1.0 In. X 23.75 In.)

This laminated pine round is great for stools, table tops and other furniture uses. Note, in my original pic of the supplies, I planned on using Minwax Wipe On Poly which I absolutely love for stained furniture, and also used with great success on my staircase makeover At the last minute (and since this was a tabletop) I substituted non yellowing Deft Clear Wood Finish which my friend Layla also used for her whitewashed dining room table Deft also states the protectant is baby safe” but not sure what that means and also alcohol, fruit juice, and water resistant”.

Our Reclaimed Wood Table Tops in Herringbone Pattern are made-to-order out of reclaimed Douglas Fir sourced from local buildings in the Los Angeles area (about 1.5 Inch thick) with a cabinet-grade plywood backing for stability… product comes with a water-based urethane satin finish unless you request an unfinished product, in which case we can fill all holes and sand ready for your custom finish work.

Although, there just wasn’t enough texture to the wood grains and sometimes a bit too much light would reflect off the porcelain that was a dead giveaway it was fake. My table top was supposed to be delivered tomorrow and to my surprise, I got it today (Sunday) and it’s awesome. Werzalit table tops are high quality table tops resistant to the effects of mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. Table hasa round, glass top and all set has a durable, wooden frames in walnut finish. Then came imitation wooden porcelain tiles from HomeDepot , which served us well for over a year, and at $2 per plank these were a great deal.

Notice the proper wood grain direction, which is from the back of the cleat to its tongue. I’m staining our table red mahogany to match another table we have in our living room. After i did lots of distressing, i used a 220 grit sandpaper on my orbital sander and smoothed the wood out. Cleaning any wood wooden surface with water or a water based solution will result in the wood grain and finish lifting and peeling. You could even use a drill with the smallest bit and make holes in the wood that look like termites created them. I would get these if you are going to attach a top and want to take it apart later.

It looks like in this table they used veneer or really thin wood to cover the edges of the planks and plywood. If planks are slightly cupped or twisted, have them planed at a local millwork shop or borrow a tabletop planer and tackle the job yourself. DIY Dining room table with 2×8 boards (4.75 each for $31.00) from Lowes This is the coolest website!!!

With a straight-cut design, the oak effect finish and white table top is a high quality and a sturdy dining table. As a sealant coat, shellac is perfectly adequate for library table tops, but it may not be sufficiently water-resistant for use on a dinner table where liquids might be spilled. But for today, I’ll just give you a teaser with our coffee table top I’ve been working on. Then the other end sits in the slot on the frame boards so that the top can expand and contract without stress. Run planks though the planer, stripping a small amount of wood from each side as you plane. This is the finish that we use on the chairs and table bases, but we apply 3 or 4 additional coats.

The wax is usually rubbed onto the table top in paste form, where it combines with the base varnish coat and improves its water resistance. I measured the width of the top and decided on how many planks I wanted to create. The table top fasteners I purchased were of good quality,worked perfectly and delivery was of a timely fashion.I will certainly buy from Rockler in the future. So with a table top that’s four, 2x12x5ft, I have 45 screws attaching the boards.