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It was close to midnight on a warm July evening in 1984 when flames seared the sky in one of the worst fires that West Quebec has ever seen. Though the Comstock Bridge was built in 1873, Perry questions its designation because several years ago the state repaired the bridge with steel I-beams. The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge is a covered bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Cornish, New Hampshire and Windsor, Vermont. It took several months for people of Wakefield, and indeed the whole Gatineau Valley, to fully recognize what the loss of the bridge really meant. Once the logs were sawn into dimensioned boards, they would be the building material for the bridge. The Russein Bridge (Russeinerbrücke) in Switzerland under construction in 1857.covered bridge plans

This idea came to an ignoble end when the Transport Ministry quickly removed the portable bridge in December without consultation, following the completion of a new concrete and steel high-level bridge several hundred metres upstream in September 1987. William Howe himself did very little bridge building, but he was related by marriage to four brothers named Stone who promoted his business interests in various parts of the country.

Early bridge building in California, Oregon and Washington was a mix of individual contractors and company jobs. The state office still needs to give final approval, but it is rare that they would not follow a regional recommendation,” said Tom Byle, a engineer with the Kent County Road Commission and vice-chairman of the Whites Bridge Historical Society. While the Municipal Council gave their full support for a replacement bridge for pedestrians, they were concerned about assuming maintenance liabilities and were not prepared to make a direct financial contribution toward construction. This generally happened outside the territory covered by the official agents of the Smith Bridge Company.

Mr. Bubar and 10 other Nashwaak Bridge residents came together more than a year ago to discuss the idea of converting the community’s old rail way bridge into a 21-metre-long covered bridge. Even if you have the timer required at hand, you could sell it if you do not use it for the bridge. Our design allows the possibility of having up to 1000 people on the bridge at any one time. Many dignitaries and bridge contributors came to the village via a special coach on the Wakefield Steam Train. A true arch bridge relies on vertical members to transfer the load to the arch.

The Burr truss is not a true arch-bridge in that the parallel-chord truss system and the arch act in concert to support the bridge and its load. During the entire three years of bridge fabrication and erection the worst accident was a sprained back from a slip on the ice-we were lucky! It was won by long-time Wakefield resident Dorothy Cross, who promptly donated the beast back to the Bridge Committee.

The Citizens for Rebuilding the Wimer Covered Bridge, now a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, is dedicated and wants to recapture history. Note that the brace configuration in Haupt’s truss implementation distributes, at least for the first several truss panels, compression forces more directly to the abutments than does the Sayers Bridge truss. The first Wichert truss was the Homestead High Level Bridge over the Monongahela River in 1937.