From Mulberry To Tool Handles

I’ve been very bussy last months, but last week I found time to finish a project that I started some months ago. A bit of research on mulberry tells me that the two main species are the white (morus alba) native of Asia which produces the leaves eaten by silkworm, and the black (morus nigra) native of the Middle East. Black mulberry was imported to Britain in the 17th century in the hope that it would be useful in the cultivation of silkworms. In either case, the smoke produced from the burning wood imparts unique flavors into the food. Wood is stored in the closet for now – I really have only enough room for one project at a time, so it doesn’t take up a ton of room. Also because of the many years of various cuts, you get some incredible grain patterns.

Plant away from pavement or buildings to provide adequate room for the shallow roots that grow extensively near the soil surface around the trunk. Red mulberry trees rarely live more than 75 years, while black mulberries have been known to bear fruit for hundreds of years. The Paper Mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera, Vint.) is cultivated extensively in Japan. Oak is one of the most often used woods because it is common in many regions of the country. Mulberry is associated with evil spirits in Germany due to ancient belief that devil uses root of mulberry tree to polish his boots.

Red Mulberry trees can have male and female flowers on the same plant (monoecious) or on separate plants (dioecious). I was considering the option of building a covered area in the front to sticker all the wood. Mulberry leaves are also the premier food of silkworms which can be raised and used as chicken food. Mike has been elected as a Fellow in SWST, International Academy of Wood Science, and Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining.

He told me his daily ritual after work was to cut up all the forms and waste wood on a radial arm saw, each day. If the log has sufficient contorted burl-type figure, which is generally present where a lateral branch meets the main truck, then it can be lath turned into beautiful bowls (Photograph to right shows burls in wood). Flowers: Mulberry trees are either dioecious or monoecious, and sometimes will change from one sex to another. The mulberry makes an attractive tree which will bear fruit while still small and young.

The king wanted to wrest the monopoly of silk-making from the French by cultivating mulberries – the sole food of silkworms He had a four-acre mulberry garden planted in an area to the north of present-day Buckingham Palace, tended by the King’s Mulberry Men. Mulberry trees have thrived since the Romans brought them to Britain and used the leaves to treat diseases of the mouth, trachea and lungs.mulberry wood

Red Mulberry trees are found though most of the eastern US. They can bring shade in a short period of time to our Florida Yards, a feature that maybe of interest to hurricane ravaged landscape owners. The excavations at Pompeii also bear witness to this, for, in the peristyle of the ‘House of the Bull,’ a Black Mulberry is represented. The grain pattern is nice and the trunks can get really big with huge joints when splitting into limbs.

Like I said – I think mulberry is kind of plain looking, but I also feel the same way about a variety of light hardwoods like ash. A fine specimen of Mulberry tree is to be seen in front of the Head-master’s house at Eton. Red mulberry is a shade tolerant species often growing in the understory of woodlands with sycamore, elms, boxelder, cottonwood, green ash, and black walnut. As the wood is freshly cut, please take precautions to keep it out of heat and sunlight.

The heart of the cob that holds the kernels is the fuel section of this alternative for wood. Most often made from oak, the wood provides a light oaky taste that goes well with beef, poultry, and cheeses that are grilled or smoked. In this regard, the department’s primary teaching responsibility is to provide high quality educational opportunities necessary to adequately prepare students for professional and scientific careers in forest products and wood science.

Mulberry trees grow well in containers – we planted a mulberry cutting in an old bathtub in our organic garden at our headquarters at the Beach House on Lantau Island. To the uninitiated, this wood can be confused with osage orange, but differences in the wood structure are trivially easy to spot, most particularly in the end grain. The contractors were pleased to do this, since it saved them the time and energy to move the last 6′ of the trunk to mulch it. Although recycling downed trees as mulch is a desirable outcome, recycling the tree to a higher purpose through woodworking is the preferred recycling option. Mulberry wood is rather light and soft, but very durable in contact with the soil.

The moment, Jesus brought up the mulberry tree everyone’s mind went to death, funerals and the use of that tree. Although Mulberry is a fairly common species in the US, it is rare to get large trees that are able to produce exceptionally large blanks like these. The black mulberry is the least cold-hardy of the three, although again cold tolerance seems to depend on the clone. I once read that in mediaeval England, mulberry was often used for making the famous long bow.

Although the color of mulberry is similar to that of the Osage orange, the woods are quite different. This plantation is the ‘Mulberry Garden’ often mentioned by the old dramatists and occupied the site of the present beautiful private grounds of Buckingham Palace, where one remaining Mulberry tree planted at that time is still to be seen. Plank grilling boards can be made from any of the types of wood described in this chart, as long as the wood is not chemically treated. White mulberry is the largest, black mulberry the smallest type of mulberry (it grows in the form of shrub).

Dr. Wan received his B.S. in forest products at Central Southern University of Forestry and Technology in China, his master degree in wood composite at the Royal Agriculture University of Copenhagen, Denmark and his Ph.D. in wood composites at Mississippi State University, USA. Of all the uses of mulberry this is probably the one with the most potential to fight malnutrition. Leaves of the red mulberry are larger and thicker, blunt toothed and often lobed.

It also gives you a place on-site to dry the wood and save dealing with transport until you need the wood, which will be 1-2 years away. The following transaction is mentioned in the College accounts at Cambridge: ‘Item for 300 mulberry plants, xviii. A grafted mulberry will begin flowering and fruiting it’s first or second year because it skips the juvenile phase by using the mature wood of an older tree.

Also thats on delicious stave you’ve got there, I have many mulberry staves and trees but not one is pefect like this. Both sides of a piece of red mulberry / Morus rubra – HUGE enlargements are present. Many mulberry owners find the fruiting variety to be a messy problem, though small kids and birds find them to be delicious. Red mulberry can survive up to 75 years, while black mulberry can live and produce fruit for hundreds of years. Pimento is a tropical wood taken from theplant, Pimenta dioica, which is also referred to as Allspice, Jamaican Pepper, Myrtle Pepper, or Newspice. I’ve used it for some frame and panel work and for contrasting elements and inlays on furniture.

Although, as previously mentioned, softwoods may be unsuitable for grilling and smoking, several other types of wood can be quite hazardous if used. Plank and end grain – plank contributed by Chris Arvidson, whom I thank for this and other contributions. It is ground into small granular bits that can be added to a smoking box or it can be combined with other woods such as woods from fruit trees, to impart several flavors.