All About Decking This Months Guest Blog Katherine Crouch

Decking are popular garden landscape features fitted to create more space for socialising and entertaining. After discovering this forum and reading various threads, I wanted to try other pellets. Box stores don’t think pellets until the season rolls in. We are usually heating before many even get fuel. Hardwoods are often considered to be a superior firewood because the wood is very dense. The TDCA supports all initiatives that provide reassurance that timber materials used in decking have come from sustainable forests. When we supply firewood and logs we try to think of our customer’s needs and requirements, so we aim to manufacture logs and firewood that will fit most open fires and appliances.

Because your decking (of course) is going to be outside 24/7, you need to be sure to choose an option which will stand up to the outdoor conditions all year round. That is, the best general purpose campfires have softwood kindling, hardwood logs, and are made entirely from dry, dead wood. Hardwood usually costs more, gives off more heat but takes longer to dry than softwood. I’m freakin surrounded by NEWP this year, I can’t find anyone close selling softwood and it pisses me off.

Standard Broxwood windows and doors are manufactured using Nordic Red Pine but Oak, Larch, and Mahogany can also be specified. Most warehouse clubs and retailers carry pellets that have a strong smell of cardboard, or other unpleasant scent. Jon Culshaw is a sustainable timber advocate and joiner specialising in bespoke wooden gates and garage doors at He loves the smell of sawdust in the morning! How do I choose between hardwood decking or softwood decking?” is a commonly asked question. Not only do we offer firewood that has been sourced and produced right here in Ireland, but we guarantee that all our logs are of the highest quality hardwood.

Durability is really important when it comes to choosing the right decking for your project. The fire will burn cleaner and hotter with kiln dried logs and the stove window is unlikely to soot up. When burning on an open fire there is much less spitting and sizzling making it much safer for you and better for your chimney. A cord (volume) of dry hardwood vs. a cord (volume) of dry softwood weighs about 2-3 times as much.

In its natural harvested form, Radiata Pine isn’t very useful or durable; the durability meaning it won’t last very long if used in external situations. Hardwood tends to require better woodworking skills and can be a bit more difficult to deal with. Use these easy to follow firewood rack assembly instructions to build your own rugged and durable outdoor firewood rack.

Over the years and if left untreated hardwood will weather and change colour, normally to dark grey. Acetylated wood is softwood that passes through a modification process which increases its strength and durability and yet is environmentally sustainable. Quality of the manufacturing process is highly relative to the quality of the fuel, whether hardwood or softwood.

For Softwood Decking – Of the three options mentioned here, softwood is the most affordable option with options from reputable seller starting at just over £4 in store. Birch has no other commercial value other than as firewood and many cutters specialize in supplying it to homeowners around the island. If a tree’s seeds have some sort of covering, like a nutty shell or fleshy fruit coat, it’s a hardwood.hardwood v softwood

The definitions used by Logs2U to describe moisture content are in line with HETAS Biomass Assurance Scheme and therefore, all our kiln dried logs have an average moisture content of less than 20%. As for the Hardwood being to hard and causing wear on the stove that sounds like a complete flat out lie, I wouldn’t deal with the guy. Softwood fruit still hangs on the tree when their seeds escape from the cones and are distributed over a wide area.

Hardwood has a prominent grain that creates the authentic ‘timber’ aesthetic that many homeowners have come to expect in traditional properties. Hardwood seeds have a cover when they fall off the tree: apple, cherry, wallnut etc. We’re going to take a look at why hardwood is a more efficient and effective firewood than softwood. We are happy to talk to you about the various merits of softwood and hardwood for as long as required. A hardwood with incredible durability and strength, oak is suited to the heaviest of uses and can last a lifetime if properly maintained.hardwood v softwood