From Wood Deck Railings To Aluminum Porch Railings

I am currently in the process of prepping an outdoor wood railing to re-paint it. I started the project since the old paint was flaking off in spots and on some railings, the wood had rotted through (I am replacing that wood). I didn’t use the glove when I primed the installed railings white, but maybe I should of… it was quick (but does leave a few fuzzy bits as it gets hung up on the rough cut wood). Wood columns and posts are prone to water seeping into open joints, particularly in the base and the lower end of the shaft. Our mission was to build a railing that was sturdy and inexpensive, yet a thing of beauty to behold.

This traditional technique is often used to repair localized cases of decayed wood and, when undertaken with skill and care, will serve as a permanent repair (Figure 9). If the damaged area has a structural function, temporary bracing or other support will be necessary. Natural woods, such as cedar or redwood, can be used for the more visible parts of the deck. I know there are lots of folks out there making outdoor projects who would LOVE to hear what you have had success with. Woodway’s post caps embrace the look and feel of wood or glass and exemplify classic American architecture.

Deterioration from moisture and resultant wood rot, and damage caused by wood-eating insects are common problems that, when left unaddressed too long, can lead to the loss of significant historic fabric. If the deck wood is damp much of the year, clean it and kill the mildew every few years with a deck cleaner (sold at home centers). Handmade bamboo roof shingles, local coffee wood for outdoor balustrades, bamboo woven walls.

By comparision, I finished an outdoor mahogany picnic table with 4-6 coats of Sikkens Cetol with a cedar tint in 1995 and never touched it again. And so it’s with the coffee in the morning and wine at night cliché that we present to you our epic collection of 68 photographs of inspirational wooden decks of all sizes, locations, shapes, sizes and wood-types to help you generate deck design ideas for your outdoor sanctuary. Where lead paint is present, appropriate lead hazard precautions and procedures apply. In short, the winter months, lack of sunshine and a pressing deadline forced me to paint (gasp!) the entire project.

Ornate: For the fanciest deck railings, Aluminum and wrought iron are both available in intricate designs with attractive filigrees and decorative pickets. Here’s a close-up of the Lowcountry porch, complete with lovely railings, traditional shutters, windows with transoms, lovely lighting, plants and beautiful wood underfoot and overhead. From the simplest designs to the most elegant, wrought iron always adds character to any porch. It’s a clever twist that also gets its visual interest from a repeating selection of various widths of wood deck railings.

I would not use olive oil on unfinished wood because of the rancidity as you mention, but neither do I think linseed oil is good unless that’s what he wants to do longterm. Curved: Because you’re limited to straight lines and right angles with wood railings, a curved railing may not immediately come to mind, but synthetic materials like vinyl and composite can be bent into curved shapes. Figure 6. A traditional way to extend the life of porch posts was to place posts on metal feet, thereby providing a separation between the wood post and wood deck.

Where fasteners are broken yet the wood is sound, the balustrade can be re-fastened using hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails or screws, setting the heads of the fasteners below the surface of the wood and using a wood filler to cover and seal. Hi Jackie – I really don’t know because any sort of oil could then penetrate though the wood and make future finishing more difficult. These are common outdoor railing options and do not encompass all options so make sure and ask if you are looking for something you do not see below. If I ever build some outdoor furniture with cypress or cedar, I’m going to give it a try… in the Summer.

We offer you Lang aluminum railings and Ridge wood deck railings, both with practical advantages and visual flair that make their low price a surprise for many. Note: If your porch has pre-existing columns, you may be able to use these as balusters instead of installing posts. I was surprised that the wood absorbed yet dissipated the wet making this chair the drier choice with just a little sun. Heavy paint buildup should be removed so that the original dimension can be established.outdoor wood railing

A traditional technique of porch enclosures still used today involves the insertion in each column bay of one or more glass enclosures set in wood frames. Choose the natural look of wood that matches your backyard; coupled with all the benefits of the RailEasy Cable Railing System, offering clear, unobstructed views. Now we have a slightly graying deck and I would like to restore it to its brilliance from when the wood was delivered. Since screens can be damaged easily, the screening material was often set in slender, easy to repair, removable wood frames that could be installed during the warmer months, and stored in the winter.

Because its essentially just clear paint, it does an excellent job of protecting the wood and preventing moisture from getting in. I never tried the stuff myself but some folks raved about it. I can’t imagine why an automotive topcoat wouldn’t accomplish the same thing. Besides, the deck posts were badly warped and twisted, rather out-of-plumb, and just not very precise.

Anyone care to comment on how they would paint a pressure treated picnic table that’s weathered for six months in the Northeast using what’s on the shelf in Home Depot. Establishing what the posts are made of and how they are constructed will aid in understanding how they function and may deteriorate over time (Figure 6). Although the posts on a wood porch are commonly made of wood, they may be of masonry or metal or a combination of materials. You can easily make a rolling gate from a section of railings that match your porch. Sanding the remainder of the deck offers the best probability, since that would bring all parts of the deck to the same state.

If your wood has crevices, use a soft bristled brush to dust in them, or use a soft brush attachment on a vacuum, held just closely enough to extract the dust. Without washers the screw heads tend to sink in and crush the wood fibers, which (I believe) causes the posts to loosen over time. Simple: While aluminum railings come in a variety of designs, they can also feature straight rails. Still, power washing is about all you can do. Sanding would probably achieve the same results (remove the top-most layer of wood) and require much more work.

Ask a clerk at the hardware store to suggest a good wood caulk for exterior use. But when you nail or fasten wood (especially on horizontal surfaces) it is worth the extra effort to countersink and plug the fasteners Doing this not only prevents fasteners from rusting, but also avoids any divots in the wood that will catch water. Even slight visual tricks can be enough to give your deck railings that one-of-a-kind feel.

You can also treat the wood with a borate treatment like BoraCare to help prevent termites and rot. Although it is one of the most expensive railings available, wrought iron stands the test of time. Secure the rails to posts with several C-clamps, according to the plans you use. Rick, from St. Louis, installed the railing pictured above on the back of a rental home.

Major cracks in structural members, failed joints, significant wood rot, or evidence of widespread insect infestations (termites, carpenter ants or powder post beetles, for example) are usually signs of serious structural damage. Be sure and visit our special feature on lattices and trellises to find the perfect style to complement your outdoor living area! The best paint for top-coating smooth siding (wood or cementboard) is 100 percent acrylic latex flat. Open joints and limited wood decay can be repaired using methods previously discussed. This article on fasteners and pressure treated wood might help I’ve not read it yet!

It is best to use the same type of wood being replaced and the new or recycled wood should be seasoned to avoid shrinkage. And speaking of installations, Bloor Railing will install your new railing, fence, gate or stairs and even do repairs when needed. The wood from trees cut one and two centuries ago was much different than most wood available today. The combination of plastic and wood pulp used in manufacturing composite decks are ideal for homeowners looking for a highly durable, attractive, low-maintenance deck.

Redwood is one of the best materials for outdoor construction projects because it lasts for years and exudes natural beauty.A redwood exterior stair rail is a good choice because it is less likely to warp, split, cup or check unlike other materials. Looking for a quote on 4 sections of interior railing 2 are 10 feet long and two are 4 feet long. The C50 Simple Rail allows a railing to be installed on steps of just about any angle.

If you havent already checked out the Aug 11 issue of Woodworkers Journal covers Outdoor Furniture Projects and finishes for them. Common reasons include rusted fasteners, decayed wood, or physical stress that has broken the fasteners or split the wood. Lovely porch railings and trim like the above is from Vintage Woodworks Classic, timeless and charming!

Temporarily screw the base to a plywood work surface and set up a stop block as a cutting jig to ensure railing balusters are of identical length. RON HAZELTON: Instead of nails, we’re using a square head driver bit in our drill and finish head screws to attach the railings to the post. Although the Brief primarily addresses residential buildings, much of the information can be applied to wood porches on any structure. So all you have to do is to set the piece of wood in here put this end up against the block and go ahead and cut.

The smell of mold or appearance of fungal growth on wood beneath the porch is an indication of deficient air circulation and that conditions exist for wood decay. If wood is used, it should be of a type treated or naturally able to withstand the fluctuating temperatures and conditions of the outdoors. In order to keep this rich color the wood must be treated with a clear wood finish or with a redwood stain.