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Im looking to make my own clay trap so my father and I can practise the same birds over and over again as the hand thrower seems to put them all over the place. When baiting your trap, sprinkle some seed not only inside the trap but also in the area around it, where the pigeons can see it from the air or from their roost. You can euthanize each pigeon individually as you remove it from the trap, or place the pigeons in another container to euthanize them at different location. How to trap pigeons involves climbing up and down roofs may put an amateur in physical harm. Also, pigeons’ homing instincts make trapping and relocation efforts almost futile as they will return home from surprisingly great distances.

The Trap Man feral pigeon trap is a multi catch repeating catch cage trap with one way opening, drop bar entrance giving you a superior trap and very effective trap,. Homemade 3/4 cock clay pigeon trap made from scrap metal the throwing arm and spring are off a do all competitor.might prove useful for someone planning to. When we need someone to help throw the switch for the Clay to build a pigeon trap

I stopped in at a local grain depot yesterday, where I discovered that they pay someone from out of state to trap pigeons. United Wildlife’s pigeon trappers can also take care of the pigeon clean-up needs you may run into. It’s much easier to build the aviary rodent and predator-proof than it is to go back and patch one that wasn’t. We can also supply the feral pigeon trap with an additional funnel entrance as a retro fit item for those who prefer that type of trap. A single pigeon weighs about 300g on average, and a really chunky athletic specimen might tip the scales at almost 500g.

Here’s a link to what appears the same type trap, , but I’d think you could make three or four for about the same money. Once pigeons become trap-shy, they are skittish and afraid of humans, who may be trying to trap them. I’d put out a trap and when its full throw it in a pond until the pigeons are dead, rinse and repeat until they are gone. For trapping success during warm summer months, place traps at pigeon watering sites, such as near rooftop cooling condensers of buildings. Feed mill operators will usually give you permission to trap because the pigeons poop in the grain and spoil it.

In order to catch pigeons in traps, set the trap in an area where the pigeons are known to congregate, and bait with seed, cracked corn, and the like. These pigeon houses often contain specially constructed openings to allow the pigeon keeper to give his animals liberty for purposes of exercise while allowing them to re-enter the house without special assistance from the to build a pigeon trap