Cedar Planter Box Liners

Built from readily-available cedar boards and assembled with pocket screws, the planter box is easy to build and built to last. Cedar and redwood are safe for children and pets because they are natural, but they can also be more expensive than pressure-treated wood. Our boxes are built for installation on the floor, thus precious bench space is not wasted. This cleverly designed DIY greenhouse planter box is covered with a garden quilt material that helps keep the temperature perfect for your veggies and herbs! After installing the legs, measure and cut out sections of fiberglass or aluminum porch screen to install in the bottom of the box. Vertical planter pdf build this vertical garden planter using these free downloadable woodworking plans.

I am waiting for all of our DIY raised kids to grow up and rebel by buying everything new, from the display of a store, and do nothing to it but have people come and deliver the furniture. What I want to do now is build an inner box or an inner liner out of this pressure-treated plywood. After brushing glue onto the ends of both rails, we join them together, make sure they’re flush on the ends, then drive in screws. If you do, don’t forget to cut holes in the liner to line up with the drainage holes in the bottom of the planter. You can make this box whatever size works for your space, or based on how much wood you have in your scrap pile!

Eliminating the guesswork of when to water makes food production easier for new and young vegetable gardeners. Staple the hardware mesh on the inside of the box and voila – a stellar planter box! Just a side note on the dirt: This box would require a lot of it. So, we used dirt from our fire pit we had to dig a little to put those pavers down and then used a few bags of top soil for the plants on top. Once you’re ready to plant, add a soilless mix to just below the top of the planter. I bought a couple of 15″ square plastic planter pots to drop into these planters.

Better Homes and Gardens provides plans for another window box planter design based off the initial construction of a simple box. Although cedar is naturally resistant to decay and thus better-suited for exterior use, I sprayed a couple coats of matte polyurethane to protect it from the outdoor elements. Put some thought into where you’d like to put your planter and how it will work with your existing design; then decide what kind of plants you want. Holding up the two short sides, lay an 8 ft board across to create the long side of the planter.

You would need to either break up or remove the concrete below the bed, or else make gaps in the sides of the bed for water to escape. The planter box I built took full advantage of the materials I used to produce as little waste as possible. Clean the wood with soap and water and rinse thoroughly before applying sealers to redwood planters. Before you establish the bed, break up and loosen the soil with a garden fork so that it’s not compacted. We made sure that the planter was nice and level before we started filling with soil.how to build an outdoor planter box	how to build an outdoor planter box