Build Your Own Smokehouse For $100

When I started building a wood smokehouse I decided that I wanted to smoke a variety of foods and I would need to smoke meats along with cheeses. The smokehouse requires a space of approximately 4 feet wide from side to side and 5 feet deep from front to rear. With my smokehouse arrangement I get only a 10 degrees temp rise when I fire up the smokebox. A narrower and taller smokehouse can be constructed if you only want to smoke sausages, while turkeys and roast require a larger floor area in your smoke house. It is possible to remove the moisture with air drying or other dehydration methods, but smoking the meat speeds up the drying process.

The inside of the house is fitted with several removable wire trays of simple construction and a single horizontal series of rods of wood or iron extending across the house from side to side. The combination of salt and cool smoke prevents spoilage, repels insects and preserves meat. If you have a discarded refrigerator or freezer, you can make your smokehouse easily.

A meat thermometer should be inserted through the wall of the smokehouse so you can read the temperature dial from the outside of the smokehouse to let you know when to add more wood to the fire. Pressure treated wood contains chemicals that will contaminate any meat that is smoked inside the smokehouse. Having the smoke source outside of your smokehouse will work best if you can locate the fire at a lower elevation than the smoke house.

Jesse used 8 inch chimney pipe to connect the firebox to the 5 gallon bucket in the floor of the smokehouse. I remember the description of Pa smoking meat in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Little House in the Big Woods.” He used a smoldering fire at the base of an upright, hollow tree in which the meat was hung high inside. You may want a smoker big enough to walk in with shelves to lay the meat on along with hocks from the rafters to hang the meat. If you want to smoke cook meat for to days meal, you would cook your roast while smoking it.. Hot Smoked.

For less than $100, we were able to put together this great smokehouse that can hold a ton of meat. When I started the first thing that I wanted to do was to talk to experienced people who have smoked meat and knew about building a bbq smoker. When using a framing hammer make sure that you practice on scrap wood before starting actual framing to minimize waste and mistakes. To be on the safe side with cold smoking you should always stay below 60 degrees inside your smokehouse.

More than 100 detailed drawings and 50 photographs guiding you through the building and smoking processes and the confidence the book instills through its professionalism and readability for any level of expertise. But an elegant Gothic one appears in a book of hours painted in France by the so-called Rohan Master about 1420. Set your heat source inside for hot smokes and still have an outside firebox for cold smokes.(just a thought). Temperature control is an extremely important factor when smoking meat and when smoking hides. Before refrigeration, one of the primary methods of preserving meat was through smoking.

This process involves rubbing salt onto the ham, resting the meat for a period of time, repeating the salt rub and rest a few times before covering the meat and allowing it to hang undisturbed for over half a year. It definately does not take much wood to get smoke…just a little for the heat and a few chunks for the smoke. Depending on how much smoking you want to accomplish, you may construct your own smokehouse or purchase a commercial unit. This cement block smokehouse is a great DIY project that will definitely inspire you to experiment with making delicious food. Constructing the firebox: Although smaller, the firebox was still a challenge to build.