For several years I’ve has a separate router table equipped with a Woodpecker Unilift. As far as the switch being in the wrong position, any well designed router table should employ an independent on/off switch (with the big red off button) mounted with easy access. As far as the OP goes, I have a Bench Dog lift and love it. Got it used, so its not one of the ones thats been produced after Rockler took over (some people say quality went downhill after that). I posted the images of the Woodpecker using the Dropbox method mentioned the other day. I bought the larger motor pads (350) for the Bosch router, thinking that I would upgrade to the big PC router when I aquired more funds.

This new router lift features the proven robust construction of the Precision Router Lift combined with the near instant elevation changes of the Quick Lift. The ultimate router/lift plate combination marries the power of a big horsepower router with a super accurate lift mechanism that allows above the table bit changing. I was told by a friend of mine that most of the router lifts are made by the same company.

Rod I have two Router Raizers in my school workshop one on the Incra table fixed to my DW625 through and Incra magna lock plate with clean sweep rings. The bent wrenches allow above-the-tabletop installation of router bits, which is a very nice feature. This device featured a carriage that allowed the router to be pulled back and forth, and was designed for use making sliding dovetails and even carcase dovetails. Augments basic router plate capabilities with a bulletproof lift mechanism and an impressive array of time saving, precision enhancing features that are accessible from the top of the plate. Over time, as parts wear, the nut can be tightened slightly to take up the wear.

I recommend either the JessEm router lift ‘Rout-R-Lift’ or the Woodpeckers router lift ‘Unilift’. Around 2005 the company, now with 50 employees, began developing a router lift which was fully incorporated into a tabletop and stand, a product which was called the Mast-R lift Excel. One company bought another router lift/table manufacturer, the company Bench Dog, so Jessem lost a large contract. Haven’t used it on a big project yet, only made a few test cuts but I’m delighted and very impressed with the way the lift is made and how well it works. On the other hand, MCLS and Eagle have worked together to make a motorized lift system.

The Woodpeckers PRL-V2 Precision Router Lift delivers the ultimate in router lift performance and technology. The second drawer holds all of the items necessary to use the router station, including the various plate rings, collets, wrenches, Incra templates, and other items. I like it the lift as my Porter Cable 7518 weighs a lot and this plate/lift can handle it no problem. The other thing is that you will probably want to add t-track into the formica as well… if you do some online searching for homemade router tables, there are all sorts of great free plans online to give you some direction.

The Mast-R-Lift II allows fast, incredibly precise height adjustments conveniently made from above the table, and it also provides you with the ability to change router bits from above. I was starting a custom kitchen and my Porter Cable died on me. With no time to send it in for service and fairly fed up with a marginal table, router and no lift system, I decided to upgrade. In return for the discount, I offered to do a detailed review here on the blog.

The knuckle clamp from Woodpeckers is an innovative approach (as is typical for them!), using a reinforced polycarbonate body with seven pivot points to maximise the capacity of the clamp. With the entire table it’s called the BRT30001 Basic Router Table (with Vacu-plate system) as opposed to the BRT30002 Basic Router Table(with standard plate). The heavily-sized quality materials and super precise machining mean the PRL will be the last router lift you will have to buy unless your standards take a downward turn and replacing it with a lesser unit seems like a good idea.woodpeckers router lift

The lift allows above the table bit changes, still requires 2 wrenches since there is no shaft lock unfortunately. Experience the full critique in our shaft Reviews Router Lifts from Woodpecker combine the best newly router lift technology. I have been debating this lift but have not found a review that I have felt comfortable with- until now. That led to the development of Jessem’s next product in 1999, the world’s first router lift.

Click the button below to add the Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift V2 350 (PRL-V2-350) to your wish list. You should also make sure that your table will allow easy access to the lift controls, especially if you have built it yourself or did not buy a mainstream model. It’s a great router lift feature that increases ease of use, but it also increases cost.

I don’t know that a lift makes it a pro” setup because anyone will enjoy the convenience of a lift. With a simple twist of the spring-assisted lift wrench, the router motor is free to be moved to any vertical location without requiring any other action. After you get the router to the approximate level it is very easy to then make minor adjustments with the thumb wheel. I have to say that the form, fit and function on Woodpecker products is fabulous!

Again, all billet aluminum, and now with a ‘parking brake’ built in. If running many linear feet through the machine, this lock gives peace of mind that any movement will be prevented from occurring in the lift mechanism due to vibration. Incra sell a version of the lift where the insert do not screw in but are held in place by magnets. The lift comes configured from the factory to mount the 7518, which suited me fine.

The following year, the company’s fortunes were flagging somewhat, and in a classic last ditch, ‘hail Mary throw’ effort, Smith scraped together/begged/borrowed $60,000 to develop the Rout-R Lift and took it to the Anaheim show. The Wonder Fence is a split fence system that allows the router system to work like an edge-planer. Thanks for coming by the Carpentry Way, and I hope you are enjoying my first tool review.

The concept is like nothing else: To raise or lower the router quickly, the quick lifting tool disengages the lift’s mechanism and the spring assist allows the heaviest routers to travel freely with very light effort and no cranking. The only reason I can see why many manufacturers don’t offer these standard is that they don’t want people locking the main switches in the on position, but in my main router table, the motor (OF 2000+Routerraizer) stays under the table.woodpeckers router lift

Once you use a router built for a table you will see what I mean, the easy bit changing is worth the money. With a couple of my jigs, I would really like an under the table adjustment option (or the motorized lift system). However, that is not the only form of the router lift that is out there, and the American version, the Precision Router Lift Version 2 (or shortened to PRL V2) is now available here. Yup, I’ve often wanted a PRLv2 for my table, but since I have a Bosch 1617, it doesn’t lift it enough for above-table bit changes (so what’s the point).

Unlike past models, where a buyer needed to purchase an adapter to mount routers other than the Porter Cable 7518, the new lift’s mounts can be located in several positions to accommodate a wide variety of different router brands. MLCS just came out with a lift that is kinda neat as it has the lift handle coming out of the side instead of the top. The micro adjustment is great and the lift pops up on the table for easy bit changes. I just purchased the components to make a dust collection system on my router table for dados and slots.

I had a broken handle on my 3HP Bosch router and I didn’t want to toss it, So I bought a router table and permanently attached it. The broken handle was the switch side, so I use the switch on the table. The clamp also utilises the Woodpeckers Multi-knob, which makes gripping the knob and tensioning it up easy. We do supply the Incra Mast-R-Lift II and are expecting our largest Woodpecker delivery this week.

It would work equally as well on other items such as the router table, Incra Mitre Express, the T slots on a Torque Workcentre, and any homemade jigs that you have incorporated T slots. Precision Woodworking T-Square from , your source for Router Tables, Router Lifts, Router Bits, Precision Squares, Fine Woodworking Tools, Bessey Clamps, Kreg Tools and all Incra Products.

I have the fixed base installed in my homemade router table, and I can use the T-shank through the top to raise/lower the unit. The four aluminium clamping blocks are simply repositioned on the carriage plate when changing from one model of router to the other. As far as the router goes, it is fairly easy to remove the adjustment screw, but you would only want to do that if the router is dedicated to the table. To introduce a custom version of Woodpecker’s innovative Precision Router Lift V2 (PRL-V2).