Do you have an office chair that sags or auditorium seating that is ripped? For years we have given tuition and and run courses on antique furniture restoration and upholstery, and also clock repair. Pieces of furniture from this window of time are not old enough to be truly valuable antiques, nor were they made during more modern times when cheaper materials and less sturdy manufacturing practices have been used. After the paint was completely dry, I sprayed a few coats of Minwax Polycrylic in Clear Satin to protect the to refurbish old furniture

When painting a custom piece for someone, I build the cost of paint into the price I charge, and most often I have plenty of paint left over after their furniture is finished. You can certainly put a coat of polyurethane over the paint to protect the surface…I’d definitely recommend that for a dining room table. Here, you’ll want to ignore most of what is on the shelf at your local hardware or paint store, as these products likely contain VOCs and other toxins.

You can find these cleaners at your local hardware, home center, or paint stores. There are a few tips but the easiest is obviously using our antiques polish reviver or you can always seek the advice of a furniture restorer as there are other ways to burn the ring mark out using mentholated spirit but this is quite dangerous so I will not add this method to the tips to be on the safe side.

You can paint the legs using the same hue of the colors in the paper to make the perfect finish. Teak furniture doesn’t require any treatment and if left bare it will gray completely. Again, all the curves and details would take forever to paint with a brush, and I’m just not that patient! I only recently realized the value of it so now I would like to give it a bit more respect and maybe restore the colour or nourish the leather. Next, use a brass-bristle brush or piece of steel wool to remove the finish from carvings and corners. I see the primer that you recommend comes in both spray paint cans and gallon paint.

Another case where you should not refinish wood furniture is if the piece is a valuable antique or a unique designer piece that, although not an antique, nevertheless has a lot of value. A varnish remover is necessary to strip away old coats of varnish; a popular brand of varnish remover is Nitromors When applying varnish remover with a paint brush, dab the material on instead of brushing for a heavier concentration of the product. The way to fix it is let it dry – Wait a few days and let the finish get really really dry.

One way I have found to help my bottom line is to use my paint wisely (update April 2015, I now use Fusion Mineral Paint in place of chalk paint and find it produces excellent results for a more affordable price, and it requires no wax…yes you heard me…no waxing required. This paint dries very quickly, so as long as you’re not painting in very humid conditions, by the time you’ve put a coat of paint on the entire piece of furniture, the area you first painted should be dry again. My original plan was to paint the base white and I can still do that at some point if I choose.

The Cabinet Gallery has partnered with several area Habitat affiliates to donate your old cabinets to Habitat ReStores when you purchase new cabinets from their excellent selection of high quality products! To finish off wipe the surface with white spirit on a clean cloth in the direction of the grain and once dry, give the piece of antique furniture a very good wax (if you use a coloured wax this will hide some old dents and scratches).

You can use a brush to paint your dining chairs, but if you’re worried about visible brush strokes, spray paint is an ideal alternative. While washing your piece down with the mineral spirits you may find a few spots that need a little more scrubbing” to remove any old finish…not a problem…just scrub it again with steel wool or a toothbrush and the acetone/thinner mixture and then wash it down with the mineral spirits!

Just like having a gorgeous lining on a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture can have the best-hidden feature, like finding a treasure amid the chaos, but first you have to open it. A coffee table, for instance, with beautiful wallpaper underneath the glass top can make a huge difference. If you want the oil completely removed then firstly you will need to strip off the old finish using a good paint or polish stripper. In order to refinish the piece so that it will last many years to come, you’ll need to remove as much of the rust from the frame as possible. We had our yard set up in no time, and we’ve enjoyed this furniture for more than ten years since that day.

It’s always a good idea to look for any designer markings on old furniture and to do an Internet search on it before you refinish it. Antiques will diminish in value if refinished improperly, and your best bet is to contact a professional in antique furniture preservation. Today I am going to show you how to paint furniture or how to paint over a chest of drawers that has a stain and varnish/urethane finish on it. If the leather is dry I would recommend using the Leather Revive to restore the natural oils into the leather. I have a tenant who works for a commercial laundry service and she brings me old towels!

I have old furniture I want to put in my cottage which is in the shabby chic style.. I have tried: I have only stained furniture before but now I would like to add color. Restoring old furniture requires chemicals and tools that can be hazardous to your health if certain precautions are not taken. I love Rust-Oleum spray paint but have just never used it (or their topcoats) on furniture.

While this stripping process may seem labor intensive, it is much easier than sanding the old finish off and you are much less likely to damage the piece. If neither of these methods cleans the furniture to your satisfaction, you may need to resort to a solvent cleaning for restoring old furniture. Coat the top in a fun color that contrasts with the rest of the piece and add some painted furniture feet.

Fortunately, you can restore the colour using a Leather Touch Up Kit (for areas 10cm x 10cm) or a Leather Colourant Kit (for larger areas). When that’s not enough, seek the advice of a professional before restoring old home furnishings to be sure and maintain their value. Keep in mind too that once you strip all the old finish, you are REALLY going to see the character” (grain) of the wood. If you don’t mind the way it looks, these methods will help to save your lacquered or varnished furniture as well.

More layers of paint will require a tougher stripping formula, like a semi-paste that can sit on the surface to loosen the old coats for scraping. The Touch Up Kit comes with tints which allow you to match the colour yourself but for the Colourant Kit we would need a small sample of the leather (usually taken from underneath the furniture or inside of a zip) so that we can match the colour for you.

The correct way to apply antique furniture wax is to use a soft, clean cotton or lint free cloth and apply the furniture wax by dipping the cloth into the can of wax and rub the wax on in a small circular motion over the entire wood surface sparingly. Two years back I got the furniture color changed, but I am thinking of getting it back to the original color. And that, friends, is the story of the blue dresser/how to paint laminate furniture!

Unfortunately if it has taken off the old polish you would need to seek advice from a restorer to complete the repair as it is very difficult to colour match old polish. Thinning your chalk paint with water also helps the paint last longer, and I have found that it still provides perfectly good coverage (I do not thin Fusion Mineral Paint with water). So rather than wax it like I do to my chalk paint pieces (like this one), I decided to use polycrylic.

Here, you can see where several layers of paint had been applied to this table, one much darker than the other. CUSTOM PROJECTS HELP BUILD PAINT SUPPLY Lastly, I use my custom work projects as a way to build up my personal paint supply. For example, an antique chair that you’ve had forever doesn’t have to look old and busted. While I’m not a professional painter and my paint jobs aren’t perfect, I hope that reading about what I’ve learned will be helpful to you. A properly applied lacquer finish is a thing of beauty worthy of the finest furniture. The natural wood markings in real wooden furniture are what make the item so beautiful.

Of course, large or complex furniture such as couches and easy chairs aren’t so easy to strip down and clean up. You can still update strategic textiles, like pillows and blankets, to effectively revamp their overall appearance. From reupholstering to painting, you can revamp any furniture to work with your current decor scheme. Keeping this post in mind when I own teak furniture one day.. and I WILL own teak furniture one day.