DIY Loft Conversion

You decided you want to take advantage of the space saving benefits of a loft bed. Girl bedroom with a cottage bed ~ I’d love to turn the kids bunkbeds into something like this just a little less girly! It is tremendously versatile too – whether you need a extra bedroom, bathroom or workspace, a loft can become anything you want it to be. Surprise surprise, it was going to feature a new office-type room for him to move into, as well as a new lounge room complete with fold-out bed for friends to use on visits. Stairs Direct UK are staircase specialists when it comes to loft conversions having supplied hundreds of stair solutions for the smallest to largest of loft conversions. Talk to them about sorting out the damp before you think about insulating the loft.

Inside, the Dormer Loft Conversion has vertical walls and horizontal ceilings creating more space than the normal angled walls that you would typically expect with a loft conversion. If you’re using the loft as a bedroom, games room or study, you’ll want to keep it as warm as the rest of the house – so there’s no point in insulating the attic floor. What you can (and probably should) do is to attach the rails to the bed with screws (and not glue).

Write down these measurements on a piece of paper and then take them with you to a DIY shop to buy the insulation OR visit an online retailer like ours to order the materials directly. There are some firms which specialise in providing a fully (raised) boarded loft, along with a loft ladder and suitable loft lighting, providing a very convenient storage space. I really want to try this but I don’t understand a couple steps I don’t understand step 3 & 9 can you please help me !! The whole ladder is then leant against the bed and screwed into place with big 5″ screws.

Your loft conversion will more than likely turn your home into a building with three or more stories, in which case certified fire doors, with self-closing mechanisms, will need to be fitted to staircases, escape routes and communal areas. This plan is for a loft bed with supports underneath — it’s sized for a twin bed but can easily be sized up to fit a full of queen mattress. If you happen to build the bed so that it’s up against a wall, Jaime suggests screwing the bed into the wall studs, for added stability.

Once all the paint has dried, and the fabric + bedding has been placed…step back and enjoy your new loft. If your existing loft insulation is level with the joists, skip this section and go straight to Section 2: Insulating your cold water tank. I am just curious about the dimensions of the bed and I didn’t see it in your post (sorry if I’m not looking hard enough!). We will make sure that your loft is properly strengthened, to take the additional weight to ensure it is safe for you and your families requirements meeting Building Regulation Specification at all times.

The total cost for this project was a bit more than we originally anticipated, at about 250. Use the heavier, denser sound insulation quilt and not the lighter thermal insulation material, which is of no help here. The only difference between a hanging bed and loft are the four corner post, so if they are using them in the hanging bed I would think they would work with a loft. The DIY Loft Kit,” intended for New York -style lofts, is an extreme measure for tiny-home dwellers.

This sleeping loft is pretty low, since it’s designed for kids, but you could adjust the measurements to make it a little taller for your adult-sized needs. Most properties have permitted development rights which allow a loft conversion without the need for planning permission. The priciest kit, the New York DIY Loft T15, is large enough to be used as an entire elevated bedroom or office. If your loft is easy to access, the insulating process should be pretty straightforward and can be undertaken as a DIY job. If you’ve got a kid who loves all things Lego, or any other toy that includes many tiny parts that need to be stored, this loft bed would be perfect for you!

Once you get home with the wood, lay it all out in the room you plan on building the loft in. It is much easier to build it in the room, than the other option of attempting to bring it inside after its built. This is the most simple way to insulate your loft (via rafters), but obviously the insulating properties on this type of insulation are very limited compared to either mineral wool or the insulating board.

Before beginning to build, always check in on my site to make sure you have the most up to date set of plans, I occasionally update and change the plans to make the building process easier or to allow for less expensive purchasing of materials! Since this is a DIY project, any size mattress works, keeping in mind that mostly children use loft beds, so a single mattress usually works best. The talent is there, the plans are top notch, it is a doable thing, and I am assuming funding was diy

A loft conversion can add up to 20% to the value of a house and can be completed in a relatively quick time in approximately ten to twelve weeks depending on the size. Loft conversions always need approval under Building Regulations (irrespective of whether they need planning permission) so it pays to adopt the full plans application approach and have a detailed scheme approved before you find a builder. And there’s even more good news: it lasts for more than 40 years and should pay for itself many times over in energy bill savings, as the cost of loft insulation is comparatively low. The quickest and simplest way to insulate your loft is to use specialist insulation boards.

If you need storage, we suggest you build a small platform near your loft hatch using loft panels. The common design layout is where there is a box room above the current stairs which lead to the landing. Unsurprisingly with a DIY project the hardest work is in the preparation stage, but this can also be the most exciting as you see your project grow in front of you. The DIY Loft Bed Kit has enough room for a mattress, nightstands and a bit of free floor space, and takes just four hours for two people to set up. So if you’re going to be working up there, think about adding or upgrading your insulation while you’re at it.

Some can be achieved with little DIY experience, while others require more do-it-yourself expertise. If you are using sheep wool insulation you will also get the added benefits of the material being able to absorb moisture as well. When finished, the bed can be enhanced with a movable add-on shelf on the side of the bed-rail. As the plasterboard will have to be fixed to the rafters through the bottom layer of insulation, you will want this insulation to be as thin as possible. You can order kits direct or have Stairs Direct help with the survey and installation. The whole loft bed got a nice white coat of paint before we put her mattress in place.

Compact stairs which look more like traditional stairs but steeper with smaller treads, will be permitted in some circumstances (to access single rooms like a main bedroom with en suite allowed). Dormer windows may be essential to maximise the headroom in the loft and provide useable space, but will need to be supported at the apex point (ridge). To begin the project, determine the size of mattress to use and design the loft bed around those dimensions.

What a smart idea for a growing child’s room to truly give them a place of their own without the bed necessarily being the on-the-floor focus! Build a loft right into the closet, without losing space for hanging up your kids’ clothes! Owners can use stencils to put a child’s name on the bed or to create a design using butterflies, animals, or other images. Loft stairs, fully insulated, timber framed, plaster-boarded and plastered all round, power points.

If this measurement is less than 2.3m (7ft 6½in), you will not easily create a decent loft room. The commonly available, low cost and subsidised products tend to come in either 100mm depth, to go between the joists, and 170mm to be laid (at right angles) over and across the joists, to take the depth up to the recommended 270 mm. The directions are super detailed, and there are even Sketchup models of the bed that you can download.

If we had to estimate what it would cost to build this without any type of discount, we would say roughly $350 in wood and other supplies. But if you’re unsure where to start, then our architect can survey your property and provide a full set of drawings and plans to work to. We can also liaise with the local authorities on your behalf, to make sure your conversion has the proper planning permissions and is compliant with fire and building regulations too.

Muttered under my breath Why can’t this room be 8 inched wider?!” We built some solid, custom loft beds that Tim and I are both proud of. Last night, Tim Said, as he took a big (and well earned) swig from his Corona, That was probably the most complicated project we have built because every measurement had to be exact or it wouldn’t fit in the room.” He was right, but we both agree it was the most fun we have ever had on a project too.

Your design has given me an idea which you might develop into another plan which adults in cramped, studio apartments could really use: Take a queen or King size loft bed, build separate bed steps (essentially shelves or drawer-storage you step on ) to go alongside — adults, especially with arthritis can’t do ladders, but they can do staicases — and put an L-shaped breakfast nook under it. (you can buy these nooks as kits, ready made (check dimensions first!) or build your own.

Unless you’re willing to pay for loft conversions by skilled draughtsman , it’s probably sensible for you to employ the services of a professional plasterer at this stage, but the job can be done DIY if you really want to. You’ll need to ensure a thin layer of plaster coats all the boards you’ve fixed in place, paying special attention to the joins and weak spots you may have noticed.

I contacted Rockwell tools and asked them if they would provide us this drill to use in conjunction with this post after significant research and our old, high-end drill battery kicking the bucket on us. We were shocked when we went to our local hardware store to learn that a replacement battery for our drill cost THE SAME AMOUNT as we paid for the drill itself.