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The side of an older door was planed to ensure a proper fit in the door frame of this home bathroom. While new Sargent planes are no longer being manufactured, the company was so productive that their hand planes are widely available and often considered collectors items. If a door is too wide, for instance, make passes with a power planer over the side of the door, adjusting the depth gauge to give a cut of the desired depth. Otherwise you’ll need a saw (manual or electric), set of saw-horses or Workmate and one saw-horse plus a couple of clamps to hold it. After having done the preliminary flattening with the power planer, I use hand planes to refine the surface, removing any ridges or tearout.

Although electric planers come in a variety of sizes, with the large 6½-inch-wide models able to plane to a depth of ⅛ inch at a single pass, the most popular model is the 3¼-inch-wide handheld electric planer, which is light enough to be used overhead. Outside of terminology, the only real difference is the orientation and the fact that these are handheld; otherwise, they work the same.

The rotating drum, where cutting blades fixed is the main element of electric planer. No matter how much i try, i cannot maintain a square surface when using my planer. This combination device can easily be switched from being a jointer to a planer with a few swift motions. Put this helical head planer in your workshop and you’ll see productivity sharply rise as it cuts through piles of raw wood. When using a buzzer set the knob on the front for the depth of cut, and use it as a grip for your left hand. Then make your saw cut to the waste side of that line and you should get real minimal tearout on the door bottom.

However, even saying that, before Simpo Two could set up his circular saw, me and my Jet or Stanley hand panel saw would have completed the trimming of the door. I bought myself the Ozito PLR-2000 Electric Planer, that has a decent sized 400W motor that is ample power for small to medium planing jobs. If you know someone with a planer who is close by (and nice enough to let you use it), I’d go for the jointer and get the planer afterwards. Hold the door between your knees and do one half, then flip it over and do the other.

I bought my jointer first just because it was a offer I could not refuse, and I thought that if I was careful and pay good attention that I would be able to get a flat board using a jointer. Depending on the depth you set, the planer removes lots of wood (1/8 in. per pass) or, like a belt sander, a little (1/64 in.). Eventually you’ll have both the planer and the jointer and 4-square boards will be just minutes away.

Rockwell’s planer has a dual-exhaust system that allows for dust chips to be ejected to either side of the planer. The annoying thing about this article is that it is likely to make a person’s first experience with a hand plane, their last. The wrench is stored in the electric planer, so it’s always there when you need it. For a cleaner working environment, you can connect most standard-size vacuum cleaners to the tool using the vacuum cleaner adapter supplied.

Some planers, like this one from Festool, come with the ability to turn it on its back and convert the unit into a jointer. Believe me if you do not have confidence with DIY electric saws, then stick to a good quality hand panel saw, when you will be in better control of the job you are attempting to do, less chance of things going wrong. I only wish I had bought a wider planer but this item worked very well I wished I had purchased this before purchasing the strippers and wasting all that time.

In a nutshell, just about anything you’d do with a non-powered hand plane, but adding power extends their usefulness tremendously. Virtually all have a V-shaped chamfering notch on the front shoe — something you won’t see on a hand plane — and some have multiple notches in varying sizes. The company’s hand planers have a depth adjustment knob that is sensitive up to 0.0625 inches.

If it was me then I would buy a good hand saw , one with a high number of tpi ( teeth per inch ) 14 would be good, this will make a nice fine cut. To plane the top or lock side of the door simply place a door stop or wedge beneath the open door to hold it in place and proceed carefully. I have a electric planer and joiner, and I wouldn’t use either for floor tillering. Well, Festool claims to have reinvented the category with their new $400 EHL 65 E. In this video, we take a closer look at this new power planer from Festool and all of its features. I only have one set of knives for my current planer and will soon be installing a helical head.

No drill press, and I’m not sure I see how that would do any better then the table router or hand held planer I have. Just remember before you spend a lot of money buying a new hand planer, you really should read our reviews and check to see if you can pick up a hand planer for a reasonable price. I am deciding between a scrub plane (lie-nielsen) vs. an electric plane (no specific brand) I have read some previous posts on the subject but would like further comments. The direction of wood thru the planer is usually very important to avoid tear out. You’re unlikely to notice any particular dulling effect from running painted surfaces through your planer.