Craftsman 103.23131 Bench Model Drill Press

The Craftsman 15″ Drill Press, Model 137.229150, is a floor model commonly found in many home shops. I pulled off the old 3 phase motor and put a NOS 1970 GE single phase that I bought at another auction 15 years or so ago, and using the original 3 phase wiring harness I swapped out the on/off pushbutton switches for a SPST on/off and a DPDT with a pair of crossed jumper wires on it as a reversing switch so I can use left hand drills once in a while if I ever need to.

If it’s too loose or too tight, reset the tension following the directions in your machine’s manual (Note: belt tightness on drill presses with mechanical variable speed isn’t adjusted this way; consult your machine’s manual). You can reduce the speed down to almost nothing, so it can drill really slowly, plus of course, it can mill. Includes instructions, 2 belts and extra parts to cover what seems like dozens of models all in the original box.

Consider that when using a drill press to push a drill into a work piece both axial and radial forces are at work. From what I can tell, this is the first table saw from Craftsman to have a guard on the blade. It’s recommended to clamp the wood to the drill surface which keeps it from turning, and also keeps your hands away from the drill bit. I think you are rite, I think an older worn out American made press would be better than a new imported imatation of one. I know this tread is old but I found a NOS (new old stock) Craftsman Multi Speed Drilling Attachment #2338.old craftsman drill press

Most small drill presses have a minimum speed of around 600 RPM, or a bit over twice as fast as they ought to be to drill hard steel. Check the belt by unplugging the drill press, removing the machine’s head cover and doing a visual inspection of the belt while rotating it by hand. Old tools had user serviceable parts too, my 1965 B&D sabre saw has replaceable motor brushes, today you buy a new one! As for why the Jet part costs double the Sears part – I have no idea why a company would price a part the way they do. It is possible that the factory that makes the Jet press is not the Rexon factory and maybe the Jet part is made to tighter tolerances.old craftsman drill press

This will determine the chuck size, type, motor size, speeds needed, etc.. Then be sure that your drill press allows you to adjust for the various elements you are working with and can maintain the settings needed. I opted to put a 1/2hp 90VDC motor on my little HF drill press, it uses an SCR speed control which produces good torque down to ~60 rpm as the speed with only 2 pulleys is usually too high for many operations like a dig hole saw in Al. A 3 pulley mod was un-doable so going DC was easier and cost ~$100 with stuff off Ebay.

I recall my Dad ( who has a ML7 sat in his garage in Cornwall not being used while I live in Berks) said he had problems with the taper/chuck and had to drill into the taper and add a screw to hold the chuck in. So there could be problem with the taper. The key is to find a way on your drill press table to mount the set-up block repeatably to the exact same location. One of my favorite drill presses, and one of my favorite accessories FOR a drill press, and you made a piece of art out of it!

This option is valuable if you expect to revisit Sears PartsDirect using this computer and browser in the future. You definitely need” a drill press, once you get one you will not know how you got by w/ one. This is so bitchin’ I love vintage tools in fact I use an old Craftsman drill press daily, still works and it was free. What you want to do is not hard and the bearings for the Quill and the Motor are probably under $ 25 delivered.

The motors on both the drill press and the lathe have been replaced for various reasons, but the motors on the saws are both original. I then put a wooden block under the table to prevent flexing and with a large headed bolt turned flat and chucked I use the handle to press the case down into the hole. The Craftsman 10” Bench Drill Press with Laser gets a just barely-above-average rating: 3 out of 5 Stars. The model number I have on the motor (115.6960) is the only number I see on the unit.