How To Revive Wooden Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve purchased unfinished outdoor furniture, you know the perks of getting to paint (or stain) it yourself: You can choose any color you want and refresh the finish as needed. If you want to change the color of metal furniture, you can repaint it yourself or get even better results by turning over the task to a company equipped to do powder coating, a process in which paint particles are applied dry, using an electrical charge, and are then baked to create a finish that flows into all the tiny nooks and crannies before hardening into an extremely durable finish.

The resins penetrate wood pores to block out the damaging effects of weather while allowing the natural texture to shine through. Usable on all kinds of wood, veneer, and medium density fibre board (MDF) surfaces, they offer uniform penetration along with a depth and clarity of tone that emphasises the natural pattern and character of wood grain. Consult a paint expert at a reputable paint store before purchasing your supplies.

Once all the woods pieces were sanded I laid them all flat in my garage with scrap wood raising them off the floor. Re: hammered paint, I’ve painted two sets of kitchen cupboards with the roll-on variety. Pre Sealing: Soft woods such as Pine and Aspen absorb stain at an uneven rate and may respond better to staining if the wood bas been pre-sealed. Do this carefully as any swirl marks caused by sanding will stand out if you’re going to stain the wood.

Like I said, the porch has needed this for a long time- so the good thing about that was practically all of the paint that could peel off – has peeled! If using different colors of Milk Paint over one another (i.e.-when creating antique finishes) always apply a coat of Top Coat in between the colors to prevent color blending. Vacuum sanding dust and debris around the area where you’ll apply the paint – especially the floor and overhead lights. Buff between each coat of Milk Paint with a superfine sanding sponge, #320 or #400 grit sandpaper. This saves time and allows people to have more time enjoying their furniture and less time prepping it!

If for any reason you have one little nick or chip, it could just start the chipping process even further,” says Mary Lawrence, the office manager at Offenbacher’s (301-794-8794; ), a Lanham-based company that sells patio furniture at eight locations in the Washington-Baltimore area. It turned out great and looks so much better and only the cost of the spray paint. Painting old furniture as you have done really brightens it up and removes that dated” look. Recommendation: Finish the revived garden furniture with WOCA Exterior Oil or WOCA Exterior Paint to ensure maximum protection and long durability.

FYI: The spray can paints around now are of good quality and you might find them more to your liking, but it will take several cans of spray paint to finish the job well. Recoat Regularly: Even the best finishes wear and break down over time when exposed to the elements, so plan on recoating your furniture every year or two. So while it may feel dry to the touch after a short period, you’ll want to give it the time it needs to completely settle onto your furniture. Shine a portable and adjustable light at an angle on the surfaces you’ll paint.

Woodtech Aquadur 2K PU is a durable wood finish that is not only safe for children because of its low voc level, but it also helps to complete your furniture painting job twice as fast compared to conventional PU. Rumor has it, some hardware stores will do this for you in your paint of choice. The exterior paint may be either oil-based or latex, unless the furniture is wicker. Fab lines, lovely detail, but with yellowed spotty paint and chipped gold accents. In my case, I needed to glue down a corner where the board was coming loose and patch some holes with wood putty.

Old and dull wooden garden furniture can be rejuvenated with WOCA Exterior Paint. PU Palette Interior is a range of colour finishes specially designed for wood along with all the benefits of PU. Applying a coat or two of paste wax can help condition the wood and provide a very natural-looking finish. If you’re painting your furniture, use a paintbrush (brush size depends on the size of the piece) to apply True Value® WeatherAll® Ultra Premium oil-based Primer/Sealer on bare wood and latex primer/sealer on painted surfaces.

The shades displayed on this site are indicative and are not precise representations of actual paint colours due to variance in monitor calibrations and resolution as well as screen settings. But don’t get it too hot when you’re cleaning outdoor furniture, especially slings and cushions. Furniture intended for the indoors is never going to have as long an outdoor life as its pressure-treated or rot resistant wood counterparts, but a little protection from the elements goes a long way. If the furniture then looks good, polish with paste wax, like you’d use on a car.

If you want a really slick finish, go to the extra effort of feathering the hard, raggedy edges or patches where the old paint is still soundly adhered to the wood. Prime these surfaces: 1) anything meant to go outdoors that will be exposed to moisture because you risk rust (but see below), 2) glossy surfaces, or 3) wood. After your piece has cured, it’s a good time to add any other decoration or enhancement you would like, including further paint treatments and decorative trim. I have a pile of items myself that I am waiting for a few nice days so I can get them spray painted outside.

If you mix brushes and rollers, check that the surfaces will look the same after the paint levels and dries by inspecting your work in the angled light as you go. With a paint brush and a weekend of work, you can add a lot of character to your property this way. Once the wood dries, if the surface is very rough, sand down the ridges with medium-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge, going in the direction of the wood grain.outdoor wood furniture paint

The most useful site that I found was Centsational Girl The woman is a genius, has painted tons of things, and is so clear in her instructions. A painted surface that feels dry to the touch may not be ready for sanding or recoating, so follow manufacturer recommendations for drying times. Once again, the furniture will need to be positioned on newspaper, cardboard or something that the paint will not damage. Rust can occur even on stainless steel, and it’s definitely an issue with any kind of painted metal furniture other than aluminum, which can corrode but doesn’t rust. Apply Woodsman® Natural UV Wood Sealer & Protector to seal the new stain finish.

Paint types include: floor/porch, gutter, house/siding, masonry, pool/marine and roof. Give your piece two coats of the paint of your choice, then top it with a layer of spray marine varnish, such as Minwax Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane (from $10; Amazon ). Wicker traps moisture easily; if it gets under the finish, it will damage the fibers from the inside out. For the basic cleaning, use only a sponge or a rag on traditional wicker that’s painted, so you don’t chip the paint.

If you’re going to be staining the furniture, note the benefits between stain types. I have a pine table, 4 chairs and a Pine TV unit lndoor furniture I would like to use under a patio cover. Stefanie Schiada is author of the lifestyle and design blog Brooklyn Limestone Started to record the renovation of a 100-year-old home, her blog also includes DIY projects, travel and entertaining. For wicker or rattan, spray paints tend to make a nicer finish and easily gets into the grooves. If the old painted or stained surface is still intact after sanding, you can skip priming.

With water based finishes it is better to spray 2 thin coats rather than 1 heavy coat. When you read the back of a can of spray paint, it cautions you to use the paint within a certain temperature range. The table has a leaf and he put it in and then glued 6 strips of wood to the underside so it could not be removed. Avoid deck stains or penetrating finishes that don’t offer enough protection for untreated wood outdoors.

Outdoor cushions, slings, seat covers and umbrella covers could be cotton canvas or other thick, natural material but are more likely a synthetic such as acrylic (Sunbrella being a well-known brand), vinyl or polyester. However, once they do wear, the damaged finish will be very evident because the natural wood color will show through the otherwise colored finish. If basic cleaning isn’t enough, on soft wood such as cedar you can go with a second cleaning using dishwasher detergent or oxygen bleach, as with plastic furniture.

Recommendation: It is a good idea to clean oiled wood with WOCA Exterior Cleaner carefully during the season as it prevents dirt and green growth from damaging the actual oil finish. Check your fluid settings and adjust the controls to get comfortable with the spray angles and to develop your technique. Natural stain can be applied to raw wood to condition the surface for uniform penetration of the stain.

And yet another reason why larger pieces of furniture with flat surfaces don’t necessarily look better when spray painted. Most metal outdoor furniture is painted to prevent rust, though stainless steel and aluminum are sometimes left bare. Wash plastic furniture thoroughly with mild detergent or all-purpose household cleaner, hot water, a rag, sponge or soft brush.

And finally, always wear a respirator mask if you’re scraping or sanding paint that was applied before the late Sixties; it may contain lead! Get one of these and I guarantee you the next time you paint a room or floor, you will cut your project time in half! I love this colour too SO much – I just never felt brave enough to paint with it before, but am I ever glad I got over that, lol! Whether you paint the back, drawer sides, or just what you see from the front of the piece is up to you, but it’s best to be consistent. I’m all about spray-painting — so much easier and faster than painting with a brush.

Take this sweet little French style solid wood nightstand I spied while gallivanting around the local thrift store last week. Before you begin scraping, be sure to place the furniture on a piece of newspaper, or place it somewhere that the paint chips will not hurt the environment or make a mess. Milk Paints are rated for exterior use, and do not require a Top Coat when used in outdoor applications. Again, you may want to place newspaper underneath the piece of furniture before you begin sanding.