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So I have a Craftsman tool chest in my garage that I have been proud of every time I open a drawer seeing Made in the USA or Forged in the USA on all the Craftsman hand tools. Yeah, their main reputation is freight from the harbor, but Home Depot has more things inside made outside the USA than HF does. Model 4476 battery pliers in this angle-nose style were listed in the 1947 Craftsman tool catalog, and this model continued to be offered through the 1962 catalog. Craftsman automotive tools such as wrenches , screwdrivers, and ratchets are well-built, priced well, and will last for years. They are made by the same UNION skilled machinists using the same tried and true processes.

And you know what else, these days the prices on imported goods really seems to be hardly any better than if they were made here in the USA. Craftsman tools have been around over 8. My Grandparents used them, my parents used them, and I have used them. Snap-On makes nice tools they are lighter easy on the hands and have quite a bit more precision but are somewhat pricey.

The Craftsman Full Unlimited Lifetime Warranty is a huge sales boost, and Sears was losing money, you can be assured, they’d change that warranty in a minute. Simply point to a table saw and remind them that is NOT a hand tool but a stationary tool and it it can be operated while held it’s a hand tool. I agree with the sentiment to only buy American made tools, but I submit Sears isnt farming these out so the CEO can maximise his quarterly bonuses before he bails out leaving the employees all unemployed.

Each of these three manufacture and sell tools under a variety of brands (there are many other brands that Stanley makes that I haven’t even named). All the sets in the store were made in China but the open stock individual wrenches on the shelf were still made in the USA. There are many Craftsman loyalists out there who want Sears to return to its glory days of trusted quality and integrity.

The best part was a few weeks later when a letter arrived from sears corporate office again apologizing for the treatment i recieved in the Meriden store and saying that the manager was reprimanded and reminded of the craftsman warranty. I got my pliers warrantied after manager interventionn, but I think Sears may be starting to not back up their warranties for some crazy reason.

If you found a tool on someone else’s property, I.E. burnt down house, demo crew, found burnt craftsman tools, turned in for warranty, you just committed theft and you can be arrested for that, and you most likely will. A company that designs and specifies a product is already more than half way to being a manufacturer, and Sears has always been considered as just a buyer and retailer, not a manufacturer. Or where it is made or where it is sold or what color it is. If I abuse a tool and it doesnt break…then I am sold.