Lighten And Remove Strains From Unfinished Or Stripped Wood Using High Strength Wood Bleach, Wood

Spread plastic sheeting over the floor to minimize cleanup and floor damage from sanding and bleaching the paneling. It very negatively affects exterior finish lifetime if you apply finish over UV damaged wood surfaces. For lighter color, repeat application of Nation® Wood Bleach #2. Sponge off surface with water. Several rinses with distilled water will remove most of the oxalic acid crystals left on the wood surface. It is also effective in restoring chemically darkened wood to its natural color. However, if you are already using dye and pigment stain to even out the color, it could be possible. Apply laundry bleach full-strength, brushing it evenly over the entire surface. It is best to bleach ALL of your wood so it will ALL be the same tone when your work is finished.

It can un burrn wood that has been burned or overly darkened with stains or resins..for this reason I will vary the length of time that I leave it before adding the h2o2 according to the situation. Without bleaching, many areas of the wood after varnishing will be far darker and unevenly toned than they were when the car rolled off of the showroom floor. Permitting said wood surface to dry at room temperature after the application of said film thereto whereby said wood surface is left smooth, free from residue, and in condition for immediately receiving finishing coatings. Thank you for your reply,..I’m actually trying to lighten the natural colour of the wood.

The bleach seems to work best with lighter colored hardwoods like beech and birch. Remove as much of the old finish as possible with a scraper, then damp the surface with Strypit and rub the grain with NO 1 or 2 steel wool, wipe surfaces clean with a rag and allow to dry. Potassium permanganate can also be applied to wood species that are low in tannins. If you’re removing spots or lightening discolored areas, apply bleach full-strength to those areas. I will consider your advice on layer coating the wood into another cast or tone.

A/B commercial wood bleach is available at hardwood floor supply houses, generally come’s in 2 gal kit. Apply first Nation® Wood Bleach #1 for about 10-15 minutes, followed by Nation® Wood Bleach #2 letting stay for also 10-15 minutes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. When used as wood bleach, the recommended solution of OA to splash and scrub all over your deck is 2½ times as strong as used for mite treatment! What is being dealt with here is bleaching the natural color out of the wood and making it white, or so.

Hoppe’s clients provide samples of the wood in question, and he makes sample boards to determine how much bleach and how many coats of stain to use. Make sure you prepare enough bleach to treat the entire surface or piece of furniture. And two part bleach part hydrogen peroxide and part sodium hydroxide is the most powerful and most effective in lightening woods.2 part wood bleach