Bat House

This free plan comes from the Pennsylvania Game Commission and is very detailed. There are two ways to provide rough surfaces within the house and on the landing pad: score or groove the surface using a saw or other sharp implement to make shallow cuts, or staple durable plastic mesh firmly to the wood. These poles – pipes, more like – offer a no-nonsense solution for those who want to provide their local bats with a safe house but don’t want to disturb the aesthetics of their architecture. Cut the net so that it is the same width of your bat house and at least 24″ long.

One little brown mysotis, (little brown bat) can catch 1,000 or more mosquito-sized insects in an hour. Second, having the bat house in the back yard (as opposed to hanging on the side of my home) tends to make it less likely that the bats will eventually try to find their way into my attic. If you wish, you can add a stain or some other wood treatment to the exterior of the bat house. Bat Conservation International – is a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas.

Other factors that influence bat house temperatures include the color of the paint or stain on the exterior of the house, the material used to construct the house, and the amount of ventilation. Before I share my bat house building experience, let me say that I am no carpenter. Note also that this bat house lacks a front and back ‘one sided’ baffle since I am predicting that bats can cling to the rough sandy surface just as easily as they can rough wood.

Staff conducted a year long acoustic study of the Zoo, Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park, and Martinez Pineland to determine if the Florida bonneted bat was present and possibly learn more about their use of these mixed use properties. That just means those houses were made by people less acquainted with bat needs. They’re fine with just rough cut wood to cling to, not perches (US species might be different, but I’ve never seen a bat box with a perch in it). Select one of the 15 3/4” x 10 1/2” boards you made in step two to use as the front panel of the bat house.

So I gave the bat house to a friend at the National Wildlife Federation in the hopes it might get put up here. I built a bat house from plans supplied by the Missouri Department of Conservation. After a little excitement, we were able to catch the bat and place him in an old cage. It is probably best not to waste time or money on the small bat houses available at feed or pet stores.

So, if you discover bats in your home, make sure that someone correctly identifies the species present to prevent Florida bonneted bat pups from being harmed. A landing area beneath the entrance at least three inches long with a rough surface for bats to grab onto when they fly to the house is critical for facilitating access. Leaving 10cm below the hole, nail the 30cm wooden battens to either side of the 20cm x 58cm piece of wood.

Years of research have shown that bat houses are far more successful at attracting bats if they are painted or stained. Bat populations serve as a marker of how free a given area is of pesticides and chemical pollution. Place the house in full sun, best on its own pole, secondarily on the southern side of a building in full sun. Remember any bat that can be caught is most likely ill and should not be handled. Recently I tackled the task of building a two-chamber rocket bat house designed by Bat Conservation International. For this reason, artificial introduction into a new bat house should not be attempted.

Bats like a warm climate, so when hanging a bat house, it’s best to provide the house with plenty of sunlight. You may not have positioned the bat box so that it receives an adequate amount of heat and sunlight, or perhaps the box is too drafty, or lets in too much light through cracks. Installing a bat box on or near your home is a valuable part of any exclusion or bat removal service.

So now you can get a high quality wooden bat house box with a high success rate and help support wildlife rehabilitation efforts at the same time. Situated on the John Knox Road marsh pond , the approximately 60,000 Brazilian Free-Tailed bats that roost in the house from October through March find both fresh drinking water and abundant insect foods close at hand. Saw shallow, horizontal grooves (2 mm deep and 1 cm apart) on the inner surfaces of the bat section, including the walls and roost partitions, to enable bats to crawl inside. Painting helps provide the proper internal temperature for bats and also increases the life span of the bat house.wooden bat house plans

Then attach the 15cm piece as a roof so it covers the wooden pieces completely and doesn’t allow water in. For extra weather protection, attach a piece of roof flashing to the top. While wood has long been the traditional material to build bat houses from, it suffers from rot and decay unless protected from the elements. Research conducted by Bat Conservation International ( ) has determined bat house characteristics that bats find most attractive.

Unfortunately we don’t know what happened to it. We looked all over, but it’s now been six years and there’s no sign of it. So, here is how you SHOULD mount your new bat house! I also know of many people who built their bathhouses with plywood and each summer they have 50+bats living in each house. The only fasteners of any kind other than the ones that attach the bat house to the pole or other structure, are a few small stainless screws that keep the inner partitions from sliding out.wooden bat house plans