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My friend Hugh Morton down at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina is a wonderful nature photographer and he just sent me this photo of one of the bears at the park down there. The purpose of the backing is to hold the photograph tight against the glass, so that there are no ripples in the picture. If they are spread too thin (that is, at a very low resolution), the print looks pixelated and shows squares of color that chop up the picture at close range. Frames tend to get scrutinized because they are the vehicles for displaying art; and because art is critiqued up close, the frame will be, too. Some wires are strung taut from eyelet to eyelet with no slack and are placed at the halfway point of the picture length.

Select between the 8 different categories of framesThe preview of your Picture Frame will change accordingly. Every frame has a lip/rebate that will overlap the glazing and artwork by approxiametely 5 – 10 millimetres on each edge to ensure the contents do not fall out. Therefore, if your mat is 8 inches across and the width of the frame piece is 2 inches, you should cut a 12 inch piece. Move the molding along the fence until the measurement mark is on the right edge of the saw blade path.

With years’ of picture frames manufacturing experience and the support of the world’s leading picture frames manufacturers, we remain the only online picture frames supplier to be officially approved by Nielsen Bainbridge. While holding the picture in place, put a strip of painter’s tape on the wall with the bottom edge even with the top of the frame. If you ordered a picture frame from KeenART Media and received one that doesn’t fit your image, don’t panic!

Please feel free to share one unaltered photo per post with credit to A Pinch of Joy and a link to the specific blog post. If you wanted the space for the picture 8 inches, then you would make your frame 1/4 smaller. You can change this to any size you like and the preview of your Picture Frame will change accordingly. Each made to measure picture frame is supplied with your choice of glazing, and comes with fixings for the back of the frame and cord for hanging purposes. When the photo is printed, the pixels are spread out over the size of the to measure for a picture frame

With an irregularly sized photo, matting can be a way to make the photo fit in a standard frame. If the picture will have only one wall hanger, find the width of the frame, divide by two, and measure this distance in from the marks on the painter’s tape. This will define the depth of your picture frame, so you really want to hit the halfway point properly. We also have a one that takes 11×14 to a standard 16×20 frame if you want to use an off the shelf picture frame. With your opposite hand, turn the saw on and slowly lower the blade though the molding.

If you plan to use the frame on a table instead of a wall, you’ll need to check if the easel on the back can be used as both a vertical and horizontal frame. On our website, next to the frame of your selection, American Frame has provided cutaways of each frame for your convenience, showing the frame’s height, width, and rabbet. We specialise in big picture frames and have experience in making very large custom frames complete with mounts and glazing: we framed a photograph recently with a mount and an acrylic glaze 4.5 metres x 1.5 metres.

Measure and mark the top of the frame when you have it positioned correctly on the wall, you may need a ladder or chair. The measurement stated there should match the size of the frame if you measure as explained above. In order to receive the correct size picture frame, it’s important to understand how frames are measured and the difference between the viewable opening and the ‘to fit’ size. We’ll hold the photo, mat and glass into the rabbit we cut earlier, with these glazier’s points, used by glass installers to hold windowpanes in place. Buy picture frame sizes for the outside dimensions of the mat and you’re on your way.

Adding weight to the bottom of the mat on a small picture hoists miniature artwork up, giving it prominence. Outside Size: should match the size of the glass in your picture frame If it’s not being framed, any outside size you like can be had. And do you use a specially gigged shooting board to dress corners of a compound mitered frame stock to dress the edges for a more precise fit. This also makes it incredibly easy to use a tape measure to measure the exact height and width needed for the frame pieces. I did the same for the horizontal pieces as well, except when it came to making cuts to trim out around the HVAC return.

They’re also a great inexpensive alternative to specialized picture framer’s tools that shoot points into the wood automatically. Measure from the angled cut of the rabbeted side of the molding and mark the cut length – calculated in Step 2 – with a pencil. Just remember that the frame size is intended to represent the size of the picture NOT the exterior size of the frame. A third option is to scroll a small bracket and hinge it to the back of the frame. They are zinc-plated to prevent rusting and are selected based on the size and weight of the frame. Standard means that the sizes are more common and are commonly typical photo sizes.

I had also looked at how far the gap was on new houses I had been looking at , in order to get a good idea of industry standard I used the same 3½ inch distance on top, bottom, and in between each picture frame box. You need one of these tools to create the perfect angled cut for your frame corners. Frame sizes are expressed in terms of the photo size that fits inside the frame and do not reflect the actual frame size.

Measure width and height from the inside of the lip (against the upright inside edge, but including the lip), across to the inside of the other. The artwork is the focal point of the framed piece – and it is what you base the frame size off of—so you must first measure the correct part of the piece to be framed. And the overall size of your frame will be the moulding fascia width in addition.

If this is the first time you’re hanging up a picture frame in a particular place, you’ll also want to get a pack of single or double hooks and pins. In spite of the fact I had used the right hanging hooks, the picture wire on the back of the piece pulled the mounting hanger out of the frame, and down the piece came. Step 19: Seal in Your Art: Use paper gummed box tape to seal your art into the frame. Step 17: Set Your Art into the Frame: After thoroughly cleaning your glass, place your entire art package (glass, matt board, photograph, and backer-board) into the back of the frame. There are two basic types of frame hangers that are used on the back of pictures.

Making sure that each of the frame pieces is facing the proper direction, glue the 45 degree angle mitered corners to each other, completing the shape of the frame. Traditional metal picture hooks work well for lightweight frames fitted with wire while screws or nails are a better choice for sawtooth and D-rings hangers. Check that your frame is square by measuring from corner to corner, then making a second measurement between the opposite corners.

The extra 1/8 inch is so you can have a little error on the frame size and the glass or acrylic size and not have the wood and glazing bind. Easy-Frame is one of the biggest manufactures of Made to Measure Photo Frames in UK. We offer an easy to use Picture Framing Online service where you can design your own picture frame from the comfort of your own home or office.

We actually had picked out the picture frame molding at the same time we bought the rest of the molding for the room, but it’s up to you. That way when you receive your frame stock, your mat board, your foam board and your glass (or acrylic), you will be able to cut and join the various components quickly and efficiently by referring to the notes you made during the measuring process. Don’t forget that the nearest town probably still has a frame shop, and most of them are more than willing to cut a mat for you.

Just find a mat that is -so-slightly smaller than your picture and cut down to the image size that the mat is rated for. If you decide to paint the frame, be sure to use a type of paint appropriate for the wood. For frames with a wire that will have two hanging points, pull up on the wire at both points simultaneously then measure up to the top of the frame.

We care about our customers, if there is any problems with your made to measure picture frame, we will make it right. Please note we will cut the opening 2.5mm smaller per side you tell us automatically to allow sufficient overlap stopping your picture falling through the opening window. For example, an 11×14 frame (which refers to the inside perimeter of the frame) used to frame an 8×10 image could be referred to as both an 8×10 frame or an 11×14 frame, assuming the complete frame package contains the appropriate mat board.

After cutting your 45 degree miter corners the inside of the frame material will be the perfect dimension to fit your photo. You can choose to have your frame sent by courier or you can collect from either of our locations in Bedford. First, determine the exact dimensions of the glass – you can cut the picture and the cardboard backing if needed, but the glass would be more difficult. Also, glass does not prevent UV rays from damaging the color quality of the to measure for a picture frame