12 Absolute Redwood Dining Table

Outdoor redwood dining table, custom order tables, Shop online for rectangular dining tables at forever redwood. Great bar or server…the top is a thick slab of reclaimed Pine, hand carved into a contemporary freeform shape which mimics the natural curve of the base and shelf. Working on a commission referred to him by local Cambridge furniture store Reside, Michael left our warehouse with a raw redwood slab, which he returned to his workshop in Stow, Massachusetts. Call with any questions, we are here to make the purchase of a lifetime an easy one! Once dried and sanded to perfection, it’s ready for a custom cut and polished half inch glass top.

Well to make a short story long – I consider these legs to be prototypes- they are iscolese trapazoid and fabricated from finished plywood.. I was originally going to make them out of metal without solid faces but can’t get access to a welder right now. The top is a 2 1/2 inch thick Old Growth Redwood Burl slab, we left the natural edges to give a refined rustic feel. We also use the top and bottom cuts, which are narrower, to make Fireplace Mantels, which are one of our most popular products. This soft wood really soaks it in and I did seal it prior to applying the top coat. Another reason for the rarity of Redwood Burl is that it is not easily harvested.

Fine Craftsmen and Woodworkers We gladly interface with owners, contractors, architects, builders, designers and/or their agents to provide you our beautifully colored salvaged redwood. Osage Orange Burl…we recently milled this amazing log in to table slabs, we have 6 or 8 slabs remaining, and that will likely be all that I will ever have…I have never seen another Osage with this much burl in my 20 years of woodworking…the entire tree was burled, including the branches! For your consideration, is a one of a kind, hand crafted, Live Edge, Redwood Burl, coffee table.

Assuming your top is flat, you’ll want to start with a coarse grit sandpaper and work your way up. I usually start with 80 or 120, depending on how rough the surface is. I scribble pencil lines all over then sand until all are gone. Old Growth Redwood Burl with fantastic grain combined with a wide textured edge make this table truly unusual…it is mounted on a solid pillar base which has been carved to compliment the table edge. For example, there are many wood burning power plants up and down the coast where they will chip and grind a whole log, just to make saw dust, to produce fuel for the plant.

Our redwood is ecologically sound; having been cut by original loggers of the mid-1800s and lain at the bottom of Big River over 135 years, this lost-treasure was salvaged by hand-wench and lift of the tides, raising the water-logged giants from the river bottom 35 feet below. The legs are massive heavy blocks of wood, stained to accent the Redwood… with Mesquite Clavos on the corners. Clear cutting Old Growth Redwoods took our Redwood forests from just over 2 Million acres down to the remaining 133,000 that remain today.

Our state parks are home to most of the last stands of virgin Old Growth Redwood forests. The next problem was just how to attach the burl wood table top to the driftwood bottom. I’ll make sure to post pictures of the table as I go. It may be a couple of weeks until I can really get going as we have just moved into a new house and are unloading boxes stacked to the ceiling. For your consideration, is a one of a kind, hand crafted, figured, old growth Redwood bench. Redwood ‘breathes’ over time also – which is why using polyurethane on it is not a good idea and is what causes bubbling and peeling over a long period of time.

Looks incrediby beautiful and I’d very much like to have one, or have someone make me one. For your consideration, is a figured, salvaged, old growth, Redwood table slab base combo! There is still a slight sag in the middle but it’s hardly noticeable and won’t affect the use of the table. Live edge slab, The base is Juniper roots, with a natural curve that compliments the top beautifully.redwood slab table

If the coffee table is not to be set very near a wall or situated in some manner that the cord would not be stepped on this is probably not a good idea, but if your table location makes that possible it would make a great addition. Only a small fraction of our inventory can be put online and we make updates daily. These reclaimed old growth redwood trees and stumps were left behind from turn-of-the-century logging. Rustic table 56″ wide and 10′ long crafted from recovered old growth redwood slabs. The piece features a thick slab top, a unique natural branch base, and a lacquered finish.

I should mention that before this project, I had never worked with epoxy to fill voids in wood (hence the experiments) and had some hesitation in selecting this particular slab because I wasn’t certain of the outcome. My parents use to have a table like this when I was growing up. I thought it was beautiful. For you consideration, is a reclaimed, Redwood Slab and Manzanita burl table base!

We arrange custom milling and handle only ecologically salvaged old growth redwood , clear all heart, all quarter-sawn, all fully air-dried correctly, never used before. It sets upon a massive coastal Redwood stump base, with three Redwood Burl Shelves fit into the base for your convenience…incredible. This particular slab had been through a planer before drying, but had cupped almost a quarter inch at each edge. I am hoping to improve the design and use if for a dining table unless I can get a welder pulled together! I focused working full time crafting redwood burl tables and furniture, working out of Sea View Gallery south of Fort Bragg.

Very versatile, we can put one, two or three as needed, depending on the size of the table. I’m extremely pleased with the result, the table still has a good natural feel without the plastic” look I see on some glossy finishes. From this I knew our table would be roughly six by three feet, and about 40 inches in height. I have also sanded redwood and I think you will want to seal it well, which I don’t think pure tung oil will do adequately. Newport Beach has dazzling yachts, Huntington Beach has iconic surfing, and Costa Mesa beckons with top shopping.

My grandpa was a fine craftsman in furniture and instruments, and my father built most of the furniture in our house, but my contact with the art is limited to helping my dad build storage lofts, beds, and the like, and small projects by myself. If this isn’t the PERFECT piece for your home, please let me build you a custom slab table! Every item we make is unique in their own way, from size to patterns to figuring and character.

You can’t shove such a piece into a machine and expect fine furniture out of it. As far as damaging it, well, it was so large that even had I done so, the damaged part could have been cut out and till have a beautiful table left. Do not try to force it. Definitely try and joint the top flat and then leave the wood free to move as it wants to throughout its lifetime. This would provide a pretty accurate top surface for the burl to sit on, with only minor sanding necessary and would be much easier than the extensive trial and error that was actually used in the project.redwood slab table

Tyler and I carried the half-assembled frame upstairs, and set it up on the upside-down table. Slowly the forest recovered, and the second-growth redwood stands found in this park today make for a pleasant and shady escape (not to mention one with an interesting past). The top is a 2 3/4 inch thick Old Growth Redwood slab, we left the natural edges to give a refined rustic feel. Nice thick slab of Redwood, Curly, wavy grain…stone inlay in the natural voids and randomly across the surface…live edge all around.

Maple Burl Tree Slabs – Here’s an example of a maple tree slab with a good amount of burl. Selling furniture locally and to internet buyers from all over the country, and building unique, custom made orders. Rustic dining table – Handcrafted out of a rare curly redwood slab supported by classic metal base ( rustic modern) The chairs are high back leather fabric combo. What we have here is a slab of California red wood (finished), with a finished base. It would show very well as a coffee table, sofa table or a buffet table, but would also be spectacular used as a headboard or an art piece over a sofa.

Wear neoprene-coated gloves (not dish-washing gloves) and make sure to have plenty of ventilation. A recent addition to many homeowners tool kit would make leveling of such an irregular base much simpler; a laser level. The heft gives so much character, yet the look can be quite elegant depending on the furniture and accessories the table is paired with. Someone is going to be working on fireplace mantels , its just one of the many things we do here at Redwood Burl Inc.

Rustic table are one type of burl furniture Rustic tables come in many shapes, sizes and tree species. On the bottom side, I routered pockets to recess the table base, and installed threaded inserts (5/16″-18 internal thread). There are three species commonly known as Redwood or Sequoia: Giant Sequoia, Coastal Redwood and Dawn Redwood. Redwood slab says a crosscut to me. Annual rings or burl/root figure shows prominently.

Making tables is definitely on my list of things to do. If you have a home shop like me, your best tool choice for surface prep is going to be a good quality Random Orbital Sander up to about 150 grit, then hand sand to 220 grit. They will all soon be posted on our new Custom Mantel page that will make its debut in the very near future. This is where we take a thicker slab and resaw (slice) it to the put them together making a larger piece that is a bit more uniform to fit our intended function.

We do have a few more slabs remaining from this same burl, and when it’s gone, it’s gone…I have never seen another Oak Burl this size….all the other slabs will make larger tables than this one, if you need one bigger! Although redwood seems hard particularly burl wood, it is considered a ‘soft’ wood and is very absorbant – but only if it enters the end grain – and burl wood has grain in every direction. When you get to the point where you are ready to finish, make sure your room temp is above 65°. One item to be careful of – with a small base such as my driftwood the coffee table is not extremely steady.

If you have questions about our rustic tables pricing or availability, please provide the information below and we will respond quickly. I have always wanted to make one as an addition to the furniture in my home, but haven’t found the time yet to do it. They are easy to topple over if a small child or person leans on it. I think we knocked ours over a couple of times before dad put it in a corner out of the way of us youngsters. I saw my first live-edge table freshman year at Carleton; an acquaintance had completed one as a part of their woodworking study, and invited a small group to dinner to celebrate.