How To Build Box Blind Deer Stand Shooting House

Since 1973, ‘Hara Landscape Design & Landscape Maintenance has been providing reliable commercial landscape design, residential landscape maintenance, and. After they get completely hooked on hunting, then they get kicked out in the cold and the ol’ man can enjoy the comfort and satifaction of building his blind. I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ll be building out of wood, but steel can be used for a more solid base on an elevated blind. Since the blind was 7 feet above the ground at the floor, it was necessary to use ladders for much of the reassembly and caution was used to prevent anyone from falling. The Easy Tree Deer Stand is perhaps the cheapest and easiest hunting stand you can build – check it out!

When a storm is accompanied by high winds, hail, and lightning, it’s wise to seek shelter in a vehicle, building or camp house. Warm and dry when the weather is bad and if you have kids, a blind like this will make the experience much more enjoyable and exciting for them. In the last five years, I’ve killed several bucks while hunting with a bow from the ground without a blind.

Probably my personal favorite option has been accessing deer blinds that have been completely hidden within a wall of Spruce. Don’t just settle for a blind set up on a fence line or ridge top or in a strip of trees. I always recommend that the people using my plans should also take a look over the measurements in the diagrams before making the cuts, as these small typing errors are inherent. Because you never want to invite deer to feed on your deer screen, let alone whatever type of habitat is hiding your deer blind.

Keep in mind if your not comfortable you not as likely to stay in the blind for an extended period of time. Al Struttman Sr. stands with his grandson, Samuel, who harvested this 12-point buck to place third in weight in the Big Buck contest this fall in Vernon County, Mo. The deer was impressive enough to be included in the Missouri Big Buck Club. Most box blinds are built for gun hunting, and for that, not much space is required. OK so it sounds like the deer will get close enough under the right conditions.

The specific size of the Grand Stand deer blind is the result of building many box stands and making improvements along the way. BTW if anyone builds from these plans could you send me some photos and how it turns out. The Grand Stand deer blind is so air tight that when the windows and door are closed, you can basically carry on a normal conversation and not be heard with game as close as twenty feet! However, picking a good strategy for a set up will separate the men from the boys in the hunting community, especially when the perfect tree isn’t available.building a box blind for deer hunting

Fresh-cut tree limbs and bunches of grass or straw also help veil the smell of your blind. Deer get used to them just like they do an old piece of farm equipment rusting away in the field. The dimensions of the Grand Stand deer blind have been tested and improved for over twenty years and they are the absolute best for all around hunting effectiveness, safety, and comfort while saving you money! When I hunt from a pop-up blind, I brush it in as much as possible unless I am hunting an open field. I placed one near a food plot last year and 3 weeks later I had 17 deer with in 40 yards and I don’t think they even looked my way. These are plans and instructions to build the Tree Stand shown in the photo above.

This is a NEW Hughes HP-67000 Hunting 4 x 4 Box Blind & HP-67055 Tower 10 Foot Bundle. Our new EZ Deer Blind Kit simplifies blind & tower construction, takes the guesswork out of leg angles and provides a rock solid connection between the deer blind and the tower. If anyone is considering windows for their hunting stands, they should look no further than your company! Making a natural ground blind can be a lot of work, and sometimes takes several hours.

I have had many deer walk under it while I have been in it and it’s not uncommon to find a deer bed under it in the winter. If I’d been sitting inside a blind when I shot that buck I rattled in, I don’t think it would have been quite the saem sort of experience. In order to have access to the hunting blind, we recommend you to frame the door, as described in the diagram.

When you have a bit of private land that you can hunt on, one addition that I’ve found adds a lot of comfort to a hunt is access to a fixed, semi-permanent blind. I have opened window with deer only 15 yards away and the deer never heard window open. After assembling the frame of the 6×6 deer stand together, we recommend you to attach the exterior walls to the structure.

I painted it olive green and highlighted it with black and brown spray paint to camo it. I also did the same thing on the inside of the deer as well. EXAMPLE: you can start with a Box blind with 12-inch legs this year and if you find that you want more height you can add a longer leg set on later. I have had several deer within 20 feet looking in the window with no idea I am there.

We would build a set of steps from treated 2×6 boards and add a handrail to enter the blind. I wasn’t sure it would work to set up a blind like that and shoot a deer the same day”, Tyler said, as we were dragging his buck out. Check out the YouTube clip above or try reading, Egyptian Wheat Screening For Food Plots” for a much cheaper and more practical way to hide your deer blinds.

On the positive side, they’re very roomy: someone could lay right out and take a nap in one, and you’d have no problem hunting with your wife or with kids, or with all of them! Shooting a deer out of a box blind with a rifle isn’t the same as shooting a deer on the ground with a bow (which is my favorite way to hunt), but hunting out of a box blind is better than not hunting at all because it’s too cold and miserable.

They are not sealed, its more like hunting out of a tall, covered ladder stand except you are comfortable and can silently swivel to make a quick shot or to glass 360. The dimensions of the Grand Stand have been tested and changed for over twenty years and they are the absolute best for all around hunting effectiveness and comfort. We have had enough experience building and hunting from box stand deer blinds to know which parts deteriorate first (so it can now be avoided), to what items are needed for maximum comfort and hunting effectiveness.