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There are only a handful of tools available to the average woodworker that can make an immediate and substantial difference in the quality of a finished project. I’m new to wood working and i was just wondering in some supermarkets they sale space-saving vacuum bags witch is for compressesing and storeing pillows, quilts, sweaters ect… (place the items to be stored in the bag zip up the end and use any household vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to evacuate the air from the bag.) will this work for vacuum pressing in stead of the proper stuff.

This is essentially a giant vortex-shaped pre-filter piece that allows larger chunks of wood to drop and fall into a trash can or other large container: prolonging the life of the dust collector’s bag and greatly reducing the frequency that you have to empty it. Bill Pentz has written and studied wood dust safety and cyclone dust collectors extensively, and is his website is a recommended resource for those wanting a thorough defense against wood dust.

So if we are to accept the fact that our hobby wood shop dust collection systems are NOT true dust collectors in the sense that very vew of them would actually pass air quality tests, and if we understand there are situations with equipment that makes fine dust that is the unhealthiest such as sanders etc… where strong vacuum is preferred over larger air flow, it would make sense the look to the shop vac for dust collection as PART, but not all of the soltuion to safe workshop air.

They usually use 4″ dust collection hose , and will filter large chips and dust from a variety of woodworking beauty of a dust collector is that they are designed to create a lot of CFMs of suction, and unlike shop vacs which use a small internal filter, dust collectors use a giant bag (or a canister ) and almost never lose any suction with continued use.

Applicability: Although woodworking dust inspired this site creation, many respiratory doctors now recommend small shop owners and their family members, fiberglass workers, stone finishers, sand blasters, concrete cutters, coffee roasters, granary storage workers, and others with fine dust exposure read and follow the recommendations shared on these pages.woodworking vacuum

Our industrial machines range from 5 HP High Vacuum CNC collectors to 20 HP Direct Drive and Pulley Drive collectors, and larger. Time to evacuate is important when you must get to a given vacuum level in a specific period of time. After studying a number of vacuum systems on nested CNC routers, FPInnovations developed a series of tests that measures the performance of a vacuum system at the table, where it counts. The table is full of holes or slots, and a vacuum or dust collector is attached, creating a continuous downward suction on the table.

Go with spiral rigid duct tubing which is more durable and and clear polyurethane flex hose which allows you to seek any blockages. For your dust collector to be effective, it should be equipped with a bag capable of filtering out fine dust particles. The following is a vacuum pump, the general power of 5.5KW, the greater the power, the stronger the adsorption capacity. The second is VC5, which is uses vacuum to hold itself to any flat low porosity surface and then will use vacuum to hold your workpiece. Other nice touches include a standard 11⁄16″ x 111⁄2′ anti-static hose and a brake to prevent unwanted movement.

With its VCBL-B vacuum blocks, Schmalz offers a product developed specifically for the Biesse console systems. With a vacuum straight edge, it can be placed anywhere on the sheet and when vacuum is applied it will pull straight down. A vacuum press can also be used with a variety of jigs to clamp projects to your workbench in lieu of traditional clamps.

Your drill press will have a platform for the stock you are drilling, but your table saw will have – well – a table. Considering the time it takes to create individual jam chucks , the investment in time and money for a system like this is very worthwhile. In the aircraft industry where composites are created for strength and lightness, for wings and structural components an electric vacuum pump would be used as a standard method to evacuate the air from a bag.

All our valves now come with a pop-top that allows you hover a vacuum cleaner over the valve stem. When vacuum is applied, atmospheric pressure puts down a tremendous amount of force. If you’re lucky, you can plug the vacuum hose directly into the dust port of your tool. A long narrow bag is used where the laminates are glued, put in the bag, formed around the arch and vacuum pulled on the bag. Vacuum/direct dust extraction: The last option is to connect a vacuum to a specific tool. I wrote these articles to show that you don’t need a mega-buck setup to build a professional-level vacuum press.

Priced at $130, it also comes with a generous selection of cleaning tools and even a paper filter bag for collecting fine dust from drywall and concrete. The powerful heating system with uniform air distribution provides perfect results for 3D PVC covering of kitchen shutters, cabinet doors as well as it accelerates the veneering and laminating process. The vacuum is cooled via the air that is sucked through the suction hose and exhausted out of the machine exhaust. If you have allergies or asthma you may want to consider a HEPA vacuum to drive your system.

Having the motor outside will also limit how late into the evening you can use the system before getting an angry visit from your neighbour. His system consists of a main dust collector, ambient air purifier and ductwork that connects everything. Thanks to the quickly and easily replaceable suction plates, Dittus does not have to pay for the costly replacement of complete vacuum blocks.

Lets see, woodworking for 15 minutes, then 30 minutes with a shop vac, working in a cloud of dust, trying to clean the bags enough so that they could be used again for another 10-15 minutes. When using without adhesive, it’s easier to use a sheet large enough to cover the chuck face but it’s imperative that you cut a small hole in the center to allow the vacuum to enter the entire space.

We run new specials almost every week on a variety of dust collection systems and components. Another useful feature is the retaining system for Bosch’s L-Boxx tool and storage boxes, which turns the vacuum into a handy dolly. The filtration for this vacuum was initially provided by a Ridgid VF6000 HEPA filter. The Milwaukee is a step-up general purpose vacuum that’s old school, but in a good way. In order to be able to post messages on the Woodworking Talk – Woodworkers Forum forums, you must first register.

The construction method found in the JWW vacuum press article uses standardized parts that can be found on the Internet and at your local hardware store. But they can’t hold a candle to a dedicated dust collector when it comes to capturing large volumes of shavings and superfine dust from woodworking machinery. In addition woodworking makes huge numbers of fine dust particles that have razor sharp edges and sharp often barbed points that damage and scar our respiratory tissues. Biesse machines are equipped with vacuum blocks, which clamp the workpieces during processing.

Wire retainers on the Craftsman (right photo) provide simple, yet effective hose storage. Another very important aspect of the spoilboard is that it comes into contact with the table plenum without incurring leakage on the edges. Our shop vacuums, air cleaners, dust collectors and cyclone systems miss collecting much of the unhealthiest finest dust. The vacuum portion is on top, and is just clamped onto a large bucket with wheels. With hand tools, a high vacuum system (10″ to 100″ Water Column) is necessary to offset friction losses with small diameter hoses (1″ to 2″ vacuum hoses).

A long hose gives you more reach for cleaning or collecting dust from a tool without having to move the vacuum. Provide dust extraction (also known as local exhaust ventilation or LEV ) at woodworking machines to capture and remove dust before it can spread. You’ll barely notice the 1-1/4 in. hose as you move the saw, sander or other tool across the work piece.

Wet/Dry Vacuum, Portable, Voltage 120, Tank Material Polyethylene, Number of Motor Stages 1, Drain No, Hz 60, 1 yr. and Standards cUL, US; Varies by Peak HP, Tank Size, Air Flow, Amps, Static Pressure, Average Brush Life and Hose Dia. There are many other details to consider, such as cord, hose and accessory storage, the accessibility of the power switch and how convenient the motor housing latches are to use. To start the dust collection build I purchased the Rigid 14 gallon WD 1450 shop vacuum and the Dust Deputy Deluxe kit.woodworking vacuum

The Global Sprinter Professional is a versatile vacuum press with powerful heating top for woodworking, 3D PVC foiling and thermoforming. A simple twist lock secures the 21⁄2″ (x 7′) hose to both the inlet and blower ports. We have developed a series of products to meet the varying needs of woodworking professionals and enthusiasts, with workbeds available in portable, workshop and industrial sizes. Bosch provides simple and effective bungee-style retainers (right photo) for hose storage and a loop for hanging the power cord.