Pine Wood Finish Recommendation

To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I want a GRAY weathered wood finish so I wanted to see what would happen if I let it steep for a much shorter length of time. The gel stain formula (Gerneral Finishes), actually has a little varnish in it and a thin layer will dry on a finished surface. I bought a prehung solid wood interior door from a major home improvement retailer. End grain can look great and complement the board’s surface, but it often ends up too dark. The tung oil finish is my personal favorite finish but it is often misunderstood.

I know now to use a gel stain on pine, but I hesitate to do this on this project since Watco doesn’t make a gel stain to match the oil stain I used on the rest of the project. Since the color extends only a short distance into the wood, a protective clear coat, or even paste wax is recommended over a coffee stain. This experiment was done with pine so I have no idea how it will work with other species of wood. If you don’t want to darken your wood (which wax tends to do), first apply a base coat of shellac or sanding sealer that penetrates and seals the wood. Remember, some woods like pine are very prone to blotching so you may not be able to get away with it, but you can at least limit it.

I decided to try my hand at staining the cabinets (no idea what kind of wood they are) in my kitchen and after prepping and laying down two layers of General Finished Java Gel Stain I am getting milkly looking streaks. Household bleach will also lighten some species of raw wood slightly, generally the darker species like mahogany, walnut, and black or red oak.

I think if you do a Google search for Yield House Pine Furnitureā€ a lot of online sites will come up that sell the accent tables. Simply renew the finish often enough that the surface stays perfectly sealed – a once-a-month rub with an oil-soaked cloth is about right, with overnight to dry. It should also be noted that water-based stains and finishes emit no dangerous fumes. Polyurethane creates a hard, durable finish and is available in a range of sheens.

Without a washcoat, the bands of softer spring wood will absorb more stain, enhancing the contrast on the finished wood surface. Mix the dye about 5-6 parts water to 1 part food coloring and flood the wood surface for about five minutes. But being they are like a gel base, there is no where for the stain to go once i use the base as a pretreatment so i am having a waxy residue that has no where to go so i end up having to buff and buff and buff, and the maple looks washed out. This dye works like a pre-stain to help bring the solid wood and plywood closer to the same color family. This stain looked nice, it was slightly darker than the tea and seemed to get a nice color in just one or two coats.stains for pine wood

While wood in its natural state can provide breathtaking beauty, it doesn’t always match the other colours or wood tones in our home. As they began to dry, it was apparent that the second table, whose wood was slightly more yellow in hue, took the stain in the best possible way we could have imagined. Brush the product on using long strokes, and work in the direction of the wood grain. Hi I just refinished a solid wood dresser and stained the top Minwax Natural Grey.

Sand bare or stripped wood lightly with #150, #180 or #220-grit sandpaper to open the pores in preparation for staining. So far, I have used Pratt&Lambert Cherry Bark Tonetic Stain (#D7441) – it contains a bit of brown pigment, but not very much, along with a stable red dye. A foam sponge is handy for applying wood stain to large flat surfaces because heavily stained areas can be picked up by the sponge whilst you work. Just be careful to sand off any sealer that gets on the face of the board before you stain.

White pine becomes yellow-orange in two or three days of intense sun, in the same way cherry darkens. Tung sealer mix is available that has wetting and drying agents added to it. I find that new pine is so absorbent that this mix soaks in too much to seal. The odd thing about fuming is that the color change is not very evident on dry, unfinished wood.

I have heard of folks using a bleach solution to help tone down a stain color but there might also be side effects that you won’t be happy with. Attempt to obtain a darker colour by allowing any unabsorbed stain to dry on top of the wood, as this will later peel off. Note: drying times of all wood finishing products will be affected by the relative humidity and the air temperature in your work area.

General Finishes Wood Stain is a rich water base stain for use on any bare wood or stripped surface to produce beautiful, clear wood tones, with great grain definition. If your stain isn’t taking, its probably because your sealer coat was too heavy and the wood is completely sealed. A stain adds to or enhances the color of the wood, while the finish protects it (more on that in Finishes). Pay attention to how long you leave the stain on the wood before wiping off any unabsorbed liquid.

But again, if that one board is a different species, it will always look different unless you obscure it completely with a thick stain. When staining or painting any piece of furniture black or a very dark color make sure you have a few good light sources directed on every side of the piece. Pigmented stains have a higher resistance to fading in direct sunlight and are easier to apply evenly than dyes alone.

It works the same way a stain works, the pigment particles get stuck in tiny pores and are held there by the wax. The concept of pre-sealing prior to staining is something that is really intended for raw wood or wood that has had all the finish sanded off. We always recommend a test area with all our products as the wood that you are applying it to can have quite a dramatic effect on the final colour achieved. Visit your nearest Sikkens dealer today and find out how our stains and wood finishes can help enhance and protect your home. But one some wood and with some stains, the pre-conditioner doesn’t fix everything.

The second picture is a the same species GEL stained to give it a more antique look. A properly applied lacquer finish is a thing of beauty worthy of the finest furniture. Design your furniture structure so that all surfaces in the same plane have the grain running the same way, to minimize stress from seasonal change. I nearly broke out my oil paints (raw umber and ultramarine blue), but not sure how that all will react and I don’t really want a toxic, heavy metal stain on my dining table!

A generous coat will typically dry within 1 Hour although the temperature, the wood being worked on and how much stain is applied can alter the drying time. You could also try to use a gel stain on the surface to help even out the color. The floors in the top image were recently stained then varnished with 3 coats of Bonakemi water based varnish, by Peter. I love seeing how light the wood started and how rich and deep the colour is now. Most stain manufacturers make prestain conditioners, but you’ll get better results with the method we show here.

These South American hardwoods are noted for their dark, rich colours and their high levels of natural oils. If you’re building a piece of furniture from pine, then sand the various boards before assembling the project. Since wood is a product of nature, it can vary from tree to tree, even in the same wood species. If it truly is a difference in absorption rates, more finish will give it a more even appearance.stains for pine wood

Adding a lot of dark tea also creates an aged, slightly grungy look on species like willow and elm. And the last job with the Dura Seal natural finish ( just a really expensive diluted oil/varnish) might have been OK, but these finishes have to have about 4-5 coats applied and 2 days cure between each coat application, and 30 days of curing before applying wax.