Wood Step Stool

This can be used as a ladder or a step stool and provides a little extra storage space. Each nesting stool top is covered in tread that increases friction and reduces the likelihood of a slip and fall happening. When you need to take home cleaning to the next level, count on a wooden step stool to give a leg up. These stools come in strong, sturdy materials like oak, mahogany, pine, and other solid woods. Either the parents who praise this step stool have itty bitty benches or their toddlers are the size of NBA players. I can literally balance on any corner of the stool without any danger of the stool tipping.

This Pinterest user has modified the Bekvam by making the lower step longer and sawing off part of an upper leg, but it seems it could make a fine standing desk without these changes (you could saw off the legs to match your idea standing height). It’s a great solid little step but still light enough that my 2 1/2 yr old can carry it to the sink. A good potty seat and step stool will help your toddler feel stable and secure while sitting on the throne. This Two Step Step Stool can be used in the bedroom, closet, kitchen or anywhere children need a handy step up. This quite practical Bedroom Bed Storage Step Stool was designed in contemporary style.

The Safety 1st Wooden 2 Step Stool is suitable from 12 months to a maximum weight of 22.6 kg and enables your little one to reach the sink by themselves. And frankly, I think the heavier a step stool is the more stable it is. So that’s something I wouldn’t want to see go away. I agree with the people that said it is packed very good, but the plastic on the chair itself is a puzzle and I can’t fathom why they put it on like that.

With great deals for wood step stools on eBay, you can put an end to disregarding your home. This functional item can be used as a ladder or a step stool and provides a little extra storage space. Safety 1st Wooden 2 Step Stool (Natural) Solid wood stool suitable from 18 months to around 4 years or up to 22 kgs. Designed exclusively for us by Mark Daniel, this stylish, tapered take on the step stool is crafted of wood with steel supports, lower shelf and integrated cutout handle making it easy to tote the stool from room to room. Can easily be used both as a footstool or a step stool and offers you great stability and durability.

Surprisingly, even when my toddler got the stool top completely wet when attempting to brush his teeth, it was still incredibly grippy making this step stool very suitable for bathroom use. Since you weren’t completely resawing the leg on the bandsaw, wooden handscrew clamped at the bottom provides both stability (keeping it upright 90 deg) and a handle to keep your hands out of the way. For out door use where you need just a tiny height boost, you simply cannot go past this step stool!

If you need to reach two different heights it may be a better option for you to by two different step stools, one for each height. This butterfly step stool in the most stunning design with vibrant colors and, of course, highest safety in mind, will prove utmost practical for your child, giving them an instant boost, while making the room brighter with its beautiful finish. Start the stool with a single plank of wood approximately 7/8″ thick, 11″ wide and about 32″ long.

You can easily spot of a toilet step stool is it’s curved front (U-shaped), allowing it to sit up close to the base of your toilet. If your Little one has a fear of the toilet (it IS a long way up for your tiny toddler) then this step stool will is a good solution. This funny, neat step stool features an image of a friendly zebra instead of boring, conventional frame sides. Using the drawings provided, cut out all the pieces for constructing the stool.

My toddlers were both too fidgety to stay still on a platform this size so I would use two step stools only temporarily, say for reaching objects, climbing into bed, etc. This stool is made of good quality, matches the furniture in the room I want to use it, is sturdy and well constructed to support a heavy weighted person. I’ve always admired this little stool in the opening of your videos and thought it might be a shape/design I’d swipe someday. It is very safe and if you looking for perfect step-up stool you need to buy this one.

Choose the type of wood you want, colors and of course the name of the lucky child receiving the personalized step stool and enjoy a flawless piece that’s made to last for many memories to come. We genuinely care about our customers and know that many of our products whether they’re personalized step stools or custom baby blankets are memories in the making. While this step stool wont be suitable for everyone; if you love to cook and are looking for a special way to bond with your toddler then this is the step stool for you. If you examine the sides of the step stool you will notice a hole on either side.