When considering building a climbing frame in your garden, you need to consider a few important elements, including the space you have available for play equipment (including safety area around the frame), in addition to what access other family members will need, and how you intend to maintain or surface the garden. The plans for the modular play center may also be bought on their own to enable people to source, cut and acquire the timber locally. Rainbow Play Systems -sell children’s playhouses & playground equipment in the UKwith playhouses, climbing frames, big playsets garden swings and slides to suit children from twos to teens. The most important thing you must bear in mind when planning your climbing frame is safety.

Action 5 Star stockists are the best independent Action Climbing Frame retailers in the UK. Every 5 Star stockist has a wide range of Action products available, have expert knowledge on all aspects of the products, offer fantastic customer service and can easily be contacted by phone during the week. At Dinsmores Climbing Frames, we build and install climbing frames of the highest quality and deliver them all over Ireland. If you are swindon way and are looking for a climbing frame there is a display site at Millets farm in your own wooden climbing frame

Looking at the larger selwood ones from the UK climbing frames place, the Costco one is also a selwood product I think and a slight variation of two of the existing models, presumably to make it unique for them. Many people start their search looking for gardens swings, realising they can get more than just swings, getting a climbing frame including swings, swing accessories, like trapeze bars, aerobatic bar or 2-child gliders. Our revolutionary Action 3D software allows you to design your own climbing frame from the comfort of your own home. When choosing your outdoor climbing frames, it is important to consider the size and shape of your garden.

Being someone that is not afraid to build just about anything I have been sketching ideas on different sheets of paper in between writing my own lens. Now part of the big Mookie family, the home of Swingball, the TP range includes trampolines, climbing frames, swing frames, slides and much much more-all designed in the UK by TP’s in house product development team.

This Playhouse is adapted from one of our Otter Cottage playhouses and incorporates subtle climbing frame features within its charming structure. If you have connected the posts with a horizontal beam, it might be easier, and more secure, to simply screw on wooden balusters along each side, see illustration 3. The girls absolutely love the climbing frame and zip wire, we are really pleased with everything, even my mother in law has been on the Zip Wire! Climbing frames really do give children an amazing amount of play value so taking time over your purchase is well worth it.

I can only conclude that this frame is far poorer quality than the others I have encountered and I very much doubt that it will last the years I had hoped it would when I purchased it. I certainly wouldnt recommend these play frames to anyone. As a retailer of Action Wooden Climbing Frames for children, we also offer our customers the opportunity to tailor their own climbing frame, adding their desired components and parts to construct a frame to suit their garden and interests. The interest rate for the Fixed Payment and Interest Free Credit plans will be fixed.

Kiosk Play Centre from Blue Rabbit, This is a kit that includes components that can be added to timber sourced locally or supplied by us. It includes plans and parts to make a play centre for your children as pictured. We reserve the right to have the parts shipped to us at your expense, but we would prefer to be able to service you without doing so. Click the Toys & Games then the Outdoor toys & Activities Click on the Climbing frames sub-category portal.

This makes the build a lot easier, perfect for the DIY enthusiast who’s tool box is a mix of power tools and hand tools (and for whom the prospect of hand sawing tree size piece of timber is a little off putting!). Childrens climbing frames provide the children with a physical space to express themselves and explore the world around them. Before purchasing and installing your climbing frame, measure your space carefully.

Our entry-level PlayCentre offers all the features needed for a wide range of outdoor play activities. These treatments will also ensure that the wooden climbing frame lasts in the elements and does not rot. Wooden climbing frames are mostly made from materials from sustainable sources so not only will the frame have less environmental impact when being made, it will also look a lot more natural and blend into your garden better. Quite apart from the great stimulus a climbing frame offers the imagination it can also help in physical development and skills in general.

Climbing Frames have not offered an apology nor compensation for having wasted a precious Saturday spent at home. A few years ago climbing frames were generally seen to be something only the rich could afford. We recommend that all customers check their parts, whether you’re building your own climbing frame, or using a climbing frame installer. Your children will appreciate having a climbing frame that is uniquely theirs, rather than one copied from the local park.

In a previous life I used to have to build & test them to meet European safety standards & those 3 brands were the only ones I had experience with (not that I’m suggesting that other brands do not meet the requirements!!) & they were all much of a muchness to be honest. We strongly advise ensure the garden is ready and all parts are present before commencing a build.

Part of the Blue Rabbit range, this module adds a Rope climbing wall to their modules. Action Wooden Climbing Frames for children are immensely popular, having received consistently excellent feedback from our customers who are all delighted with the quality, extensive range of features and flexible customisation options available to the buyer. The Playways Forest Combo Climbing frame and Forest Mega 2-Storey playhouse are our most popular models in the Forest range. Climbing frames provide fantastic cardio exercise for children, with the climbing and swinging increasing their heart rates, as well as the running from activity to activity.

A wooden climbing frame is more than just a structure to climb on. It is an opportunity for children to really start to explore, and gain confidence in themselves. Garden climbing frames provide children with a whole world of adventurous possibilities, and the exciting adventures can be extended with a selection of accessories. Why not add a ships wheel and periscope to create a pirate ship climbing frame, or a fireman’s pole for a spy hut. Our unique system allows you to view and arrange your Climbing Frame components in a variety of positions.

But, with our timber, screws and brackets from our accessories ranges you could even consider designing your own swing or climbing frame. If you would like to find out more information about any of our climbing frames, or if you already have one of our climbing frames and would like to find additional information or instruction documentation then we have a series of links that can point you in the correct direction. Every instruction manual comes with a maintenance section for the climbing frame / swing set.

We have provided plans with the dimensions of the various components to allow you to draw up alternative layouts. Our standard Climbing Frame Designs are put together in a safe but challenging combination to ensure children are at minimal risk when playing. The last thing we want is for people to set aside time to build their playset and have to stop due to missing or damaged parts.

Add some climbing ropes and a slide and suddenly the climbing frame becomes even more exciting and adventurous. Once you’ve chosen your climbing frame, and arranged delivery we advise you take a few moments to ensure you’ve prepared yourselves for the installation. When children visit the local park, the first thing they run to is the climbing frame. We have a range Tangled climbing structures to choose from all of which differ in size and shape. Our huge range and expansive selection gives you a choice of dozens of parts and accessories to help you build or accessorise your home build or DIY climbing frame.

Having the chance to create adventures on a big multi-tower climbing frame is so much fun, with lots of features to explore and exciting challenges to try out. Blue Rabbit climbing frames are designed for the DIY market so we will provide you with everything you need to build a stunning looking climbing frame. All of our flat pack climbing frames come with an illustrated owners instruction manual.

The climbing wall on the costco one makes me think for that money you could have a nice mini outdoor wall for them to climb on and they’ll love it. As they get older, you change the holds with harder ones to hold onto. To make these play centers as stimulating as possible for imaginative kids, a full variety of wooden climbing frame accessories such as rope ladders, telescopes, steering wheels and much more are offered.

The possibilities of how to build your wooden playhouse, are very various, as you will see while surfing through our products on our website. Also by ordering through us we can save you money on the best quality wooden climbing frames available in the UK today. There are a range of climbing frame accessories and add-ons to choose from, including climbing, sports and imaginative options.