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My latest build project, and also my first attempt at making a neck-thru style guitar. If you are new to this field of work, see if you can take a class at a college or better yet, see if you can find an experienced luthier that will work with you to build your first instrument. Music Instrument Makers Forum – The MIMF has several plans for electric bass guitars, including one for a Jazz Bass and a neck-through-body fretless model. The photo at the right shows the custom bridge that I built for my first guitar. Now, in the interest of protecting RIC’s IP, I’m not going to put up the CAD files I’ve made, nor am I going to tell you how to make them. Even with this, I still prefer to make a pattern even if I’m only making a single Bass.

Not what I wanted This is a fast pasted app, which is not relevant to anyone starting to play songs for bass. One of the more cost effective ways to build your own is to buy second hand parts, but even then my Ibanez RG cost me the thick end of ?400 but that is with all pretty good parts, SD pups etc. Along the way, he has had to learn how to deal with suppliers, redesign a hinge, and figure out how to make and use a polishing machine.

Guitar Makers Emporium (GME) is Australia’s longest running business for and online resource for quality DIY Guitar Kits. So when I found a bass guitar kit on Amazon that had all the hard work done for me, it was the next best solution. Or perhaps you just enjoy woodworking as a pastime…regardless of the reason it is the intention of this article to assist inexperienced cabinet designers to design and construct a speaker cabinet for use with their guitar or bass. Private instrument instruction on acoustic guitar with focus on understanding the relationship between musical style, technique, sound and acoustic guitar design.how to build a bass guitar from scratch

As mentioned above, the criteria for choosing a wood for an electric guitar is much different than that of an acoustic guitar, so they will be discussed in their respective sections. The saga musical instrument company has kits that you can build your own instrument from. Very handy app This is a very handy app when you are away from your bass you can still practice. The three quarter/45 credit-unit Certificate in Guitar Craft (Acoustic Guitar Design) provides guitarists with comprehensive practical training in the field of guitar design, fabrication and maintenance with additional emphasis on acoustic guitar design.

In doing so, each customer gets my utmost attention and receives great customer service during and after the build. Two humbucking 5-string bass pickups (yes, I was building a 4-string bass but the wider 5-string block humbuckers made it look more Alembicized” and would hopefully sound, to my ears at least, a lot richer and more punchy than single coil ones). I bought a long maple board from Home Depot, cut it in half, and glued the halves together to make the chunky neck of the bass. Hand-built in California, our line of Acoustic pickups and preamps can help you capture the natural warmth, richness and resonance of your instrument.

As an electric musical instrument, a bass guitar is composed of electrical components, such as wiring and pickups, and non-electrical components, including the neck and body. The following table explores some of the considerations to be made when selecting a bass guitar neck. The video lessons show you just how to play chords – the fundamentals of enjoying guitar.

Private instrument instruction on electric guitar or bass with a focus on understanding the relationship between musical style, technique, sound and instrument design. A craftsman will make a thing, take it apart, fix it, make another, and another, and another, and only show you the ones that are great. You can create hollow parts in your guitar by simply sawing holes in some of the layers.

Start out with a smaller project first, and build up to more challenging projects as your knowledge and skill increase. I moved each tuner around and marked the final placement for all four tuners, and then needed to build another jig. I already knew from my experience with previous bass builds that I would use a standard” 34 inch scale length and a custom two octave neck (meaning it would have 24 frets in total) with a 2.5 inch fingerboard width at the 24th fret.

The best thing about bass guitar building is that you can learn a new set of skills while you build a unique instrument. A completely different beast than electric guitars, the acoustic guitar may be made from solid wood or wood laminate. Spraying is best done outdoors, but make sure you protect areas where you don’t want the paint to go. A scratch plate , also known as a pick guard, protects the body of the guitar from damage during play.

Continuation of private instrument instruction on electric guitar or bass with a focus on understanding the relationship between musical style, sound and instrument design. Electric guitar bridges allow more fine-tuning by having adjustable saddles for each individual string or pair of strings. As bass guitars have very high tension, heavy-duty machine heads are used, larger than those featured on other electric guitars, hence exposed gears are much more common. Bands that currently use a Washtub Bass I can’t do any better than the good folks at tubotonia.

For a solid body electric guitar with two pickups (assuming you have the tools necessary for all aspects of the build) you could put together a decent guitar for less than $200. Apart from his day job as a Documentation Project Manager/Senior Technical Writer, Steve Hollas has been playing bass guitar, and building them every now and then, ever since he first became fascinated with the instrument over 40 years ago.

It took months to build and has become his bass of choice whenever he plays the bass in his family band. The wood was again multiplex although now I would not recommend using it, as you can read in the ‘wood’ section With my experience from the previous guitar I was able to make the shape more smooth and refined. We can supply custom – made short scale bass strings that will fit a range of vintage basses in wire wound only.

Batteries are installed and the bass is tested and played for an hour or two to determine proper pickup heights and finalize the set up. The best test is a rehearsal or a gig so I can really hear how it sounds up against guitars and drums. A bass guitar can sustain damage through years of repeated use, or as the result of an accident. Other than that and the slight difficulty in slapping cos of the massive bridge pickup I’ve got on there, it’s just like any other bass. From scratch I have built 5 guitars (4 steel and 1 classical) and two harp ukes. Or you can just omit it, and run the switches and potentiometers through the guitar body itself.

Once you have an idea of how you want your guitar to look like, you need to transform this idea into a usable plan” of your guitar. For example, to buy a Fender scratch plate, type ‘Fender bass guitar scratch plate’ into the search field. The tuners I bought for this Bass have a washer and a nut that reaches down into the headstock, to reach the threads on the tuner shaft. Kits are a simple way to assemble a bass that requires only minimal tools and experience. Tip: If you have any doubts about how to adjust a truss rod, get a guitar repair book or study the manual that came with your instrument. The level of difficulty of customising a bass guitar will depend on which part is being fitted.

Bolt-on neck – A guitar neck that is secured to the body of the guitar by screws (not bolts, ironically), and a metal plate. I want a bass that would be brighter sounding than the traditional, woolly, sound that you hear around. A fretted bass features frets that divide the fingerboard into semitones, enabling a player to more easily select the desired note.

A bit of trivia – in the early days, Alembic had to undertake so many neck repairs caused by people leaving their instrument leaning against a wall and then watching them fall over and break that the wonderful Susan Wickersham designed the bodies of their basses with a pointed end to make sure they were put on a guitar stand when not in use. Alder: This is a commonly used, lightweight wood that gives off a full sound and clean tone and is used to make Fender Stratocasters.

There is the starting place, now I would build 2 prototypes with a few differences and do some testing. Back in 2010, I took my pre-apprenticeship carpentry program, I was gonna make a guitar for my final project, but settled on a coffee table, becuase my GF was moving to my city and needed one. I usually wipe down all the gluing surfaces with acetone and scratch them up with an old saw blade for the best possible adhesion. Now, most people would build a bass body out of a single slab of wood or two pieces of wood joined in the middle. However, it is recommended to add the neck to your design too, even if you are not going to make it yourself.

If your bass requires adjustments at the neck heel (Photos 5 and 6), rather than the headstock, you’ll face the tedious prospect of reinstalling the neck and restringing to check each adjustment. As shown on the 3d cad type drawing, I put a small round piece on the bottom and top of the guitar. Students will build their own classical, flamenco, or steel string to bring home.

I used Titebond Original because it has a fair amount of ‘open time’, when you can still make adjustments. Schaller strap locks, which are essential if you don’t want your instrument to fall off the strap when you least expect it to and make you look like a complete idiot. Polishing Excellence we are thrilled offer scientifically-designed polish scratch remover it s design inspired regular contrabass.

Customising a bass guitar by fitting new parts enables greater flexibility of the instrument, and offers bass players another creative avenue. I got excited about the project, and took it so far as to make it an electric instrument. But the main advantage of usign two is they can be used to compensate for the slight twist that occurs with any guitar due to the tension difference between the top and bottom strings. In any case, I was more than happy when the wood stock arrived and the build could start.