Blueprints Woodpecker Lift

I’m in the process of building a router table and I have the cabinet completed ready to mount my Porter Cable 7518. The other is on my home made router table fixed to my old Elu 177E with no plate at all. This range also allows above-table bit changes with the wrenches that came with the router. To introduce a custom version of one of our best sellers – Woodpecker’s innovative Precision Router Lift V2 (PRL-V2). We do supply the Incra Mast-R-Lift II and are expecting our largest Woodpecker delivery this week. They are accurate (I don’t know to what degree, but Woodpeckers don’t work to coarse tolerances!), and a lot cheaper than the equivalent square.

Yup, I’ve often wanted a PRLv2 for my table, but since I have a Bosch 1617, it doesn’t lift it enough for above-table bit changes (so what’s the point). Augments basic router plate capabilities with a bulletproof lift mechanism and an impressive array of time saving, precision enhancing features that are accessible from the top of the plate. Just made sure that the lift was raised all the way up and dropped in the router. There are few things worse than a router lift which allows for height creep under operation. If we can resolve the router fixing issue we will stock them, we do get them in for customers as specials when requested.

The heavily-sized quality materials and super precise machining mean the PRL will be the last router lift you will have to buy unless your standards take a downward turn and replacing it with a lesser unit seems like a good idea. Rod I have two Router Raizers in my school workshop one on the Incra table fixed to my DW625 through and Incra magna lock plate with clean sweep rings.woodpeckers router lift

I was starting a custom kitchen and my Porter Cable died on me. With no time to send it in for service and fairly fed up with a marginal table, router and no lift system, I decided to upgrade. The new lift mechanism eliminated the belts and is direct drive right onto the side of the lift. This is now a plastic part, whereas on the old Excel is was incorporated into the aluminum of the lift assembly. It is hard to find a router in Europe that fits these router lifts because European type routers are plunge routers where you cannot separate the motor from the base.

For changing router bits above the table or large height adjustments, the lift tool releases the carriage mechanism to allow instant travel to any point in the lift’s range of travel. The machining is top-notch; precisely executing the innovative engineering that has made Woodpeckers products favorites of woodworkers everywhere. I posted the images of the Woodpecker using the Dropbox method mentioned the other day. I’ll be attaching the new tabletop back onto my factory stand, and will be re-using my Jessem fence and the Porter Cable 7518 router from the old set up. My router will be dedicated to the table as i have a 1010 (just love this one) and 1400 to use as handhelds.