Stud Frame In Oak Instead Of Pine? Less Wood? (Natural Building Forum At Permies)

I’m interested to find out if I can build a post and beam barn out of fresh cut timber harvested on sight. If you ever talk to a carpenter they will tell you that as soon as a pallet of 2x4s is cut open they try to nail up the walls quickly because the boards will only stay straight for so long. In this case, the barn that houses some of the many salvaged historical artifacts, holds enough material that I started mentally constructing my new historical” dream house. Secondly, the trees that supplied the lumber in the first place were likely larger in girth, and therefore the wood has fewer knots and is less likely to twist and warp. Turning a bowl from green to finished product in one shot is asking for disappointment!

Lumber which is delivered green” to wholesalers, retail lumber yards and end users, often has a high percentage of downfall due to the results of natural curing. The nationally accepted benchmark for green buildings is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Standard. Lumber that is rough sawn is rough to the touch and has a rustic look to it. It can vary slightly in overall dimensions and is generally more expensive than S4S because lumber comes from the mill S4S and then has to be resurfaced by machine, chainsaw or by hand to become rough sawn.

But, the outside trim for the bench top was cut to 1 ½ ”x3”x8′ pieces and left for a few days. It was green off the mill, only problem i had was where i used screws, the boards broke them when they shrunk. My husband bought this originally over 30 years ago and used it as a guide to build his first green lumber house. While railway ties may seem an esoteric field, it seems more than likely that plastic lumber products will also be incorporated into a growing number of residential and nonresidential construction products. The PFC method is fast, simple and strong, and most of the wood is pre-cut before getting to the building site.

If you’re not familiar with Durisol Blocks, they are in the family of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), however, ironically, ICF manufacturers don’t consider them a direct competitor — and truth be told, they’re not, because they do so much more than provide a sturdy, well-insulated building. Okay, okay, we’ll give you a teaser… here is a sneak peak of our Alaskan chainsaw mill, and what some of our milled lumber looks like!

Ken has great plans for his property: The building next to the barn is currently being renovated to house a new interior design studio and he’s looking for a registered interior designer to take up residence and run their business out of the space. If a tree has just been cut down, or there has been recent storm damage, it’s best to process the logs into lumber as quickly as possible; doing so will help to open up the wood and aid in drying, which can prevent rot or stain from marring the wood. Currently, the building industry is centered on those practices which are least expensive, and easiest to implement.

So I figure I’ll go with the studs (maybe it will make the house easier to sell down the road if its not made of mud), we’re sawing our own lumber so it doesn’t feel THAT evil. Regulations also require that the adhesive used in finger jointed lumber is heat resistant and is marked with a HRA for multiple family or commercial residences. I-Joist’s use less lumber than a dimensional solid wood joist of a size necessary for the same task.

The argument was advanced that health and safety do not require dry lumber, and the building law could not go beyond health and safety requirements. However, if we can have small children cutting simple joints and teenagers designing and cutting there own frames thorough some of our programs, you can cut your own frame with just the simplest of hand tools, moral support, and some guidance. Green lumber is more subject to rot, and it can be viewed as a buffet by insects.

So despite our modern reliance upon machined timber in stock dimensions, green woodworking still has many practical uses that range from simple turned or carved domestic items through fencing and small rustic outdoor constructions to large scale timber-frame buildings. FSC Certified Wood currently qualifies for points under Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes, the National Green Building Standard, and other green building standards.

LEED works with top building professionals around the world to deliver a system that is applicable at the global, regional and local levels. Got to agree with Bob on this.I use mostly Green Oak,some boards have been up over 13 years and never a problem. At about the same time was the case of the home owner in Virginia who sued for damages resulting from the use of green lumber in building his house. Keith’s Note: According to Rick, as a rule of thumb, allow one year of air drying for one inch thick lumber.

Since building with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials can be more expensive than conventional building, developers should also make sure they do their research in advance. Most of the boats I have built and assisted in building over the years have used rather large backbone timbers. Although changing philosophies was important, the main problem to overcome was the different building method used for the traditional house.

We cut, run 1/8-inch strippers between layers, thousands of board feet, and in about 5-6 months, we could take 35-40 percent green poplar down to 10-12 percent wood water by simply running a barn fan (42-inch diameter 1 hp motor) at the end of the pavilion, blowing through the planks. However, Hurd Lumber Company, a third-generation family sawmill located along the Maine-New Hampshire border in tiny Acton, Maine, was willing to do the job.

Also even if you don’t live in ‘town’, you can always go to town & see your local building inspector with your plan, see if they will notice any structural/expensive features. However, on a plywood boat, there is usually not much solid lumber below water with the exception of skegs or deadwood keels. Air-drying your own stock can save you at least 50 percent over kiln-dried boards from your lumber retailer. Drying your lumber like this is important because DF is rapidly cut, milled, and palletized.

PLATE 5-b: How a piece of lumber will shrink with seasoning depends on how it is shaped in section and where it is cut from the tree. With board and batt I do as Steve suggested but I wouldn’t be concerned about spitting using pine. What that means is that cut ends exposed to harsh weather will stand up just as well as the rest of the wood. Composed of solid wood veneers, LVL’s virtually eliminate all the natural defects, warping and wane of solid or finger-jointed lumber.building with green lumber	building with green lumber

My moisture meter is reading 0 on the outside of the boards but when the board is cut the mc reads around 12-16% and eventually checks some after its cut. Doug Fir timbers can generally be dried check-free, but heavier oak shrinks more and is more likely to check depending on the grain of the timber. I tore down a schoolhouse planning to use the lumber (all roughcut) in an addition.

As always, when you finally get around to using a board, you’ll probably cut off the end of any board to remove any checking or split defects. Today, pressure-treated lumber is treated with a range of inorganic chemicals rather than arsenate. With most woods it is relatively easy for the buyer to look at the freshly cut end of a board to detect the prevalent grain structure and decide if a given board is of suitable vertical grain. However, 1-inch-thick green Red Oak requires about 28 days to dry down to a moisture content of 8%.

Regional market conditions and building trade preferences dictate local availability of dry or green products. Figure 3 clearly shows the effect on drying times of time of year when the lumber is stacked and board thickness. Conservation of energy is one of the biggest concerns related to green building, since most buildings do not make efficient use of power.

And they still do. A load of glued laminated white oak members will be heading to Charlestown Navy Yard any day now. However, because of the other positive properties of Durisol-built homes, and that the concrete industry is constantly working on lowering its carbon footprint, it can be considered a cost of building for the time-being. The next cut is a flitch, a board with two flat sides, but bark on one or more edges. With competition from the U.S. and an increased effort by Japan to develop its own domestic lumber industry, the Japanese market for the coastal mills is waning.