Should We Install Carpet Before The Baseboard And Door Casings?

Since they were in zinc finish (because it was cheapest), we spray painted all of the hardware black. We didn’t spray the part that rolls through the box rail because you can’t see it and we didn’t want it to stick…more details on that later. You’ll need to know whether the door or doors you’ve chosen are too heavy for the track system they’ll be utilizing, which is especially important if this is a DIY project. I also had an issue with the threshold covering the space between the door and the hardwood floors. Back inside, I trim the shims and begin filling the space around the frame with low expansion insulating foam. Ideally, you’ve painted the crown molding the same color as the window, door, and floor trim.

Start at the top of the door and check the reveal when screwing in the top bracket. This paint-grade trim is less expensive than wood but when painted is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Once your door is trimmed to size, it’s time to measure where the hinges go. Hold the door up in the frame using the wedges and 2 pence piece to make an equal gap around it. Draw pencil lines at the top and bottom of both existing hinge recesses.

You can also put a small amount of glue at the miters and cross-nail them with 4d finishing nails. Set the door unit into place, bottom first, so that you do not smear the caulk. If the walls are warm-toned, it’s usually a good idea to stick with a warm trim. You want to create two compound mitred corners , where the timber wraps seamlessly around the corner. Place the rosette block at the top corner of the doorjamb on the left or right. If you paint everything with at least one coat of good primer and give it a light sanding before you install it, this can be done in a couple of days easily (depending on room size of course!).

Then we just marked the walls and measured and installed the baseboard accordingly. Drill a small pilot hole through the top of the trim (Image 1); sink a screw into the pilot hole. There is a variety of trim molding available to outline and accent your interior doors. To install the end cap, you just have to wedge it in the end of the box rail. We protected it with a cloth and just hammered it in. The paint scratched off a little, but I just touched it up after it was installed. Install the hinges – Now hold the door up to the frame – at right angles to the frame (as if it’s opened). As soon as I began painting the trim I knew I should have done it before it was to put up door trim

Start with a good primer, this helps the paint dry evenly and gives a smooth and consistent layer which helps correct flawed, uneven or porous surfaces. To secure this trimmed length, nail J-channel along the top of the deck, backed by a strip of 1/2-in. The trim was a little smudgy from all of the handling and, try as I might, the pieces weren’t flawlessly flush in all spots but they were close enough. A few simple changes will convert this door trim design from Victorian to Craftsman style. Installing door trim with one hand in 3 seconds is worth the price of admission.