How To Build A Rabbit Hutch In A Few Simple Steps

Warm weather is upon us. It’s time to build that Rabbit Hutch that you have been thinking about all winter. This rabbit showed no external signs of any problem whatsoever, even although he must have been in considerable discomfort. There are numerous folding animal playpens that you can unfold and set on the grass so your pet can run around inside in relative safety. Contact us and we can arrange a bunny date for your rabbit to meet one of our lovely singles! If you opt for the Hi-Rise Outdoor Rabbit Run, you’ll have the benefit of a stable style door. If access to the garden is not possible, you might also consider providing a larger separate exercise run which can be placed on the grass. Provide around 1,5 meter square per rabbit and define different areas (play, rest, eat).

My House Rabbit is an educational website that promotes keeping pet rabbits inside the home. There are many instructional plans and videos online, and rabbit societies and charities offer useful tips to make sure your run is safe. They are not made out of flimsy wood and are sure to live as long as your rabbit friends. The frame needs to be bigger than the cage and uses the L brackets to hold hutch. Hold him securely and maneuver yourself back to the floor to let him go. Always hold a rabbit close to your body, not away from you.

A determined rabbit will be able to dig out of a run on the lawn within around 30 minutes, possibly less if she gets help from a friend! It is essential that the run has a roof, as natural predators such as foxes can break into gardens. Chicken wire is not strong enough to contain a rabbit hutch or even prevent predators from gaining access to your rabbits. You may need an extra person to steady the rabbit during this process, hence the extra pair of hands.

Of course any of these options can be combined; i.e. a hutch and run with Runaround attachments or converted playhouse can be further extended by Runaround or connected hutches/runs as and when you wish to (or can afford to!). It is commonly underestimated just how far 3 hops are – tests show that 3 hops from an average sized rabbit covers 6-7 feet. You would also need to add a run to the front, as the double level area is not enough for rabbits.

I’m building a PC and have my components picked out and funds ready to go. But right now I’m working on choosing the right type of pipe to use for desk legs for a desk I want to build to house this PC. So while I’m building a PC, I’m looking at different types of plumbing pipe. It could possibly be a urinary tract infection or bladder stones making it uncomfortable for the bunny to urinate.

It should be stressed that the combination of an animal carrier and an x-pen to set up at your new location is probably the easiest way to travel with your rabbit. Now that the hutch is made, owners who plan on keeping rabbits outdoors will need to think about how they’ll protect their critters from the elements and predators, and that protection often comes in the form of a hutch frame. If you put the aviary panels over concrete, you do not need to build in a mesh floor. This can be a challenge, no matter how tame and friendly your rabbit may usually be! This run should be placed on concrete to prevent your bunny digging out or predators digging in.

The disadvantage of letting the crusts come away on their own is that there will be a major risk of spreading the mites over a very wide area, so it goes without saying that any rabbit in the immediate area needs to be treated too. True, you can’t let your rabbit run around totally free or it will get lost or hurt. If you have just purchased your rabbit during the winter, do not house outdoors.

So pleased with the walk in rabbit run, my rabbits definitely approve and love bouncing around in it, I have set up the 6 x 9 foot and love that I will be able to make it even bigger for them in future. First thing you need is a blueprint for making a hutch to know how to build it, below we have listed 10 best free DIY (do-it-yourself) rabbit hutch designs and plans.

We have a separate post that offers ideas for furniture options¬†I’d also love to add more pictures of different rabbit housings to this post, so feel free to submit yours here, on facebook, or by emailing us. Firstly, if the rabbit is old it is common for elderly rabbits to have arthritis related issues and this causes them mobility¬†problems in respect that they are not so keen to jump in and out of higher sided trays and also often are not so good at raising their tails as high during urination. You might worry that keeping your rabbit indoors will result in destruction of your personal property and poop and pee your own rabbit run