Old Craftsman Wood Lathe

Information more or less Sir Henry Joseph Wood lathes including A description of the features and considerations for purchasing one Eastern Samoa substantially as links to a variety of vintage and modern. Built on an angle-steel bed with cast-iron headstock, tailstock and toolrest (and with an overhung drive pulley) this was a very small lathe – so tiny that, conveniently, the advertising literature failed completely to mention its dimensions and gave instead the weights of the individual components: the bronze-bushed headstock 2 lbs 4 ozs, tailstock 2 lbs 8 ozs, bed 7 lbs, toolrest 2 lbs and the two 4-step pulleys 1 lb each.

I am not sure of the parts I am looking for, but it would seem that the lathe pictured in this post is the same one that I have, at least the adjustable part is. I was wondering what parts I needed to have in order to hold the wood in place so I can turn it. I have attached a picture of the head stock and the adjustable part to clarify what I am looking for.

The swing was 12 and the capacity between centres xxxvi the motor The ennead inch journeyman wood turning lathe was very much more intemperately built than the. It is a bit of a challenge finding MT1 size accessories for an older Craftsman lathe. I spent a lot of time playing with cutting and finishing wood into ever more sensuous shapes and not worrying about actually making anything. If you value your equipment get a wood lathe if thats what you want to do or find an old patternmakers lathe. Another consideration is that I can just leave the 3 jaw chuck on the wood lathe.

One thing a beginner needs IMO is a lathe which will let them spin the wood slowly and you might find the lowest rpm on this machine a little fast. Henry Wood LATHE entropy nearly wood lathes including ampere description of the features and considerations for purchasing one equally good arsenic trioxide links to angstrom variety of vintage and Bodoni. Sears Craftsman Table Saw Manual Model 113.221770 in Home, Furniture & DIY, DIY Tools, Other DIY Tools eBay. Bowls, boxes and other shapes are turned with the blank fastened to a faceplate that is fastened in the lathe.

The enjoyment factor goes way up when you turn with a stable, tuned lathe and a sharp chisel. You bet its a good Antique lathe – I assume it is a bench lathe , sounds like good Antique turning tools also. Four spindle speeds were provided of 875, 1350, 2250 and 3450 rpm – although the motor and 4-step V pulley required to produce them were only available at extra cost and, at $18.50, increased the price of the basic lathe by a massive 39%.

Alternately, because Sears used that pulley part number on more than one tool/appliance, you might be able to find it at an aftermarket supplier. Maybe 1940’s to 1960’s merely not It was my wife’s old craftsman wood lathe grandfather’s who was vitamin A lord carpenter inwards the 50’s 60’s. Older Craftsman saws have flatter tables than newer ones, although they aren’t machined dead smooth. Be careful as the sandpaper can become quite hot, and sanding on a lathe creates a lot of dust, so make sure you wear a dust mask.

Doing this, having a wood lathe with a bore through the spindle is a lot nicer than having to clean wood shavings/chips and cork dust off of my metal lathe. Still I recieved about two or three time value in cutting tools (that were thrown in) compared to what the lathe cost me. (Paid £100 and got about 100 has steel cutters, about thirty tungsten carbide cutters (complete with inserts) and a selection of boring bars. I have an older Sears wood lathe that I purchased in the late 60s and it was old back then.

Find great deals on eBay for Craftsman how to gesso a rocking horse woods Lathe indium Lathes and Lathe Accessories. Use the various shaped turning tools to cut the spinning blank into the desired shape. When I was turning these on my metal lathe, I discovered that wood dust and chips tend to draw moisture out of the air and do awful things to your ways and cross slide assembly on your lathe.

Looking at a download of the 1941 Craftsman catalog, it appears that the lathe you are describing must have been sold under the Dunlap name since the only Craftsman lathe for that year had ball bearings, I own that model, a very nice machine. I figured that I would give it a try, cut the old belt off, and installed the twist belt. I used to call on a manufacturer in SC that made Craftsman power tools and another that made their shop vacuums. Have just started working with my first lathe – the CT Mastercraft (sorry meant the say that in the title) 12in Lathe. Craftsman 10 Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Sears 4.5. CRAFTSMAN Saw Table Manual.

I bought a Busy Bee chuck and, when I upgraded to a CT128 after a couple of years, I just bought a 1X8TPI insert for my existing chuck and switched it over to the new lathe. Folks, over at Old Woodworking Machines where I’ve been a member for over a decade we’ve got an index of as many of the Sears prefix numbers as we can compile. Includes a 6-piece basic turning set (round nose, skew, parting, three sizes of gouges), also Craftsman. The lathe motor is mounted on a couple of U-shaped brackets and has an axle on the base so that the weight of the motor tipped back provides belt tension. Our craftsman house plans collection has every size and floor plan configuration imaginable.

I know that the spindle pulley you’re looking for won’t be available through Sears but if you compare the motor that’s on your lathe and the size of the spindle and compare with other lathes that are on the market you can find something with attributes that are close enough to make your lathe serviceable. This is the head assembly complete for a Craftsman tube bed 12 inch wood turning lathe numbers 113.238160 and 113.238180. Note, however, that the drive was by V belt to an overhung pulley – the first time a V belt had been used on a Sears lathe – and quite possibly its first use ever on an amateur machine tool.

Occasionally use it to modify some stuff for around the house (don’t ask about the time I took it apart and mounted a wood kayak paddle in it to spin down the paddle shaft for my daughter’s hand size- it worked but it was definitely a Nunley experience, not recommended for safety reasons). It could very well be the same model as the first lathe I ever touched and that one impressed me as a grand machine, but the memory is very dim now. In the two months since the lathe has been functional, we have turned half a dozen items, and have found the cheap lathe tools woefully lacking. If you’re inexperienced, the basics of lathe work should be learned turning a small spindle.

Restoration of wood lathes from the early to mid 1900s are very popular and readily found at online auctions such as eBay ,as well as locally at garage sales and through classified ads. If anyone has one this old , this is a sample of what it can look like after an overhaul and paint job. My husband has having trouble trying to find the studs in our old house, so I’ll have to suggest the magnet trick to him!

Marvin’s right, the cost of the lathe pales in comparison to what you’ll spend on lathe tools, chucks, mandrels, sanpaper, finishes and so on. I think I have the same craftsman lathe (not sure about model number off top of my head) and mine just accepts a #1 morse taper 60 degree live center. One major piece of advice for this (or any piece of woodworking equipment with a detached motor, immediately throw away the old rubber belt and get a segmented one. Wood plaques, plates and small bowls or even rounded, ball-style furniture feet can be turned using this technique.

I think you guys will be shocked at how well this thing cleaned up. It was surprising to me, when I finally found these old pics of it still in the truck, how much worse it looked. Flydoctor, don’t want to rain on your parade or sound negative but permit me to share my experience with Sears products as a consumer, gunsmith, and OEM sales rep with some Sears contractors. A circle of 60 indexing holes – with the locating plunger built into an ear formed on the front face of the headstock casting – was standard on the 1933 12-inch Craftsman wood-turning lathe. Research published on the old Sir Henry old craftsman wood lathe Joseph Wood operative Machines radical owwm.