Over 150 Great Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Designs, Rabbit Playpen Styles

Step-by-step instructions and materials needed to build an inexpensive DIY rabbit hutch to house your rabbits. Being confined continuously to a hutch does not allow a rabbit to exhibit natural behaviors such as running, hopping, jumping and digging and is actually cruel confinement. I have noticed they are very skittish and a noise in the garden makes her run for the hills but she soon comes back out. Having said that, you will not know the personality for real until the rabbit is about 5 months old, as rabbits change dramatically at around this age. If your rabbit is going to be inside, you really only just need the cage, then you can let the rabbit run around the house. If the bunny is young, make sure you consider its adult size when purchasing a hutch.

Typical symptoms include: the rabbit scratching frequently and intensively inside its ear or ears with its hind leg; holding its head slightly to one side (the side with the worse ear as often one is more severely affected than the other); shaking its head slightly as if trying to get rid of the vile stuff deep inside. Foxes tend to be pretty bold these days and I want it to be tough enough to be fox proof – I’m waiting on a response from a rabbit forum about how thick it needs to be. Also choose a position where there is less draught or wind blowing at the hutch, particularly through the front as draught can make a rabbit ill.build your own rabbit run

You can also cover one end with a circle cut from another piece of poster board—some rabbits like the feeling of being closed in and others don’t, so see what works best for your rabbit. Using a large hutch or shed as a base, you can create a fun area for your rabbits to play. It provides your bunny with their own territory in which they can eat, sleep and go to the toilet and it allows you to keep them secure when you want to do the vacuuming or let the kids run around. We have two rabbits, and they each have their own hutch now, as it has stpped them fighting!

Obviously heavy rain or snow will mean you need to move your rabbits into their hutch if the run does not link together. As stated previously, it is important that there is a run (or similar) attached to the night area, as if they are literally shut in overnight that would be reason enough for them not to want to comply. To keep your rabbit healthy and to not have fur flying everywhere, you should practice regular grooming sessions with your bunny. This way the rabbit can’t get out, predators can’t get in and the rabbit does not have to rely on you for its daily exercise.

Persistent offenders can be determined to empty their litter trays no matter what, so sometimes buying hooded litter trays that have high fronts can deter a rabbit as it is much harder to empty the contents if they have to be shovelled over a high edge. If your hutch is in an exposed area or open to the elements, it is advisable to try and find a more sheltered position.

Or by adding some wooden panels to each side of your enclosure and making them an inch wider than the enclosure allows you to have something to attach the bubble wrap or plastic sheeting to. Metal bull dog clips keep it in place very securely when it is very windy. These companies come highly recommended when it comes to building some good quality rabbit enclosures. Rabbits naturally build up a thick fur for the winter and have soft fur pads on their feet, insulating their bodies against the cold so they are well prepared for the lowering temperatures.

If you suspect your bunny has eaten any poisonous plants and is visibly unwell with symptoms such as an upset tummy or breathing trouble, take your rabbit to the vet with, if possible, a sample of the plant they have eaten, that way the vet will be better able to treat it. The wire covering of the run must be strong wire mesh attached firmly to the framework. Put the rabbit in the bowl so he is sitting right in, making sure his bottom is completely submerged in the water.

So still using the existing hutch and run, this has really improved Dexter’s environment and he’s nearly ready to meet Sookie. Top tip: An empty toilet roll stuffed with hay or an empty cardboard box with holes in can provide a fun toy for your rabbit so there is no reason why you’re bunny should ever be bored! Similar to chicken tractors, a rabbit hutch can be built to include a run enclosed with chicken wire or hardware cloth so your bunny has more space to roam. If the skin appears to be very red and sore, the rabbit may need a topical antibiotic cream from the vet to help the area to heal.

Unfortunately, an average pet rabbit owner will not be aware there is a problem until it is advanced, by which time the rabbit is in severe pain with ears full of deep crusts and pus which affects hearing, general well-being and sometimes balance as well. To pick your rabbit up, place one hand under his chest and forelegs and the other hand under his bottom and gently scoop him up, holding him firmly, but gently, close to your body. If you’re going to let your rabbit run loose in the backyard have a good look around to see any escape or problem areas.

If your rabbit has a dirty bottom, spot clean it by dripping water on the area and soaking until you can lift off the feces. A full 95% are totally useless or bait and switch sites in an attempt to sell you something you can easily build for 1/4 their list price not to mention the cost of shipping. Extra doors can be purchased and added to the rabbit run in various positions too.