Craftsman Hand Tools Made In Usa

Craftsman also shares a studio space with Kenmore at the Kenmore Craftsman Brand Live Experience in downtown Chicago at 233 W Huron. For those, I avoid crap and try to buy Made in the USA stuff if I can help it (not that everything made here is good or everything made in China is bad – but the signal to noise ratio is definitely better if you buy domestically made stuff). I buy Craftsman, because there is a Sears 5 minutes from my house, the tools are good quality/rugged, and their return policy is as good as any. To that note all my air tools are Ingersoll Rand (not made in US) but after a lot of testing and I just liked them better. Now with normal hand tools the warranty is pretty much anything will be replaced.

The sockets, ratchets, wrenches and other hand tools you buy are now being made overseas. In order to avoid steering you the wrong way, the best suggestion I can offer is to go into your local Sears store and ask whomever is in the tool department, and fire off an email to someone at Sears. As most of us are aware, we tend to lose our tools long before they ever would be exchanged under the warranty.

Trust me on this one, because I have talked to all my neighbors and I have seen some of their working tools. In my opinion the Pittsburgh or Harbor Freight tools are clumsy, but maybe that’s me. If Sears wants a customer base, and offer a no hassleā€ warranty as a way of getting a customer base and customer loyalty, then by all means they should honor what they are so proudly displaying above the entrance to the store. Also night and day from the Sears store in the mall – generall staffed by guys making a whopping $6.00 an hour (and happy about it :rolleyes: NOT!). Oh, and as an aside regarding the lack of stamping on the lawn and garden tools.

There are lots of other brands that make far better tools than Snap-On: Knipex and Channellock (for their pliers), Klein (Screwdrivers and Linesman pliers), Bondhus (allen key), Bahco (combination wrench), Wiha (security bits), Armstrong (ratchets and wrenches), Wright (sockets), Schroder (tap wrenches), Vidmar and Lista (storage), Gray (tools). They simply do not want to replace their broken USA manufactured tool with one from China because they suffer from the not unfounded fear that the quality will be substandard to what they expect with the Craftsman name.

There is no language in the warranty distinguishing a manually operated hand tool from a powered hand tool. Though I love going into a Sears store when shopping for Tools, between the web site making it difficult for me to make the decision to go to the physical store and the fact that the product brand I seek now has issues that trouble me, I find it harder and harder to pick going to a Sears store over my local Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes or Menards. People use Craftsman because of their value, and more importantly, being made here in America. Not sure who bought what, but you can also get Craftsman tools in Kmart as well now.