Painting Plywood Deck Seam Prep Help Also Needed Page

Giving a plywood subfloor a coat of paint transforms it from something that was once meant to be covered up into something worth displaying. The other reason the pattern is so key is that it helps hide the seams in the plywood floor. Once you’ve finished sanding, vacuum again and use a tack cloth to make sure all the dust is off the floor. I have to assume this is a treatment that is only practical for someone with the carpentry skills to install the floor himself. I used an old paint pan, stirred it up and poured it in. I dipped the pad in and went up and down and worked in sections going vertical. The extreme shininess of it also highlighted every single imperfection in the plywood – not pretty at all.

Since this was a floor paint, it didn’t require any top coat, so we simply let the paint cure” for about 36 hours before putting our furniture back! We ordered 45 plywood sheets and Home Depot cut them for us (for a nominal fee) to 8″ wide planks and delivered them (also for a fee) to the back door of our new retail space on a pallet. Finish off sections with smoothing strokes, rolled in the same direction, before the paint dries (the roller should be moist but not loaded with paint). The paint itself will not yield a surface hard enough to resist years of foot traffic.

The finish penetrates and withstands scuffing pretty well and ambers with time giving the shop a mellow wood grain look that I particularly like in a woodworking shop. DIY Dork – If you want the plywood diy installation guide to end all diy guides then head on over and visit Kevin at (great name!). Little did I know, after we painted the room 2 coats of Chalk Paint in Pure White, Matt and our good buddy, John, ripped up the (gross) carpet and pad. I hope this makes things easier if you’re deciding if you want to install your own plywood floor.

Within 20 minutes, all of the green carpet was gone and all that was left were the plywood subfloors (sheets of thick plywood), which were in GREAT shape. I’ve decided to paint the plywood floor on my tin Starcraft rather than go the carpet or vinyl etc route. I purchased this primer and made a mixture of 1 part primer // 3 parts water and white washed the floors using a paint roller with a broom handle. The surface of the plywood is a bit soft and prone to denting, but the tongue-and-grooving in all four sides makes it absolutely solid. I only sanded after the second coat because I didn’t want the floor to be too slippery.

Love this idea for a playroom; we want to build a subfloor downstairs to get the kids off of the concrete and to lay this as the floor would be perfect! This way I would feel comfortable sitting a wood project on the floor or even sliding it without gouging the project. I thought of that too arcy, but this is a seldom used guest room I’m wanting to put it in. We’ll use quite a few coats of a floor grade polyurethane on it so last for decades.

Again great step by step painting instructions make this another essential plywood flooring article. If you have a plywood subfloor over a concrete slab, check the moisture level of both floors. As a bonus, when we finally took up the floors to install hardwood, we stored the plywood in the garage and recycled it for numerous projects since then. We’re actually planning on installing a plywood floor in our new Delray Beach condo.

Like the girly bedroom overseen by Janis above, these floors give the space just a little hipster edge. The subfloors were just 3/4″ inch plywood, so we cut patches out of new 3/4″ ply to fit up to the floor joists, built some extra blocking underneath, and screwed them down. It seemed to depend on how much dust was actually rolling around between my boots and the floor.

Also using a clear finish showed all the marks in the plywood and even the paint showed along the edges so overall it gives the shop more character. We think the floor makes this room, which is really saying something as the overall design is superb, and that it was achieved on a budget is doubly impressive. Today the planks of hardwood range in widths anywhere from 2.5 inches all the way up to 7 inches, the most popular being around 3.5 inches.

Fieldstone Hill Design – It took us a while to find it but we’re glad we made the effort to track down Darlene Weir’s guide to painting the plywood floor of her boys’ bedroom. I have been careful to get step-by-step of the floor so far (I’m really bad about remembering these). Paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams offers a water-based epoxy primer-sealer that is ideal for use on wood substrates such as plywood.

Can i just put a primer over the plywood and paint it instead of sanding away the adhesive on the plywood. If you use a tung oil fortified oil it will harden the surface quite a bit, decreases wear, while maintaining the springy nature of the plywood. The walls and ceiling boards (the flat parts) were painted semi-gloss white, the ceiling batten trim was painted flat white, and the big floor to ceiling posts were painted gloss white. However, we’re finally at the point where we are going to put in a floor in there.

That’s when we ditched the idea of wall-to-wall carpeting and headed over to the paint department of the home center. Don’t forget to stir often, the paint will like to separate and keep your paint bucket on a towel to help with drips. Dutch Boy Latex Porch and Floor paint is scuff, chip and abrasion resistant, and dries to a hard, durable finish, while cleaning up with water.

To make it, I just poured a gallon can of left over flat white wall paint in an old 5 gallon bucket and then dumped in a little more than 2 cans full of water. If you so much as stray a tiny degree, the whole floor could look crooked and that made me super nervous. I’m WAY too lazy to take the many hours extra to float out the floor to make it completely smooth.

I made a point to take pictures of the family room to show you how much paint I put on the brush, to really give you a good idea of how this works. Seems silly to do all the work to install the floor and not take a few minutes to tape up some accidental mis-steps. After a pathetic parade of disappointments I marched to the paint counter and confessed to having no design sense. It now been 4 months since we painted the sub floor and I’m still LOVING the look!

If the wood floor gets taken out in the future, it will not be hard to fill the holes and cover the floor with an epoxy. I painted the plywood subfloor of our new house, upstairs and down, except for two tiled bathrooms. We calculated how many 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood we’d need and headed off to Home Depot. I do like the look that the gaps give our floors, but if I do these floors again somewhere else, I’d make them much smaller. Structural guidelines require that some flooring be installed perpendicular to the floor joists.

For those looking to install plywood in a typical square room at home we think this guide gives a really good feel for what’s involved and also includes instructions for staining your plywood. If I painted or stained every plank beforehand, I would still be painting, and only half of our floors would be done. Leave it long at each end of the room – you’ll trim the length after the floor is installed.

You might want to look into the Floor Mechanics Store, they sell the professional grade floor finishing products (polys, stains, fillers, applicators, cleaners, etc.) to DIYers. Curious to your thoughts, all the CDX plywood at the local bigbox stores is in pretty terrible condition. It really helped keep the floors from turning super golden country pine cabin in the woods” yellow once the polyurethane was applied later.

I am not handy and I have seen some interesting painted plywood subfloors on the web. Adaptability – Like any wood flooring product you should let plywood sheets/planks acclimatise in your home for a day or two, but plywood does not present the same problems as solid hardwood when it comes to hot and cold climates. It was finally time to start clearing out the rest of the floor and making some repairs. That being said, I don’t mind anyone posting about the painted plywood floors on this thread, since others may very well be interested. Compare that to hardwood prices or engineered wood prices to get a very clear idea of the savings!

When we started this project, one of the things that made me a believer in plywood floors is the complete customization that is available. I JUST painted our hallway and kids’ room floor (both hardwood) with the chalkpaint and LOVE it. I didn’t purchase the lacquer…decided just to put a coat of polyurethane on it. So far no yellowing and it is wearing GREAT! There’s no mistaking what these floors are made from and we think they look fantastic.

The thought of covering any woodgrain (other than some knotty pines or low grain woods) up with paint brings me close to hyper ventilating and my eyes start to twitch. Although, we’ve had the floors done now for a month or two and there’s absolutely no wear or tear yet. My deck has: two coats of epoxy top, edges and bottom; one coat of Rustoleum Marine primer for wood and fiberglass all around; and two coats of Rustoleum Marine topside paint all around. We bought all our floor finishing products from them when we installed/finished our hardwood floors DIY and they were wonderful to work with, their staff is very knowledgable and so nice.