Shoe Shine Box

The wooden parts are in OK shape-they don’t look bad and still have good color to most of it. There are brushes and supplies but we wouldn’t count on them being usable. My Grandfather passed away last March and I rescued his collection of horse hair brushes and shoe care items from the trash (these are REALLY good brushes). Walnut/Hickory –¬†Our handmade walnut/hickory hinged shoe care boxes are made from high quality walnut and hickory trees. We picked walnut for this shoe shine kit because walnut wood is handsome, tough, long lasting and richly grained. I did consider a plastic toolbox but I’m really holding up for a nice wooden one.

Another alternative.. if you know somebody who is into wood-working, they could bang together a custom box for you in short order. It does not have the little shoe holder on the top and it works well for me. I agree that when at home, I use one hand to hold the shoe and the other to shine. The only problem is that if you do get a shine kit from shinekits, you will want to buy more shoes so you can shine them.

Top ends, of the end walls taper slightly inwardly and upwardly from their sides, and a wooden handle 6% is supported on the peaked top ends of the end walls and extends thereabove for ready grasping by the user for transporting the box or kit toy. The outer surfaces of the side and end walls of the box 14 are preferably decorated with scenery or the like, such as the map 150 on side wall 44 and the marine scene 152 on end wall 48 shown in Fig.

The box is rectangular in cross section and configuration and includes side walls 44, 46, end walls 48, 50, and a flat bottom wall 52. The top of the box is open. The expert jury explains: illustrative product images, comprehensive product texts as well as shoe care advice provide more information than almost any bricks and mortar shoe retailer. Features a foot rest to use while cleaning your shoe and a hinged lid with clasp to keep closed. Get some polish on the wet cloth and spread it on your shoe with a circular motion.

He told me of a shoe shine box he had made in high school, and said he wished he had it now. The post 98 may be any length desired and may support the foot support or rest 108 or may removably support the modified form of shoe or foot support or rest 121 shown in Fig. The tray provides extra storage space in the box as well as a place to put smaller items. The bristles are soft enough to not scratch your shoes yet stiff enough to give a professional shine.

You could search the forum for ‘shoe shine box’ to see if anyone else has made a shoe shine box or Google ‘plans for shoe shine box’ to see what results you receive. This KIWI Select Shoe Care Kit has all you need to keep your shoes clean and polished whether you are traveling or just need your Shoe Care supplies in one place. It is also an object to provide a base for removably supporting the shoe shine box and for removably supporting the post. On top of the Walnut Shoe Shine Box there is a convenient foot rest to make shoe shine and care almost as easy as a shoe shine stand. Comments: Has one lift up front door with two brass hinges concealed inside the box at the top.wood shoe shine box

All of the equipment necessary for cleaning and shining shoes, such as brushes, cans of polish, bottles, cloths are stored in the box 14 and are readily accessible when needed by merely sliding open the cover 62 so that speed of working is enhanced. Your product may vary slightly based on the best quality materials available at the time your shine box is built. White Oak – is a dense wood it has a coarse open grain, and is one of the stronger woods.

This shoe horn is contoured and lightweight making it convenient to carry with you and allows you to easily slip into your shoes. Our selection of premium shoe storage options leaves nothing to be desired, no matter what kind of shoe shine box you prefer. It is also proposed to provide a shoe shine kit with means for supporting the shoe shining cloth in convenient position.

Shoe rack plans – -date building plans, project ideas, product reviews workshop tested woodworking tools.. Shoe rack plans woodworker magazine. Built for convenience and everyday use, the Executive and Pioneer shine kits are a modern take on the classic shoe shine tool. This Is Our Brand New Shoe Polishing Machine Which Will Buff And Shine Your Shoes Professionally.

Many of our customers use the wooden foot rest with no issues, however we recommend the metal foot rest and hinged box as they offer the best combination of strength and stability. This Shoe Shine Caddy comes complete with rubber tips on bottom and on top there is a convenient foot rest to make shoe shine and care almost as easy as a shoe shine stand. In its ‘entirety, the shoe shine kit’comprises a base 12,-a box Manda-support 16 for a shoe being shined.

This is just the empty box, good for keeping mementos, photographs etc…..check out my other items and garage sale ad. This Oak Shoe Shine Caddy is hand made out of Oak and is quality crafted with finger joint corners. I’m personally interested in spending little on this kind of thing, but also finding something vintage. Even though, with thousands of boxes sold, we have never had an issue of a foot rest coming off, we do recommend using two hands to carry the box. Woly Professional shoe cleaning kit will help maintain your prized shoe collection. This way, you can quickly find everything you need for thorough shoe care in a single place.

This American Walnut Shoe Shine Box is hand made out of American Walnut and is quality crafted with finger jointed corners and double hinges in rear of box. Making sure your shelves and cubbies are big enough to comfortably store your shoe collection. To avoid potential personal injury or damage to the shine box, please use two hands when carrying and do not carry by the foot rest alone. I use a metal file box, gray hammered finish on it, and it holds just about all of my shoe shine stuff except the stack of rags that I periodically wash, fold and return to the pile. This Shoe Valet Shoe Shine Kit contains all you need to keep your shoes like new.