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There are many different types of wooden dummy, the plans on this page are for a traditional wall mounted dummy. The Wooden Dummy has a longer body section that sits into a pre-formed hole in the floor standing base. Also available are Wooden Dummy parts, these can be purchased separately for you to build your own quality dummy at a reduced cost. Most teachers and students alike prefer these traditional Yip Man (or Ip Man) specs. The stand is made entirely from the same premium solid Alderwood as the rest of the wooden dummy. If you are re-applying oil to your dummy I would advise you to use the same make.

You can adjust your pressure and power, so that the dummy can replicate different opponent weights and skill levels, so you will never be stuck for a suitable training partner again. I’m fortunate enough to own a dummy that my Sifu, Darrell Jordan, hand carved and made. In Wing Chun parlance this is called using the air dummy.” While good for a quick review, it is no substitute for the geometric discipline of the real thing. Use a strong hardwood, since the leg must withstand a great deal of kicking force. In addition to the regular dummies, three supplementary dummy types designed for this test were used.

You will need to take your height and weight into consideration when choosing your jong, so that it has a good lifespan and you do not need to throw away after a few years (if you are starting wing chun at a young age). Wing Chun lineages can substitute a shorter blade, but the greater the differential from the correct length the less realistic the training.

When the different secret societies that were prevalent in the temple fled, due to increasing political pressure, it was easier to carry a small bamboo ring than one of the wooden dummies they normally practiced on. I will work out dimensions and measurements and post those plans here, too, once I’m done, as well as a short video on the construction.

When the late grandmaster Ip Man moved to Hong Kong from China there was no where to dig a wooden dummy into the ground as the area is so built up. So to counter this problem the wall mounted wooden dummy was born. Most Wing Chun lineages specify inside measure but before passing judgment on the balance struck by outside measure recall that the majority of martial arts styles prefer even longer Hudiedao blades. Each part of the wooden dummy is carefully constructed using a combination of traditional skills combined with the latest technology. I personally prefer a traditional mount because I feel that they offer more stability.

If you are interested in working with Modell Design to get Wing Chun BJD made for you or your schools, please contact Everything Wing Chun. While Ip Man worked with a number of different dummies over the years (as he moved from one school to the next) he always kept the Fung Shek creation with him. Research on wood type is essential if you want your wooden dummy to stand the test of time, particularly as you grown in strength and begin to hit harder.

Ip Man would spend the first few years of his teaching career addressing each of these problems. When asked to picture someone practicing Wing Chun, more often than not, most people tend to imagine someone performing the 108 wooden dummy form taught by Ip Man, or something similar, on the Mook Jong. Here you will find a selection of unique wooden dummies and training devices – from trapping dummies, to half dummies, to spring loaded dummies, flat board dummies and more.

Some things you’ll need to think about are how much space you have to work with, does it need to be free-standing, positioned in a corner, or fixed to a wall, and just as importantly, how to make it sturdy enough to withstand the power you will develop through your wooden dummy training. Our best source of information on the development of modern dummies within the Wing Chun clan during the Hong Kong era is Ip Ching and Ron Heimberger’s (2004) volume Mook Yan Jong Sum Fat While this can be a difficult book to get a hold of, it has been a great help is assembling the following account.

The smaller, more flexible cross braces were then mounted through the dummy and horizontally across the 4x4s. The Finish – Every part of the dummy is sanded to a glass like finish and then sealed with a high grade clear lacquer to ensure maximum durability. All three arms are identical in that each is twenty-two inches long, divided into two sections: one eleven inch half goes through the dummy body and out the back, the other eleven inch half sticks out from in front of the dummy. There is a post which the dummy slides down over that is attached to the base, with two 5/16″. Because the angle of the leg can vary, the hole may be raised or lowered as needed.

You may want to reinforce the leg and, as with the arms, it’s a good idea to have a spare leg on hand. Today you can buy a dummy for between seven hundred and a thousand dollars – not including the shipping fee. Our 4th centerline can be practiced and made sense of by the use of a wooden dummy from early on to greater strengthen your timing and power. He then commissioned Fung to devise some means for constructing a mounting system for a portable dummy (Ip Man moved frequently during this period) that could be used indoors.

FLAT/COUNTERSUNK: Supplied to standard dimensions with an 80′ to 82′ angle to be used where finished surfaces require a flush fastening unit (concealed below woods surface). In 1949 Ip Man and a daughter fled to Macau and then Hong Kong in anticipation of the Communist conquest of Guangdong. Take your time – Building your own dummy can be fun and rewarding, but don’t rush it. Double check all your measurements before you cut anything. A. The Two top arms have offset shafts, when they are placed into the dummy body it allows the two arms to be almost level.

After spending a few months in Hong Kong Ip Man decided to take up the title of Sifu and become a professional martial arts teacher. I do worry though that if you lock the top, your dummy will not be able to absorb your incoming energy, and conversely you will end up pushing the dummy around your room because it will be too rigid. He interpreted this tragedy as retribution by the local gods for his involvement with the Wing Chun clan.

This saw a lot of dummies being created with the finest timber by gifted craftsmen for only the top echelon of Wing Chun practitioners, who would pass on their skills only to those deemed worthy. Set them far enough out from anything behind to allow for forward and backward movement of the dummy. If anyone sends me the stand´s plans i will be forever gratefull and happy to send the dummy plans back and answer questions about the construction of it. The leg can be all one piece, or it can be made in two pieces connected at the knee.

The measurement of all the dummies are based on a Wong Shun Leung dummy made by Koo Sang, which is closest to the original measurements, lots of those in the market were made without reliable measurement sources. The arms and leg on the dummy aren’t supposed to exactly represent those of a human, but rather they represent obstacles around which you can practice your moves, and against which you can practice using your energy. A dummy will reinforce the alignment of the 5 centerlines of Practical Wing Chun.

Then, after making a trip to Menards, grab a 2 ft by 2 ft section of 3/4 inch plywood (I recently found out that they actually sell 12 inch round disks of inch thick wood that’s been glued together at Menards, which I’ll do the next time I go about making a Dummy for one of my instructors). Attach stops so the dummy body won’t slide on the crosspieces – the body and slats should move together.

There’s nothing worse than having awesome stuff but not being able to use it. We here at Intershape Wing Chun hope you find exactly what you are looking for and if you have any questions or comments please contact us. Because the angle of the leg can vary the hole may be raised or lowered as needed. Knowing that, and knowing the dimensions of the box-part of the arms, I was able to mark where along each line I would have to drill.wooden dummy measurements