How To Build Solid Wood Exterior Windows Protection Shutters

Off hand, i would say that louvered doors and shutters are difficult to make because you want uniformity on the size, position, and angle, which is difficult to do (especially creating the mortises at the correct angle. Shutters made of MDF (and typically covered by another material like vinyl) look expensive but cost less than other options like wood. Bahama hurricane shutters made from fiberglass not only meet but exceed the strength requirements by various building codes across the nation. Bahama Shutters make a great addition to any home in Southwest Florida both aesthetically and functionally.

For installation or replacement of interior or exterior aluminum shutters near Naples FL, our expertise includes both small residential and large commercial hurricane shutters. Although wood Bahama shutters are pleasing to look at and have their own advantages such as protection against wind, rain, sun, and dust they are not truly hurricane proof. The Bahama Shutters are usually made of sturdy aluminum, but can also be created out of wood. Sunbelt Shutters does not out-source our shutter construction to other companies or contractors.

This factor is what makes these exterior window shutters a must have addition for any home. A big advantage with wood Bahama shutters is that they not only protect against hurricanes but also against the elements for the rest of the year. These are basically window shutters, call it a drawback if you will but most people have no issues with shuttering their windows with Bahama shutters and using another shutter type, mainly rolling shutters on the doors.

Plastic shutters won’t fool even the most nearsighted observer; some with fixed molded louvers are one sided and can’t be fastened to a hinge. Expert Shutter Services has proudly provided Sebastian home and business owners with high quality Bahama shutters since 1986. Our hinged bracket system is designed for face-mounted shutters, but we can also build a similar system for recessed shutters for a small additional charge. We will install your home window and door hurricane protection for you or offer support and information for Do-It-Yourselfers. Irregular lines in the paint on your siding are additional evidence of shutters past.

Bahama shutters ( note center mullions) are often adapted for use as hurricane. No matter where you are it will be necessary that the shutters fit over the window frame but inside the building frame. And we make the stays to fit your shutters — for less money than most companies charge for non-adjustable stays. Then comes the best part — Shutterstile’s Bahama shutters come with a built-in, hinged mounting bracket1 that makes installation a breeze and saves you a ton of money that you would otherwise spend for one of those ugly aftermarket hinges. Some shutter types, such as roll down hurricane shutters, even include automated options for even more convenient use.

Colonial Shutters are hinged on the side and open to the outside of the window promoting the look of a Colonial Estate. As they come in a wide variety of colors, Bahama Shutters can match a home’s paint shade or provide a complimentary hue to enhance the home’s beauty. Some shutters came and went with the seasons, especially after the advent of storm windows.

You can have fiberglass hurricane shutters installed in almost any type; Bahama, colonial, accordion, etc. Bahama shutters are an attractive option because there are no pre-conditions to installation as you may have with accordion and roll-down shutters. Bahama style shutters have been favored by folk staying on the coast and also in tropical areas. Imp: First make sure you know and complete all the legal obligations before installing Bahama shutters. Since we build our shutters, we maintain the highest quality construction and pass our savings on to you.

They are usually available in a smooth finish and a warranty of 20 years which is four times the warranty you can expect from aluminum Bahama shutters. For the frame of the shutters you should use treated wood or cedar that is 1 inch by 2 inches or 1 inch by 4 inches. This is the most advanced hurricane protection screen system available on the market today! These shutters are hinged at the top, making them easy to pull over windows when a storm to build bahama shutters

Make a line of mortises up the inside of each rail to fit the ends of the louvers (fit the ends of the louvers into the mortises). These galvanized steel, aluminum, or clear shutters offer an affordable, durable means of protection against storms and intruders. It is a coastal region that comes in a hurricane zone and every year there is a chance of property damage and loss of life during the hurricane season.

Poised with the knowledge and understanding of South Florida’s strict building codes, Shoreline Shutters has become a reputable manufacturer that focuses on quality and personal service. Build exterior shutters with woods that have been proven to tolerate outside elements. You may wish to go for powder-coated aluminum Bahama shutter systems as the coating lasts much longer than ordinary paint. These shutters protect your property from all elements and not just hurricane winds.

Aluminum shutters, such as Colonial & Bahama shutters, are more durable and stylish than most alternatives. To determine the proper shutter dimensions for surface mounted shutters or shutters closing on the outside of the window pocket follow the following steps. Then you’ll be ready for an analysis of your existing window openings for clues as to whether your house once had shutters and what you should look for in replacing them. Now-a-days, along with aluminum and PVC you can also get fiberglass bahama shutters. You can totally match your existing design or create a new décor element with bright colored Bahama shutters.

Dirt and leaves caught behind shutters for years may have also left their mark on your siding, and sun can fade siding color if your house hasn’t been painted in a long time. It goes without saying that you must be very sure that the shutters you install comply with the Florida Building Code and are capable of withstanding hurricane winds and missile impact. Many resellers buy our DIY Shutters or shutter parts, assemble them in their own shops and then add finishing and installations to provide a complete shutter service. But this is definitely not the case with Bahama shutters and to some extent colonial shutters.

An advantage with Bahama shutters is that they are so easy to operate, even a kid can do it. You don’t need any tools for it. Some of the wood types used to construct Bahama shutters include Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, and California Redwood. The Bermuda shutter is extended to optimal position and held securely by this handsome black iron hook. Accordion hurricane shutters and rolling shutters need to be professionally manufactured.

Alternatives to bahama shutters that are similar in construction and only a little different in installation include louver shutters, raised panel, B n B, etc. Building other types of board and batten shutters may require tongue-and-groove construction between boards. So, your great ideas will save you and your fellow AEC professional time and make you more efficient. We put together over 16,000 fool-proof shed and woodworking plans with step-by-step instructions.

So the shutters can close, or look like they can, they should be mounted with their hinges on the window-surround moulding, never on the house wall. Bahama hurricane shutters hinge at the top and have adjustable arms allowing the shutters to be positioned at various angles. Once you get a good idea about the entire process, you will easily be able to make these shutters in no time. Use wider boards for the bottom stile larger shutters to provide more stability for mullions.

These shutters are also known as Bermuda Shutters and can be made with fixed or movable louvers. Let’s have a look at all the important things you have to keep in mind about making and installing Bahama shutters. Screw the hinges to the top of the Bahama shutter and fit to the window frame, making sure the shutter will open and close easily. There will be mortises for each of the louvers that will fit in the Bahama to build bahama shutters

Your exterior shutters are built from your choice of premium Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, California Redwood, or composite wood. To determine the shutter width measure across the face of the structure from one side to the other where the shutters will be placed when in the closed position. However there is one drawback to Bahama shutters, they cannot really be used to protect doors as there is a design limitation. We are the premier source for Vero Beach shutters and Vero Beach hurricane shutters.

Bahama shutter hinges are mounted at the top of the shutter panel allowing the shutter to pivot out from the bottom. Sunbelt Shutters brings you the largest selection of custom exterior shutters and shutter hardware at prices that fit any budget. We make the frame a full 1 3/8 inches thick, then add 1 3/4 inch wide louvers for that Caribbean flavor. For years, aluminum shutters have been the favorite of commercial and high-end architects around the world.

For enhanced curb appeal, these exterior shutter options are perfect: Colonial Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Board and Batten Shutters and Accordion Shutters. These shutters are popular in Florida and add to the value to the external appearance of a structure – great for kerb appeal! We will make whatever allowances are necessary to determine the size of the actual shutter.

Around 1796, the former president had apparently started changing all the shutters from panels to the louver-style then becoming more popular. Originally made of wood, these shutters are now available in aluminum which is easier to maintain and also much more durable. They would not only save money but have the satisfaction of building historically accurate, furniture quality interior shutters, exterior shutters and doors. Aluminum Bahama shutters take the traditional wood Bahama shutters to a new level.