Sidewinder Router Lift Invites Change

Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift V2 420 (PRL-V2-420) – Combines the BEST in router lift technology. One company bought another router lift/table manufacturer, the company Bench Dog, so Jessem lost a large contract. Submit your topic related site and we’ll review it for our Partner Sites where we provide link exchange information. With the entire table it’s called the BRT30001 Basic Router Table (with Vacu-plate system) as opposed to the BRT30002 Basic Router Table(with standard plate). If anyone is contemplating a first time router lift with dedicated table I would recommend giving some thought to installation in your tablesaw. In return for the discount, I offered to do a detailed review here on the blog.

The heavily-sized quality materials and super precise machining mean the PRL will be the last router lift you will have to buy unless your standards take a downward turn and replacing it with a lesser unit seems like a good idea. The standard 9-1/4 inch (235 mm) x 11-3/4 inch (298.5 mm) plate size fits most existing router table designs and features the exclusive INCRA Magna Lock magnetic throat plate system. I chose the Woodpecker unit because it was compatible with my PC insert bushings I already had. I don’t know that a lift makes it a pro” setup because anyone will enjoy the convenience of a lift.woodpeckers router lift

Again, all billet aluminum, and now with a ‘parking brake’ built in. If running many linear feet through the machine, this lock gives peace of mind that any movement will be prevented from occurring in the lift mechanism due to vibration. One turn moves the lift 2 mm, one graduation mark 0.05 mm. To replace the inch adjustment unit if you wish to read in mm and not in inches.

Yup, I’ve often wanted a PRLv2 for my table, but since I have a Bosch 1617, it doesn’t lift it enough for above-table bit changes (so what’s the point). The router lift includes engraved scales to simplify fence positioning with eight threaded set screws for leveling, a spring-assisted lift wrench and threaded starting pin. My router will be dedicated to the table as i have a 1010 (just love this one) and 1400 to use as handhelds. I bought the larger motor pads (350) for the Bosch router, thinking that I would upgrade to the big PC router when I aquired more funds.

This new router lift features the proven robust construction of the Precision Router Lift combined with the near instant elevation changes of the Quick Lift. Woodpeckers 1281 Precision Woodworking Square manufactured by Woodpeckers Tools sold at Highland Woodworking, authorized Woodpeckers Dealer. If anyone (in Oz) has a Woodpecker Unilift (the one that can mount a plunge router) that they are interested in selling, I have a club in Melbourne who would be very interested in talking with you. Here you can get an idea of the various inserts that can be added to the Woodpecker’s lift system.

Starting with piddling more than a few products they have grown into a full fledge manufacturer of router lifts router fences measuring & layout tools and many. The second drawer holds all of the items necessary to use the router station, including the various plate rings, collets, wrenches, Incra templates, and other items. By the time you are done buying a router you have spent as much as you would on a 3HP shaper.

A full set of 8 insert rings (Woodpeckers #TLRSET) is available that allows sizing the hole to fit a huge number of bit diameters. Having read all the positive press about Woodpeckers I expected it to be in the same category but i am terribly disappointed. For the price, I think Id go with the PRL that TinCan linked to. April seems like a long wait, not sure if its true/why, but Woodpecker lifts are always called quality. Incra sell a version of the lift where the insert do not screw in but are held in place by magnets.

For changing router bits above the table or large height adjustments, the lift tool releases the carriage mechanism to allow instant travel to any point in the lift’s range of travel. I’m thinking of getting the Bosch RA1181 anyway since it will have everything I need, then play with fabricating it so that it will lift through and be flush with the bench top. INCRA and JessEm Tool, the respected leader in Router Lift innovation, teamed up to bring you this INCRA JessEm Mast-R-Lift II. Precision machined from cast and blanchard ground aircraft grade aluminum, this is the top of the line for JessEm’s lift systems.woodpeckers router lift