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Step 2 Measure and cut paper Measure and cut the wrapping paper or contact paper to fit the inside bottom of the drawer. Once I had enough to play with, I popped them into the drawer to see how I could use them as dividers to reorganize my madness. If your drawer is large, we recommend that you put some weight in the drawer so that you know whether the bottom will actually remain flat, rather than bowing, when loaded. To attach the wood pieces together, I used hot glue and used a craft knife to scrape away any extra glue that seeped out. Yes, I could set up a rule” that would make the change automatically but to me it just doesn’t look right. If I were repeating the project, I would use something stronger like shoe boxes.

The tray itself should be made on a base of smooth finished hardboard, cut to dimensions 1/8 inch smaller than the inside width and length of the drawer. I am still planning on running decorative paper or even clear PVC along the bottom of the drawers, just to protect them from any makeup spills, but for now I am very happy with my storage solution. Finally I decided that the best idea was to make my own custom wooden drawer organizers.

A cluttered desk drawer can make it difficult to find important items, forcing you to waste time and energy hunting them down. I originally purchased the 8 foot x 4 foot piece of materials for under $10 and had intended to do a magnet/chalk board for my son’s room. Once the dividers are installed, you can always adjust where individual panels sit if you need to change things around. You make this DIY thing look so easy that I’m thinking maybe even I could tackle it. Thanks for sharing!

I thought I had enough contact paper but discovered (after this project) my roll was lighter than I thought and I only had enough for one drawer – shucks. We lined the drawer with newspaper so we wouldn’t drip glue on the inside of the drawer, then glued the dividers together, using the drawer as our guide. This is something I didn’t consider enough because the left drawer is hard to access the back section because I put the middle divider to far back. Begin by selecting the drawer for the dividers and measure the insides of the drawer for length, width, and depth.

It features repositionable dividers to suit your exact needs, and it expands to fit the width of a drawer. And you can make them as big and wide as you want :). Thank you for stopping through! Initially when I purchased these drawers I decided to separate my makeup into boxes. He agreed, but none of the drawer organizers would really do what I needed, or the size was wrong and there would be extra space in the drawer that wasn’t being used. Clothing should be treated with care; spray the plywood dividers with aerosol lacquer.

Make: is the voice of the Maker Movement, empowering, inspiring, and connecting Makers worldwide to tinker and hack. Remove the Vertical Dividers and the lower two Horizontal Dividers marked in Step from the assembly. Acrylic drawer dividers are a chic way to streamline cluttered crevices, but they can come with lofty price tags. You can have multiple compartments in a drawer and customized their sizes accordingly.

Cut vertically from the middle horizontal line down on both sides of your mark – leaving a gap that’s about the thickness of your cardboard. If using the +10 method above, it can be difficult to see exactly where the corners on the bottom of the drawer begin. If you don’t have access to a woodworking router or table saw, an alternate way to make the grooves is by adding pairs of thin furring strips of plywood, each spaced so as to create a 1/8 inch gap between the two.

If all the compartments fit perfectly in the drawer and does not have room to shift, then it’s fine to leave them. We would not have been able to use that back storage slot (with the funnel and pizza cutter) without full extension drawer slides. Package included: 6pcs x drawer clapboard (other accessories are not included) Suitable for desk drawer, closet drawer, dresser, trunk space, cabinet, to make drawer dividers

I’m storing this away for our future home – so much better than those pre-made plastic dividers that don’t work! I am seriously super thrifty and find it hard to spend on items that can be DIY or needs just a little bit of elbow grease. It cost almost nothing to build, just a few hours of my time, and it makes such efficient use of my drawer space that I even have extra empty space I can fill with items from another (overfilled) drawer. So I set out to fix it. I went to four or five stores and bought five or six different silverware trays and nothing would fit my drawer right! These expandable cedar dresser drawer dividers allow you to compartmentalize and organize your dresser drawers.

The notches are all in the same place on the frame edges and on the opposite side on the dividers. With some foam board and a exacto knife and a little hot glue we got ourselves a parrrrtay! MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that this website has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the persons or businesses mentioned in or linked to from this page and may receive commissions from purchases you make on subsequent web sites.

In addition, drill a one inch diameter hole in each end piece, to allow a finger hole for lifting the tray up out of the drawer. Here’s the thing, I’ve organized this drawer (and the one below), the random kitchen utensils and gadgets drawers. I felt badly for him but secretly I was happy that he went through about five boxes of tissues making it easier for me to finish this organizing project! This time I used the miter box and saw to cut the ends of the wood at an angle and glued the pieces to the drawer. I then attached these strips to the drawer making sure grooves lined up on each opposing face.

You’ll notice that you may have ends that aren’t straight on your underwear drawer organizer because of the folds in cardboard, like the picture above. They should be cut at a length that makes a snug fit, but does not touch the ends of the grooves so tightly that they are hard to push in. Make the height the same as the end inserts. Be sure to check  back with me at a later date to see my knife drawer tutorial.

I knew it had potential, and I kept thinking someday I’d get a drawer organizer for it. The problem with premade drawer organizers is that the slots are never big enough and never where I want them to be. And custom drawer organizers are expensive and can take awhile to come in if you custom order them. Kevin and Amanda show how off how simple it is to take a few pieces of 1/4” craft wood and turn it into custom made RV kitchen drawer organizers. Cut strips to fit just inside the box, carefully creasing without ripping the paper.

To make a DIY drawer divider like this one, buy a few pieces of 3/8x3x24 inch wood at your local hardware store and make sure you’re stocked up on hot glue. I like that you can customize how tall the container is for the depth of your drawer by using tissue boxes. Align the edges of the second board on top the one you’re drawing on, making sure all edges are flush. Ornament boxes are the perfect storage solution because they take up relatively little space and they can store loads of things. I actually made the dividers into two seperate pieces so I could easily remove them if I wanted to. If you look closely, you will notice that they almost look like compressed paper.

Well, for this project, forget what you know about custom,” because these wooden drawer organizers were super budget friendly and the results were amazing! It would be fine for dividing a workshop drawer or other box that appearance wouldn’t really matter. I followed you directions and now my silverware drawer is sooo neat and organized! Simply snap the four mid-sized pieces into place between the two long pieces to make a frame. Step-by-step guide to making kitchen drawer dividers, along with pictures, using chair rail to make drawer dividers