12 DIY Pallet Side Tables

Dhp parsons modern end table, black wood grain, Dhp’s parsons end table is the little trendy table that every home needs. Over at A Nester’s Nest  , Jess took a pair of bland tables and made a rainy day” inspire look for both! The exact dimensions of each piece needed to make the drawer is included in the SketchUp PDF at the bottom of the page. If you haven’t built the matching coffee table yet, you’d better dig out that September 2006 issue. Like any memorable duo, an armchair is lost without a tag-along table as a sidekick. Add great functionality and make a style statement with just the right coffee table or accent table.

I didn’t have to worry about spacing them out evenly, and I only had to hammer in about 80 nail heads (for both tables) instead of 800. If you want the table taller or shorter you can adjust the leg height and everything else stays the same. I had half a mind to tell him I was totally kidding about the saw, but instead I reached for the allen wrench and continued on my mission to make my end tables pretty. One of the creative liberties we took with these tables is to make the bases out of wood instead of metal like the designer table. And, while the tables may not be 100 percent as the Shakers would have built them, I think they evoke their spirit very well indeed.

Alternates to step 2: If you don’t have a pocket hole jig, you can fudge it, but it’s tricky: With a 3/8″-inch drill bit, drill a hole at an angle, being careful to not to go all the way out the end of the board. Then add glue to the top of the base, flip it over onto the table top, and nail through the 1×1. Secure the framing pieces to the legs using glue and 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws. Emily Henderson ‘s leather-weaved and copper side table is absolutely swoon-worthy.

It is a stylish and very elegant stylized bedside table in its appearance on the old one. We also feel like the table has helped with the evolution of this room — replacing the red stool with something a little more substantial just makes the space feel that much more homey. First part is obvious – paint the entirety of your DIY end table in white except around where you would want to transition to the gold dipped portion of the legs. This table is a very easy build and is suitable for beginners or those new to woodworking! At Not Just A Housewife you can go the simple route and learn how to make a chic and easy side table for your home.

Find boards with the biggest gnarliest knots in them to start with then beat them up with bricks, hammers, whatever to make them look nice and old….err, rustic and reclaimed. This is because the cardboard display serves as the outside of your furniture, so you don’t have to cut all the outside sections and make sure the outside is sturdy — the supermarket figured it out for you! Position the back of the drawer so it sits just above the groove for the drawer’s bottom. This side table is also a pseudo-IKEA hack, since you need to buy the VITTSJO laptop stand to get started (costs $30).

As you can see, my emphasis was on selecting end tables that are not only easy to build, but requires minimal materials. Natural materials are great if you are looking for a timeless piece for your home; however, if you have children in the house then you may want to invest in a table that is durable and stain resistant, like plastic or acrylic. Remember, each board has some personality, so make sure they’re in an arrangement you like. The ones on the back will be hidden when the drawer is slid into the wooden end table. We love this simplistic but easy DIY and how we get such a hipster piece of decor out of it in the end.

By shortening the spacers, you can move the lower pine round farther up the legs, as with the table featuring a leather-look finish and black painted legs. Since I chose a simple design with lots of straight lines and nothing intricate, this was a simple DIY project that would only take us a couple of days for a matching set of coffee and end table. You can always ask the consultant to make a note on the order however we cannot guarantee that your request will be fulfilled by the manufacturer. Ironically I built a coffee table in this style right before this article came out.