My Process For Making Spoons

The last few weeks we have been getting prepped to start green spoon carving. Cherry also darkens as it ages, with color over the years becoming almost as dark as black walnut (which, oddly enough, lightens as it gets older). A carver doing monumental sculpture will want large straight shanked gouges and the carver of miniatures will want tiny tools with bent handles for detailing. Carving is a very personal thing and there are very high emotions linked with each.

I used a couple of card scrapers to finish of the shaping and the spoon is ready to go in about half an hour to an hour-ready to sell really. Of course as a furniture maker I am using slabbed wood and not riven and split limbs. A quality chip carving knife will be made of high carbon steel and will not wear out as quickly as a cheap one. The Cedar Wood Companion Urn features real, aromatic Eastern Tennessee select Cedar wood with gorgeous woodgrain. Cherry trees grow in the eastern part of the United States, mainly the Appalachian Mountains, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The way I’D do it is, buy a LARGE quantity and like you say, sticker it in the warehouse and let it dry for 6 months- the price of lumber only goes UP so it’s not wasted money storing it and it costs nothing to do it. It often helps, particularly when trying to determine grain direction, to reconstruct the position and orientation of the piece of wood as it was formed in the tree.

I got some rough sawn Cherry from my local dealer who specially selected these for me 140 Bdft and the stuff is absolutely beautiful, quite a bit of figure though, which does not help for carving. Cherry has that nice reflective quality, almost a translucence or even a prismic quality that refracts and reflects light differently depending on your angle to really enhance the pipe’s character.cherry wood for carving

Perfect for getting children into spoon carving effectively, productively and all the more important, safely. Each corbel is produced from the highest grade Cherry wood and is solid, heavy and is stain grade to match any decor. Seems like it is always a trade off between hardness of wood (more force and dulls tools quickly) and ability to hold sharp details.

There are so many ways to get things done, that a lot of times you’re only limited by your own creativity and persistence (rather than lack of tools.) If you do make one, please post some photos of it here! Cherry trees are reported to be large enough to harvest after 35 to 40 years, with larger trees growing to full heights in about 100 years. Crafted start to finish in the USA from premium Maple wood and signed by the artist.cherry wood for carving

In addition to standard professional size we also list sets of different smaller carving tools for miniature and other work such as chip carving. I alternate between working on the inside of the bowl and working on the exterior of the spoon seeking to have as much agreement” between interior and exterior surfaces as possible. Drift woods can provide some of the most interesting carvings you have ever seen and the wood is free!

Some American Wood Species We’re not covering all the woods available in the United States and Canada here-and we’re covering a couple that are not too easy to find here-but these are generally all considered moderately good or better carving woods for the reasons listed. I am alert for problems such as powder post beetle infestation or excessive white rot that would preclude using the wood. The energy of this wood is good and pure, clean like the earth from which it is born.