Fill Your Texas Home With Dallas Hardwood

We carry: Ash, Basswood, African Blackwood, Bloodwood, Bocote, Bubinga, Butternut, Aromatic Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Cocobolo, Macassar,Ebony, Koa, Honduras Mahogany, Maple, Ambrosia Maple, Bird’s Eye Maple, Big Leaf Maple Burl, Curly Maple, Quilted Maple, Red Oak, Padauk, Eastern WhitePine, Purpleheart, Honduras Rosewood, Tupelo, Black Walnut, Wenge, Yellowheart, Zebrawood. Extra care and maintenance, as well as good rug protection around water sources can enable you to place hardwood flooring practically anywhere, though other flooring is often preferred in areas such as the bedroom where a cozy feeling is generally more desired. You don’t need to be special to buy this way, but you do need to act like a wholesale customer. Wire-brushed Hardwood : A surface treatment removing the soft-grain of wood leaving the remaining wood with an antique, weathered look.

Preventive maintenance like area rugs, floor protectors (on ALL furniture on your hardwood floors), and routine maintenance with proper hardwood floor cleaner should always be exercised. Hardwood floors not only increase your homes value, they can also aid in a quicker sale if you are trying to move on from your current property. We have the best display selection of Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Floors in Dallas. Unique appearance: There is no mistaking the exquisite elegance that some exotic species offer to a design.

Expect nothing less than informed advice during the manufacturing process and comprehensive after sale support directly from our experienced engineering staff and project managers. Long Strip floors come in a wide variety of domestic and exotic hardwood species and when damaged they are easy to replace. Pre-finished floors offer a wider variety of wood species and save hours of labor and cleanup.

Exotic wood floors are often termite resistant, water resistant, and more hard (JANKA hardness scale) than other species of wood, like oak, maple, and hickory. Black Walnut lumber wood is a very heavy, and is a strong wood defined by its rich deep browns and beautiful raw figure. Our trained flooring technicians can help you choose the right wood to bring out the character and style in your home.

These are some of the toughest species of wood in the world, many which are harvested on managed plantations in the jungle / tropical regions of South America, Asia, and Africa. His computer controlled kilns (and a lot of personal talent) has enabled him to create some amazing slabs, some of which he builds into furniture. DFW Custom Wood Floors in Frisco Texas, Tough, scratch-resistant wood flooring Dallas, Houston, TX. Your hardwood flooring sets the stage for your surroundings. One of the most attractive attributes of quality lumber is the eye-popping contrast of wood colors.

We proudly serve Dallas and the surrounding areas of Lancaster, De Soto, Cedar Hill, Waxahachie, Glenn Heights, Duncanville, Midlothian, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Ennis, Forney and more! The majority of the time, you will find that exotic hardwood flooring comes with a somewhat higher price tag than domestic hardwood flooring does. So if you need a wood floor installation specialist choosing our services would be a great choice. Wood is a natural product that will expand and contract over the course of the season.exotic wood dallas

Bodark – Known as Osage Orange, Bois d’Arc, or Hedgeapple outside of Texas, this wood frequently has a beautiful and complex grain pattern. Mullican Flooring offers domestic species such as oak, maple, American cherry, hickory and walnut, along with exotic species such as Brazilian cherry, cumaru, andiroba and tigerwood. You may find a nearby business making furniture from imported exotic woods (like Home ) that will sell you slabs.

WiseWood Veneer was founded on basic principles established over many years of observing and interacting with customers and vendors in the wood veneer industry. This type of construction is far stronger than a single piece of solid wood; and it’s also more structurally sound. We use the latest industry equipment and smoothing and renewal techniques to clean, repair, and renew your wood floors.

Many border treatments are made using exotic hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, teak, mahogany, and other exotic wood which creates a natural pattern or design in the wood. Lately, my requirements for relatively large bowls has resulted in more of the interior bowls than I can process or have immediate markets for, so I am offering some for sale here.

My advice is to decide on your project (figure exactly what you need), and then research where the best place to find the material is. An Un-Finished wood floor allows you to have a custom job – you choose the wood species and it’s sanded and the stain is applied on site. Exotic hardwood floors are all about making an impression and striking visuals for your home of commercial interior.