Plan Toys Deluxe Road And Rail Set

As with all Plan Toys, the set is made from organic, recycled rubberwood salvaged from trees that can no longer produce latex and would otherwise be burned. We purchased the Plan Toys Road & Railway Station set for our 2 year old for Christmas, and I must start by stating the toy is meant for 3 years +, so I understand that he is too young to appreciate it in full (though my husband and I find it very fun!) We know that he can enjoy elements of it, such as the little stairway platform, the cars, the people, and placing everything in the box at the end.

ImagiPLAY was founded with the mission to make high quality toys that inspire young imaginations and introduce children to the natural world, that are safe for the child, their planet and all the people and creatures upon it. I firmly believe that a commitment to a childÂ’s safety extends to the well-being of their planet and all the communities involved in the making of that toy.

I’m sorry, but I can’t stand Toys R” Us Not sure if it’s the back-to-front R”, the incessant chirpy jingles that seem designed to drive you out of your mind, or just the fact that they are a large and faceless corporation (I’m not counting that stupid giraffe as a face”) that seem to suck all of the joy and fun out of the very products they are selling.

The really great thing about this brand is they make combination sets that connect single train wood track to double sided track made for other vehicles. Plan Toys (also once distributed by BRIO) is a company based in Thailand that uses environmentally friendly rubberwood in its products. For my money, the basic Ikea Lillabo starter set offers a good intro to trains at HK$169.90, and you can just keep on adding from there.

You get what you pay for is pretty much it. I think it’s great that your family is willing to go for wooden toys that they normally don’t look at. Good for them, how thoughtful and accommodating. While the wood seems hardy enough as with most Plan Toys, and the paint has stood up to some toddler gnawing, I cannot consider the toy durable since the wheels are removable, tiny and liable to get lost. The advantage of this car is that it can ‘drive’ along the standard (Plan City, Thomas or IKEA) wooden railroad. Next step up is a bridge-and-tunnel set , and you can also pick up extra rail kits to expand your budding transport network.

The Nuchi set connects with magnets; Plan Toys has recently switched from magnets to what appears to be a hook connector (although since I only have one car, it’s hard to say how well it will work). Perfect for any train fanatic, the loveable bedding showcases a playful scene of railroad tracks and trains in a lively array of colors. Formaldehyde-Free Glue: Plan Toys uses a proprietary formaldehyde-free, emission-free glue instead of traditional toxic glues in its toys.

I don’t mind that the cars are tiny, as other reviewers of Plan Toy cars (sold separately) have noted; from bumper to bumper about the size of a golf ball, but shorter from base to roof and hence a potential choking hazard. These Union Pacific toys can also be found at the Hallmark Gold Crown stores in Annex of Arlington and Chicago Ridge Mall while their supplies lasts. If you occasionally clean your wood toys with sanitising wipes as I do, you will notice that the IKEA railroad pieces swell and splinter upon contact with moisture, unlike the Plan City ones. This Deluxe Track Pack HO Scale has everything you need to get your first railroad started.

I’ve been somewhat obsessively researching wooden train sets, trying to decide which brand is the right fit for us. These options were attractive because they avoid the commercial marketing of the Thomas sets and are higher quality than other wooden sets on the market. Seeking to maintain ecological balance, Plan Toys saves these trees from being cut and burned, and turns them into beautifully designed children’s toys that are free from fertilizer and pesticide residue, formaldehyde, and other chemicals.

As a child I loved my wooden train set and one is planned now for our little son as well when he reaches the age. For parents that might not have room for an elaborate train set, or prefer a less costly alternative, these small, simple train sets pack a big punch. I tried to expand our train set cheaply with some open stock M&D tracks at a local store but the tracks were pretty crummy and only about half the pieces fit together well. ItÂ’s important to ask specifically what the manufacturer is doing to ensure their toys are safe. A wooden train set is a classic toy for facilitating creative, open-ended play.

Plan Toys for younger children are also made much better than their older children’s toys, which is fine, as long as the company’s price reflected this. This set is a great first train set because it has a straightforward oval track that is easier for younger children to manage. We would be happy to provide a link to your blog or website (if applicable) on our site if we select the review to be published on WTSR. Essentially, a lot of glue is used on many of the pieces, and the tracks and box are slightly warped, so I’m not overly impressed by the quality of this set compared to other brands of wooden toys such as Haba.plan toys train set

The reason I am writing a negative review of this toy is to caution parents that the wheels are detachable. We have the Plan City set and a year later it still looks new and DS loves it. We got lots of Thomas stuff from friends that shopped at Target or what not and it all fits with it. The Nuchi set also comes with a three piece train; Plan Toys only gives you an engine. Some of the better and more popular are Plan Toys (set of 3 cars or train NEW $15-$25 USED $2-$4), a Thailand based company that uses a soy based dye and solid wood. If you have any questions or comments about Hazelnut Kids toys and products, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@ or call us at 1.231.642.6760.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our selection of green toys, organic toys, organic stuffed animals, waldorf toys, wooden toys, natural baby toys, wooden play kitchens, organic dolls, natural art materials, wooden dollhouses, and educational toys. Your little one will go off the rails for this adorable All Aboard Reversible Comforter Set. The great thing about both sets is that the track pieces are compatible (this is true of many wooden train sets on the market).

Both the Assorted Fruit Set and the Assorted Vegetable Set each come with five pieces of produce that can be sliced, a knife and a cutting board. Our experienced craftsmen and women take pride in their work, and it shows in our toys. I also noted that there are so many different sets out there that I lost track already which one a compatible with each other. You can feel confident knowing that all BRIO products, including the wooden railways system and toys, are very safe to play with. Parents will also love that the new PlanWood toys can safely go in the dishwasher.

In addition, Plan Toys supports the Sarnsaeng-Arun Foundation, which supports a public library, park, hermitage, and magazine that focuses on bringing people closer to nature and building a connection with the natural environment. We have been back again and again to expand our ever-increasing Thomas collection, and always leave with more than we intended.

There are other brands besides Brio and Lionel that are compatible with Thomas wooden trains. You can also create a wish list so your family and friends will know which natural toys your children would love to receive as gifts, or which healthy baby toys and products you’d like to receive as a baby shower gift. This life-like train set includes everything your imagination needs for unlimited adventure.