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Free PDF plans for vintage sears craftsman 113.29940 table saw upgraded motor and easy free woodworking projects. The manufacturer of the tool should be able to supply you with a replacement motor, but don’t be too shocked if the cost of the motor is pretty steep. Using an air-compressor is often not advised because you can blow the dust to interfere with other crucial parts. Catelectric: no, of course you have to change the motor taps, as the original posted said.

There has to be some kind of linkage between the motor and the drive shaft unless the latter is built into the former (possible but unlikely). My older saw was way underpowered with its 1/3 horse motor – which was years past its best before date. Starter switches are relatively cheap, but the windings are not, and most shops will not want to put the motor back together without new windings if the old ones are burnt even a little – even if they still work. The design of motor will not allow me to change on the support brackets, let alone no arbor sticking out of the other side of motor to switch pulley to other side.

I did talk to a company that repairs electric motors in my area, and told me to consider working on the 1 HP Motor the craftsman table saw came with. I used liquid graphite on the sealed bearings on each end of motor, which tremendously reduced the whining sound in the motor while it turned. A replacement with a 1 horse accomplished a remarkable increase in power and dependability.

I ‘believe’ most craftsman table saw switches can be wired for either a 220 or 110 depending upon the way you wire it. My switch on my craftsman table saw can be. I takes white and black from the plug to the terminals on one side of the switch, and white and black on the other side of the switch going to the saw. You are halfway through a rush order of cabinets in your workshop when your table saw sputters and dies, leaving you with a pile of unused lumber and an angry customer.

But, for a home hobbiest, I think Sears is one of the best values for the $. Yes, you can buy many other brands with bigger names and a few more little gizmos attached, but unless you are into paying for names or you are going to be giving the saw a professional workout, your money is best spent on something that matches the usage intended for it. Unlike most newer Craftsman power tools which are now imported, these older saws were made by Emerson Electric in the USA.

Send this information along with the model number to customer support or technical support at your motor manufacture’s web site, and request them to tell you how to wire it. They might even send you a diagram (there should have been one on the motor or its connection chamber cover). You’re right about the 22124 being basically the same saw at least as far as the motor and trunion system goes.

Also note that the saw was probably originally wired for 110 volts, but the motor may be able to be wired for either voltage and some time in its history the previous owner may have changed it.. Most of the motors will have a simple wiring schematic on the side of the motor on inside the cover plate for the wiring. Look for a VEGA ‘utility’ saw fence, very good quality at a reasonable price- compared to Beismeyer, Delta (same company anyway), Jet, and the like. But the switch on some old Craftsman table saws was a DPST that was already wired for either 110 or 220 connection.craftsman table saw motor replacement