitar reviews to have an idea of the benefits of each unit and brand based from first-hand customer experience. If I were to win the contest and win the grand prize, I would be closer to quitting my current job and concentrating on a business to design and make items for resale.

There is a limit to what can be created from scratch in 5 days, and this course enables students to make a more customised guitar than the Build your own first guitar It is not more difficult, rather that each deviation from a simpler specification adds extra workshop time and cost. Therefore a wood steamer will more than likely be needed to treat portions of the lumber in order to make it pliable and possible to shape to your needs. Wood is a lot more dense and strong than human tissue and powertools make it their bitch. A bass guitar produces sound when strings are plucked, strummed, or slapped by fingers or a plectrum.

While laminate is a cheaper, high quality alternative to wood, we will only be discussing solid woods used for acoustic guitars. Courses are held in a custom-designed facility containing all of the tools, fixtures and accessories required to build high-quality instruments. He said that many didn’t want his business because his volume was too small or told him they didn’t have the expertise to make the parts he needed. Picture is an example only & pick up can be added to almost any shape of scratch to build a bass guitar from scratch

These two characteristics affect the sound of the guitar the most and are very important to the musician as well as the luthier (guitar maker). Whether the truss rod is adjusted via a male hex nut, a female socket, or a Phillips nut at the neck heel, make sure your tool has a snug fit so you don’t strip out this vital part. A bass is somewhat harder to make but I think I have enough experience from those two guitars. I was able to buy enough MDF to make four boards for just £4. I also bought some planed 25mm square baton to make supports for the board.

You just play a lot and keep notes, and the guitar you want to build keeps evolving in your mind. All you need to know about electric guitar upkeep, modifications and maintenance – up to and including a step-by-step description of how to build a guitar from scratch. Of course you need to be able to handle a soldering iron, so if you haven’t touched one in your life yet, make sure to practice a lot before starting with the real thing, or you will end up with a guitar that crackles and short-circuits the whole time. For example, a Fender bass guitar body may require Fender brand pickups to be to build a bass guitar from scratch

Make sure you document it well, I made a solid body resonator hybrid and sadly did not document it well / take loadsa pictures before I sold it. Bubinga: This wood is strong and stiff, making it a good candidate for necks and fingerboards, especially for bass guitars. I do find it quite amazing that a guitar made in Indonesia can be fairly well-made, shipped across the world, and still only cost $300 (Squier Classic Vibe, for example). Tinozza Acoustic Bass Guitar – The Tinozza is an aesthetically pleasing acoustic bass with a great sound and simple construction. Once the body is glued, it will be a lot harder to make holes and hollow parts in it!

I ordered hardware and parts for the guitar throughout the process and will mention them at the point they came into the build process. Securing the strings in place, bass guitar bridges and saddles are available in a variety of materials, brands and designs. I can honestly say that the setup on this particular bass was one of the easiest I’ve ever done! Next time I’ll talk about choices you can make regarding the types of construction, relating to the neck/body connection, as well as some other design considerations. It was sat in there, ready to be forcibly joined to the Sarah Jessica Parker of bass bodies…since the 1970s.